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Women's Basketball FIBA Olympic Games Qualification Tournament 2020


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2 hours ago, Dunadan said:

FIBA regulations say that in at least one tournament there must be two teams from a continent to respect the universality principle. But they also say that host teams are chosen after the draw so...


so, I bet on a group with USA (or Japan), the 2 African teams and China to host such farce...:whistle::coffee:

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On 14/11/2019 at 20:30, Dunadan said:


 I think the 2 African teams will be placed in the same group at the OQT to ensure that one of them will qualify.


this is now confirmed by the draw procedures:

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The feminine TQO are a joke, really... Compared to the masculine TQO :yikes:


I think the system of qualifications in lots of sports has to be changed (specially volleyball...).


Moreover. Why 16 teams for football men's tournament and only 12 for women, and other collective sports?


Why football and not beach soccer, for example? Money money...


I love Sport, but i am disguted... Really...

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