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Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022


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Hello my TOICS friends,
Lenny (our last year winner) wants to show herself in another song called Figure It Out.

The music clip contains autenthic shots from her growing up.

Enjoy! :whistle:


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Just a question: why can’t the jury registration close before the song selection window open? 


Now there’s a risk that a new jury member “destroys” the selection for the old member. :mumble:

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Introducing text about :CZE No. 1a



map of our tour


In the beggining, I would like to introduce you nine czech towns. We are starting our pilgrimage of my homeland in Prague.


PRAGUE (Praha)
Population: 1 267 173 p.

Capital and the biggest city of The Czech Republic.


According to legend, Prague was founded in the 8th century by the czech princess Libuše and her husband Přemysl (the founder of the Přemysl dynasty). The legend has it that Libuše climbed of a rocky cliff above the Vltava river and prophersied:

"I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars."

She ordered a castle to the built on the spot and named the city Prague.


pražský hrad.jpgIn Prague, you can visit many monuments of different architectural styles. Prague Castle is considered the most valuable monument in Prague. Its construction began in the 9th century and ended only in the 20th century. It's a complex of various temples, churches, palaces and buildings in different styles, but the dominant one is the St. Vitus Church. Whole complex is also a UNESCO monument.


karlův most.jpgAnother prominent monument is the Charles Bridge, which is the oldest standing bridge over the Vltava River (opened in 1402). There are 30 baroque sculptures on the bridge and it is only for pedestrians.


The Old Town Hall was founded in 1338, it is mainly known for its astronomical clock - the best-preserved medieval clock in the world. At noon, the astronomical clock is very often visited by tourists. In May 1945, the town hall caught fire (due to the fight between the insurgents and the German army) and part of the building was irretrievably destroyed. Today, only fragments of the original building can be seen.4501597341_7b4296a561_b.jpg


Vyšehrad is a castle and fortress on a rock above the Vltava River. It was the former residence of Czech kings. Part of the fortress is also a large cemetery where a large number of famous Czech personalities are buried.


Other no less important monuments include the National Theatrethe Bethlehem Chapel (in which Jan Hus preached his ideas, for which he was later burned), the National Museum or the Rudolfinum concert palace.


The most interesting modern building can be considered the Dancing House (the building is inspired by the interwar dancing couple Astair – Rogers).

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