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Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022


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Here it is, guys. She won American Idol in Season 6 (and was the youngest in the show's history when she won at 17 years old). Her song Battlefield came out in 2009. So, without further ado, from Phoenix, Arizona, here's Jordin Sparks



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We are waiting for 10 songs (or maybe more if other countries want to join before the deadline), the window closes in 12 hours and 30 minutes.


:AUS @KingOfTheRhinos

:BRA @brunamoura @titicow @vinipereira

:IND @Fly_like_a_don

:ISR @Dnl

:MLT @Glen

:MEX @mrv86

:MDA @Ionoutz24

:SLO @justony

:UKR @Illya

:VEN @Argenis Gonzalez

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1 hour ago, dcro said:

Some nations have their entries missing in the opening post (Croatia, Kazalhstan, maybe more).


Entries posted later are already there.

@Hipooo I think three already submitted songs are missing from the table. Croatia, Kazakhstan and Italy. 

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