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Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2022


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2 minutes ago, maestro said:

I offer my congratulations to @Benolympique and @Bohemia on their win for France and to @Belle and @heywoodu on their medals for Sweden and the Netherlands respectively.


A huge thank you to everyone who voted for Greece, I'm delighted you liked our song. A top five finish is a dream result for us, hopefully we can improve it further in the future and one day earn a podium finish. I think that's definitely our next goal.


Adding to this impressive result, we also earned a bronze medal in the team event. I congratulate all our teammates in Brno Swans who contributed to this, @heywoodu, @Dragon, @Quasit and @Federer91. We couldn't have achieved this without your help.


And of course, a huge thank you to @Hipooo, who had the demanding task to host and managed to offer us an excellent contest. 



Time to reveal my votes, after some observations.


I can say this is the third TISC I'm taking part and I kept my perfect record in voting for the winning song. However, this is the first time I gave my 12 points to the winner. In the previous contests, I awarded fewer points and the songs didn't earn enough points to eventually score anything from Greece.


Eight countries from those I voted made it to our top 12, including every country in my first seven. Four of them, France, Canada, USA and Indonesia made it in the exact place I had them. Off note, after voting, I had to break a tie between USA and Indonesia. I had them seperated just by one point and it turned out the tie was for 5th place, exactly where I had placed the USA.



1st   12 pts  :FRA France
 2nd   11 pts  :CAN Canada
 3rd   10 pts  :IRL Ireland
 4th   9 pts  :CHN China
 5th   8 pts  :USA USA
 6th   7 pts  :INA Indonesia
 7th   6 pts  :GER Germany
 8th   5 pts  :ROU Romania
 9th   4 pts  :VIE Vietnam
 10th   3 pts  :CHI Chile
 11th   2 pts  :HUN Hungary
 12th   1 pts  :DEN Denmark
 Res1  :LTU Lithuania
 Res2  :IND India
 Res3  :NZL New Zealand



I hope to see everyone again in Spain, in a few months.

Thanks for the votes and congratulations on the great result for Greece! I love reading these posts from the Greek jury and the Croatian jury too where they finally got a breakthrough result. Good luck for next time again! :) 

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3 hours ago, dcro said:

I am fairly confident LIthuania's jump in the second half is the record one yet. 19 places gained!


image.png.630e58e977f48c60126e1b4939f1020e.png J'en Suis La Award - :LTU Lithuania (34th --> 15th)

- the nation who gained most places in the second half of the Grand Final -


image.png.6f88ae0035e14d7e265c0cc713d52391.png Passionfruit Award - :NZL New Zealand (Standard Deviation: 2.00)

- the nation who scored the most consistent points -


STOP THE COUNT! Award - :SWE Sweden (Last Lead: 39.0% votes in (16/41))

- the last non-winning leader -

France's win was written in the stars, because ever since Greece gave the lead to France, they never lost it afterwards. 

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Thanks for voting :ITA  song:

@Cobi@Dnl - @heywoodu - @amen09 - @dophuquy - @Glen - @Ionoutz24 - @Wumo - @Griff88 - @Argenis Gonzalez


The  29th place  wasn't a surprise (if you put a song of 1963), but we have choose this song from Gianni Morandi, one of his first success, because is an evergreen. 


Congratulations at :FRA @Bohemia @Benolympique for the win. Despite don't received points from Italian jury, in my list was 9th.


Thanks at @Hipooo for host the show.

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1 hour ago, Werloc said:

Not part of the original deal.


I might be sleep deprived, but I ain't gonna get scammed out of my hard earned 3% 

I wish I had a better offer, so for now I'll take up yours


I'm still not giving up the 97% tho

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Well, it took me a little while but here it is.


First and foremost, my greatest praise and a standing ovation goes to @Hipooo for delivering a neat and well organized contest from start to finish :clap:

Thank you for a great experience!!


Of couse, another round of applause goes to this edition winner France :FRA .@Bohemia & @Benolympique you finally did it, thanks to a very deserving entry. :champion:


Needless to say, I would like to recognize the other podium finishers of the day, :SWE @Belle & :NED @heywoodu :thumbup: Well done!


As for my team @thepharoah:EGY , @catgamer :GER , @Cobi :ESP , @dezbee2008 & @Olympian1010 :USA, I'd like to say I appreciate your picks that contributed to Prague Stags win the team competition. Here's to you :toast:


Finally, a my most sincere Thank You for every jury that considered Molotov's entry worthy enough to be on amongst your picks, particularly the three that gave us medals:


:GBR jury


:BRA jury

:CAN @intoronto

:NZL @Wanderer

:FRA  @Bohemia for your individual points.

:ISR @Dnl

:USA @dezbee2008 

:ITA jury

:ARG @konig

:TUR @Memo

:EGY @thepharoah

:ESP @Cobi

:BUL @Federer91



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how did I finish with 63 points? XD!!! Thank you so much for the result and the organization!!


congratulations to France and my favo Uribe that earn the highest place: Germany!


i hope more songs like Mexico and venezuela can participate!!

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1 hour ago, owenp_23 said:

What a day! I enjoyed my first ever TOISC as a spectator and had a blast! From the waking up here in the States and catching up with the early results, following live in the afternoon and seeing :FRA get the win in the end. I hope to take part in future events, if possible.


Congrats once again to @Bohemia and @Benolympique!

That’s wonderful, glad you enjoyed your first experience. The threads of most of the previous contests are available on the forum so if you ever feel bored some day, you can re-live one of those Grand Finals also :) 


And you are more than welcome to join our next edition as a participant. The next one is being hosted in Spain in the early months of 2023 (final will probably be March) and is for songs released in the past year. Hope to see you with us :) 

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One thing I forgot to mention, I was genuinly surprised that @heywoodu didn't award any points to a song which mentions "vino" (as in Alexander Vinokourov, well not really, but still).


But then again, the Dutch jury is notoriously difficult to impress. :whistle:


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