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Surfing ISA World Games 2022 Road to Paris 2024


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10 minutes ago, rybak said:

For me the big shock is to see Polish flag here, as we dont even have surfing federation here, as far as I know.

Jakub Kuzia representing Poland is 4 times Polish champion :evil:  Both Kuzia and Maksymilian Michalewski represented Poland at the World junior championships on multiple occasions.


Somehow we have 5 countries by Baltic coastline (not the area known for surfing...) competing at the championships:

:FIN with one surfer

:DEN & :POL with 2 surfers each

:LTU with 3 surfers

 :GER with full team of 6 surfers

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In terms of representation surfing does well. This is actually a low amount of nations. I expect more nations to compete in 2023 and 2024 when more Olympic quotas are up for grabs.


Speaking of Olympic quotas, the winners of the men's and women's team event qualifies a quota (note this event has a lower priority than the 2024 games so the quota may be reallocated to second place should the same nation win in 2024 as well).

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Men's Surfing Update (Halfway through Day 6)


All three Brazilian men are out of the main bracket. They will have to make due in the repechage knowing any 3rd/4th place finish will result in an elimination.


Athletes in Main Round 6 - :AUS :JPN :PER :POR :USA :USA

Athletes in Repechage Round 7 - :AUS :BAR :CRC :FRA :FRA :GBR :INA :INA :JPN :PAN :SEN :USA

Athletes in Repechage Round 8 - :ARG :BRA :BRA :BRA :FRA :ITA (plus six athletes from round 7)


Repechage Rounds 7 and 8 are scheduled for today, we will be left with 12 athletes by the end of the day.


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