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Men's Baseball WBSC World Baseball Classic 2023


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2 hours ago, Topicmaster1010 said:

For all the geography nerds out there, thought it would be fun to see a breakdown of birth countries for each nation.


Czech Republic

:CZE Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia: 27

:USA United States: 1



:FRA France: 13

:VEN Venezuela: 9

:DOM Dominican Republic: 2

:CAN Canada: 1

:CUB Cuba: 1

:JPN Japan: 1

:USA United States: 1



:GER Germany: 13

:USA United States: 12

:AUS Australia: 1

:CAN Canada: 1

:CUB Cuba: 1


Great Britain

:USA United States: 12

:GBR Great Britain: 7 :p

:BAH Bahamas: 5

:IVB British Virgin Islands: 2

:CAN Canada: 1

:ISV U.S. Virgin Islands: 1


South Africa

:RSA South Africa: 27

:AUS Australia: 1



:VEN Venezuela: 11

:DOM Dominican Republic: 7

:CUB Cuba: 6

:ESP Spain: 2 :lol:

:NCA Nicaragua: 1

:USA United States: 1


Really nice to see the Czechs and South Africans with mostly homegrown rosters!

don't laugh now...wait to see the Italian roster, first! :lol: (at least, I hope we have to laugh on that, because I fear we'll have to cry if there are more than 2 Italian born Italians on that team)...

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We’ve got an every-expense-spared Opening Ceremony!


Nothing says Baseball like a brass band in traditional Bavarian Costume!  :thumbup:

Still, can guarantee that this will be the best beer & bratwurst at any baseball stadium.  :beer:

Oh, Help me God, a German rapper!  :sick:

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Uh oh, France take a 1-0 lead.  Empire Strikes Back 2-1.  British catcher & lead-off batter is called Harrison Ford btw,


France have a mascot.  It’s a Chicken.  :cheer:

France turn a double play!  But GBR score 3-1.  Top 4th.

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September 16 Scores:


:RSA South Africa 4-5 Spain :ESP

:GBR Great Britain 14-4 France :FRA


No surprises today though South Africa gave Spain a good scare today.


September 17 Schedule:

:ESP Spain vs. :CZE Czech Republic, 13:00 CET

:GBR Great Britain vs. :GER Germany, 19:00 CET


Updated Bracket:

Opening Round Semifinals Qualifier
Winners Bracket
    Game 3      
Game 1   :CZE Czech Republic   Game 8  
:RSA South Africa 4
:ESP Spain 5 :ESP Spain   :WHT Winner Game 3
    Game 4   :WHT Winner Game 4  
Game 2   :GER Germany      
:GBR Great Britain 14
:FRA France 4 :GBR Great Britain  
Lower Round 1 Lower Round 2 Lower Final
Losers Bracket
Game 5   Game 7      
:FRA France  
:WHT Loser Game 3   :WHT Winner Game 5   Game 9
Game 6   :WHT Winner Game 6   :WHT Loser Game 8  
:RSA South Africa  
:WHT Loser Game 4       :WHT Winner Game 7
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