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Freestyle Skiing FIS World Cup 2022 - 2023


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1 minute ago, Grassmarket said:

Yes, is on the Discovery Player.

Right, although I meant in a highlight format kind of thing. Like for World Cups outside of Switzerland and Austria there basically always are videos of the top-3 performances, which are the only ones I'm interested in seeing in things like slopestyle, but whenever it's in SUI or luck :p 

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FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Ski Cross- Val Thorens, France


Men’s Ski Cross:

Men’s Big Final


1. Johannes Rohrweck :AUT

2. Tobias Mueller :GER

3. Jonas Lenherr :SUI

4. Dominik Zuech :ITA


Men’s Small Final


5. Ryo Sugai :JPN

6. David Mobaerg :SWE 

7. Bastien Midol :FRA 

8. Mathias Graff   :AUT


Full Final Result HERE



Women’s Ski Cross:


Women’s Big Final


1. Sandra Naslund :SWE 

(One win away from beating Fanny Smith for most World Cup wins in women’s ski cross)

2. Marielle Thompson :CAN

3. Talina Gaitenbien :SUI

4. Fanny Smith :SUI


Women’s Small Final


5. Hannah Schmidt  :CAN

6. Daniela Maier :GER

7. Andrea Limbacher :AUT

8. Sonja Gigler DNS :AUT


Full Final Result HERE

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