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Shooting ISSF Pistol & Rifle World Championships 2022 Road to Paris 2024


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4 minutes ago, Dolby said:

First tie break: Inner tens


:KOR takes 6th spot (33 Xs), :IND takes 7th spot (31Xs) :SUI takes 10th spot(27Xs), while :AUT and :GER are tied at 28Xs


Second tie break: Score of last 10 shot series


:AUT pips :GER 98 to 97


Thanks. I saw that they had the same number of Xs but was unsure what is next to decide

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I really wish China has more shotgun athletes. Parents are just so reluctant to send kids to open skeet and trap ranges. The pistol and rifle ranges are making tons of money off students and amateurs while shotgun ranges next door can only stay alive on government subsidies. So unfair. I think skeet and trap are way merrier.

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46 minutes ago, Jan Linha said:

How many shooters qualifies from the Elimination relay? Today there were 70 shooters in women's qualification 3-position. Does it mean that 35 shooters qualifies from each elimination relay? And the same number for men?

it should be the best 70 scores between the 2 relays (and yes, men and women have the same rules).

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