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Fencing FIE World Championships 2022


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women's Team Epee


Bronze Medal match: :POL Poland vs :FRA France


Gold Medal match: :KOR South Korea vs :ITA Italy


Korea destroyed Poland in the semis, meanwhile Italy won against France at the OT (and, as it happened in the Individual event, it was Rossella Fiamingo edging out Auriane Mallo in the decisive minute)...

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12 hours ago, Makedonas said:

Georgiadou continues her incredible improvement, wow! At 31 years old she is having the best season of her career. She never made the top 20 in her career, and now this year she is already number 4 (and that's not including her bronze medal here).

Georgiadou is number 3 in the new rankings, and Gkountoura is number 6 :clap:

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12 minutes ago, Benolympique said:

greece and spain are gaining momentum in women's saber, maybe a team in paris 2024

Yes, I never expected this after Vougiouka retired in 2016! She is still only 36, I really wish she would come back to help us qualify for Paris 2024. She was ranked number 4. I don't know if she can get that high again but with proper training there is no reason why she can't be top 50, top 30....


After Georgiadou and Gkountoura, our third fencer in women's sabre is ranked 168...

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4 hours ago, Vektor said:

Predictable Top4 in men's sabre this time, :KOR v :GER and :ITA v :HUN 

Why was Germany predictable?
Max Hartung, Benedikt Wagner and Richard Hübers ended their careers after Tokyo, so it is only Matyas Szabo who remained from the successful team of the last years. In the single competition Szabo was the best German in the 1/8 final, the others lost in the 1st round.

I am very surprised, that they managed to reach the semi finals in the team again.

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