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World Skate Games 2022


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Inline Freestyle Skating


women's Slide Freestyle
Gold: :ESP Bohdana Hotsko Zakovryashyna
Silver: :TPE Liu Chen-Yu
Bronze: :SMR Matilde Terenzi

men's Slide Freestyle
Gold: :ESP Carlos Nelson Caro
Silver: :CHI Herbert Ignacio Espinoza Carrillo
Bronze: :TPE He Bing-Han

Open Pairs Freestyle Slalom
Gold: :ITA Lorenzo Guslandi & Valerio Degli Agostini
Silver: :POL Aleksandra Lisiecka & Justyna Teczar
Bronze: :TPE Chen Chien-Ting & Hou Chun-Yen

women's Junior Classic Freestyle Slalom
Gold: :POL Justyna Teczar
Silver: :ROU Mihaela-Alexandra Muntean
Bronze: :ITA Viola Luciani

men's Junior Classic Freestyle Slalom
Gold: :TPE Hou Chun-Yen
Silver: :POL Wiktor Smorarski
Bronze: :TPE Chung Chen-En

women's Classic Freestyle Slalom
Gold: :JPN Mika Moritoki
Silver: :POL Klaudia Hartmanis
Bronze: :TPE Chiu Yin-Hsuan

men's Classic Freestyle Slalom
Gold: :TPE Chou Po-Wei
Silver: :ITA Lorenzo Guslandi
Bronze: :ITA Valerio Degli Agostini

women's Free Jump
Gold: :FRA Maeliss Conan
Silver: :ITA Francesca Brivio
Bronze: :BRA Aline Sayuri Saito

men's Free Jump
Gold: :SEN Dame Fall
Silver: :FRA Florian Petitcollin
Bronze: :ITA Gianmarco Savi

women's Junior Speed Slalom
Gold: :TPE Ting Yu-En
Silver: :TPE Chiang Jui-Lin
Bronze: :ITA Matilde Arosio

men's Junior Speed Slalom
Gold: :TPE Kuo Chia-En
Silver: :TPE Wang Yu-Chun
Bronze: :TPE Huang Pin-Ruei

women's Speed Slalom
Gold: :TPE Liu Chiao-His
Silver: :TPE Chen Pei-Yi
Bronze: :FRA Laurine Moreno

men's Speed Slalom
Gold: :TPE Chen Yu-Hsiang
Silver: :ITA Valerio Degli Agostini
Bronze: :TPE Yang Tseng-Chih

women's Junior Freestyle Slalom Battle
Gold: :ITA Viola Luciani
Silver: :ROU Mihaela-Alexandra Muntean
Bronze: :POL Justyna Teczar

men's Junior Freestyle Slalom Battle
Gold: :TPE Hou Chun-Yen
Silver: :TPE Chung Chen-En
Bronze: :POL Wiktor Smosarski

women's Freestyle Slalom Battle
Gold: :POL Klaudia Hartmanis
Silver: :JPN Mika Moritoki
Bronze: :ESP Paula Royo Martinez

men's Freestyle Slalom Battle
Gold: :ITA Lorenzo Demuru
Silver: :TPE Chou Po-Wei
Bronze: :ITA Lorenzo Guslandi


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43 minutes ago, De_Gambassi said:

I was reading an ITW from the french rink hockey team coach. He seems to be very much against these 'Games' and would favored a return to the old RH World Cup. Can't be the only one thinking like that.

well, maybe he doesn't appreciate the fact that some other disciplines might take a bit of attention away from RH...


or maybe he doesn't like the format of the tournament, which basically is back having only the top 8 teams in the world and all matches are very difficult, with no days off.


surely the Italian team hasn't said anything about that, but you know, Aracu is the president of both World Skate and of the Italian NF, so it's better to keep a low profile. :facepalm:


personally, I like that it's all done in a week and that most of the one-sided matches between the usual 4-5 powerhouses and the second/third tier teams are no longer played with this format.


and with the "Games" format, it's also easier to find a better media coverage than with the RH tournament all by itself.

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18 minutes ago, phelps said:

the "Mecca" of Rink Hockey...when it really matters ;)


U19 World Champs GMM (:ARG vs :ITA)


Senior World Champs opener (:ARG vs :ESP)

Well, yes, the argentinian team in big games. Fine... Rght now, the Spain-Mozanbique game is not doing much better than the France-Chile one earlier this afternoon:nopompom:

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