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Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 Replay Videos


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Hey everyone just a quick update:


I hope it’s not just me but there seems to be an issue with the Beijing videos where as the video goes on both the audio and video goes out of sync,


I have already informed the IOC and they are looking into the problem they even wanted me to send video proof, so hopefully that problem can be fixed.


if anyone else is having that issue please let me know so I can let them know that other people are having the problem too 

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Does anyone know when the Beijing winter paralympics will be unblocked on YouTube, I live here in Australia and they are still geo blocked here, I thought it would be unblocked immediately after the games ended just like they did with Tokyo 


I couldn’t view them on the Australian broadcasters streaming app [7plus] since they love putting too many advertisements in their videos and the livestreams kept cutting in and out.




UPDATE: The Beijing 2022 Paralympics are now no longer geo blocked on YouTube and is now available to relive!! Happy viewing

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Heads up, if anyone here is a fan of the Winter Olympics and watches the Beijing 2022 replays,


expect some issues incoming as those videos will be re transcoded as well just like what they are currently doing with Tokyo 2020 replays,


hopefully it shouldn’t take too long but they did remind me that it may take a while since the team is also focusing on other livestreams of other events and getting the replays out for those, but they did reassure that fixing both Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 is on top of their agendas

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On 2/26/2022 at 8:32 AM, hckošice said:

Done :evil:


Almost everything from the Beijing Winter Olympics are now on our database here. Remeber guys, in the Opening Post of this Thread there links for each day, so just click on the day you want and you can rewatch whatever you want from the Beijing winter olympics.


Sadly 3 videos are for some reason missing.


2 for Day 12

  • Cross-Country W & M Team Sprints Classical (Seifinals & Finals)
  • Curling W Tournament Round-Robin match between :CHN and :GBR

and 1 from last Day 16

  • Alpine Skiing Mixed Team Parallel (Full Program)


If you´ll find any of the 3 mentioned videos somewhere, please inform me, so I can add it to our database, thanks.


All other events are disponible,


so Good re-watching guys, Enjoy !

Also from day 10...Women's ski slopestyle Qualification, the link is there but when clicked on there is no video.

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Do you think we could be able to make here some kind of summary of 2008 olympics videos available?


Some interesting events are really hard to find.

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