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Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2018


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1 minute ago, heywoodu said:

Oh no, I just got a message...


"Hey man, I thought this Richmond looked rather big on TV when Peter Sagan won the 1st of his at least 4 world titles, but the by far tallest thing I've seen so far is some old water tower up here in Richmond, Minnesota..."


There was a picture too:




Isn't that the Animaniacs Water Tower? :p


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1 minute ago, OlympicIRL said:


Isn't that the Animaniacs Water Tower? :p


I have no idea what an Animaniac is so I couldn't answer that for you :p 

If you'd like to help our fellow Totallympics member Bruna Moura get to the 2026 Winter Olympics, after her car crash on the way to the 2022 Olympics, every tiny bit of help would be greatly appreciated! Full story and how to help can be found here!

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While we await the revealing of the scoreboard, enjoy the trip down memory lane...


:USA History of USA at TISC :USA


Of course it can't be TISC without going through the entire US catalog:

Christina Grimmie -- Feelin Good (TISC Open 2013)

6th, 150pts


Florida Georgia Line feat Nelly -- Cruise (Remix) (TISC Annual 2014)

8th, 120


Cupid feat B.O.B -- 369 (TISC Open 2014)

21st, 65


Nick Jonas -- Jealous (TISC Annual 2015)

21st, 56


Train -- Drops of Jupiter (TISC Open 2015)

4th, 140


Meghan Trainor -- Dear Future Husband (TISC Annual 2016)

14th, 86


Kelly Clarkson -- In a Moment Like This (TISC Open 2016)

4th, 132


Zedd, Aloe Blacc, & Grey -- Candyman (TISC Annual 2017)

24th, 58


Dia Frampton -- The Broken Ones (TISC Open 2017)

3rd, 169


Carrie Underwood feat Ludacris -- The Champion (TISC Annual 2018)

3rd, 161


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9 minutes ago, hckosice said:

I sincerely wonder who´ll officially open the competition, anyone else spotted Donald, I think it was him playing with Goofy few minutes ago


ps: I mean the president


He's an "I" person


We needed a "we" person to welcome us

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