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Men's Football UEFA European Nations League 2022 - 2023


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  • 3 months later...

Some history will be written tomorrow in Slovak sport :p


For the first time our NT will play a game officiated by a lady, a certain Mademoiselle Frappart was dedignated as referee of the intergalactico clash between semi-punished Belarus and Slovaki in the beautiful city of Novi Sad in Serbia infront of empty stands :d


Interesting enough another record is coming, since our team will travel the biggest distances it ever traveled between 4 played matches. more than 9825 km in 10 days around fancy former CCCP


Yesterday departure from Bratislava

490 km


Tomorrow BLR-SVK in Novi Sad (Serbia)

return to Bratislava 490 km


Monday SVK-KAZ (Slovakia)

Heading Azerbaijan 2720 km


Thursday AZE-SVK (Baku)

Heading Kazakhstan 2050 km


Sunday KAZ-SVK (Nur-Sultan)

return to Bratislava 4075 km



UEFA really start to be a bit crazy

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in what was probabaly one of the 3 or 4 most boring walking-football matches I had the chance to watch in my life, the new "post-Hamšík era" starting National Team of Slovakia entered its journey of a freshly relegated team in the "C" League of UEFA Nations League by a 0-1 win over "host" Belarus (in Novi Sad, Serbia) behind closed doors


by this goal :lol:


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On 6/2/2022 at 4:41 PM, kungshamra71 said:

Spanish crowd whistling during Portugal anthem….


it’s not the first time I see people whistling the opponent’s anthem, I do hope this does not start to become a regular thing in football :-/

We went through a phase of always being in Bosnia's qualifying groups. Whenever we played in Bosnia, they would always whistle during our anthem. I'm not sure if they do it to everyone or what, because we don't really have any bad relations with Bosnia or anything (although we are friends with Serbia who they hate).

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