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Day 9 (February 13th, 2022)


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Day 9 (February 13) Canadian Schedule


February 12

20:05: Curling- Men’s Round Robin- Session 6: :USA United States vs. Canada :CAN

20:30: Bobsleigh- Women’s Monobob- Heat 1 (Cynthia Appiah [6th], Christine de Bruin [7th])

21:00: Freestyle Skiing- Women’s Slopestyle- Qualification- Run 1 (Megan Oldham [7th], Olivia Asselin [12th]

21:15: Alpine Skiing- Men’s Giant Slalom- Run 1 (Erik Read [18th], Trevor Philp [23rd])

22:00: Bobsleigh- Women’s Monobob- Heat 2

22:01: Freestyle Skiing- Women’s Slopestyle- Qualification- Run 2

February 13

0:45: Alpine Skiing- Men’s Giant Slalom- Run 2

1:05: Curling- Women’s Round Robin- Session 6: :SUI Switzerland vs. Canada :CAN

2:00: Cross-Country Skiing- Men’s 4x10km Relay (Graham Ritchie -> Antoine Cyr -> Olivier Leveille -> Remi Drolet)

4:00: Biathlon- Women’s 10km Pursuit (Emma Lunder [+2:03])

5:45: Biathlon- Men’s 12.5km Pursuit (Christian Gow [+1:15], Jules Burnotte [+1:50], Scott Gow [+1:56], Adam Runnalls [+2:00])

6:00: Freestyle Skiing- Women’s Aerials- Qualification 1

6:00: Short Track- Men’s 500m- Quarterfinals (Quarterfinal 4: :CAN Steven Dubois, :CAN Jordan Pierre-Gilles, :HUN Liu Shaoang, :ISR Vladislav Bykanov, :USA Ryan Pivirotto)

6:44: Short Track- Women’s 3000m Relay- Final A (Final A: :NED Netherlands, :CHN China, :CAN Canada, :KOR South Korea)

6:45: Freestyle Skiing- Women’s Aerials- Qualification 2

8:00: Speed Skating- Men’s Team Pursuit- Quarterfinals: :NED Netherlands vs. Canada :CAN 

8:10: Ice Hockey- Men’s Preliminary Round- Group A: :CHN China vs. Canada :CAN 

8:56: Speed Skating- Women’s 500m (see below)

Pair 5: :CAN Marsha Hudey, :USA Brittany Bowe

Pair 8: :CAN Heather McLean, :NED Michelle de Jong

Pair 9: :NED Femke Kok, :CAN Brooklyn McDougall

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We’ve reached the half way point at the Olympics and Canada currently sits at 13 medals. Going into the games I predicted 24 medals and split them into six categories. Let’s take a look at how they are doing.


Freestyle Skiing – 2/5 medals

Overall Canada is on pace to achieve this goal. Most of the medals in this event, including the ones Canada is favoured in are in the second week. If things go our way, we may even surpass my prediction.


Snowboarding – 5/5 medals

Mission accomplished with the two big air events remaining. We can still win 1-2 more medals which would help compensate the other sports should they fall short.


Short Track – 2/4 medals

Such an unpredictable sport. We could win medals in all four remaining events or win none. I don’t think we will be unlucky enough to go 0 for 4, but we may need a little luck to win two more medals.


Speed Skating – 2/4 medals

I had such high hopes for this event, but losing out in the men’s 500m will make things a bit tough. The women’s team pursuit is in a good position for a medal, but a fourth one will be harder to find. We’ll see how the men’s team pursuit performs later today, if not it would have to be in women’s mass start, but Blondin didn’t look too good in women’s 3000m and missed the 5000m race altogether.


Curling/Ice Hockey – 0/3 medals

Team sports have not been good for Canada. Losing mixed doubles curling meant the other curling teams and men’s ice hockey would have to be near-perfect and none of them are making a strong claim for a medal. There’s still a lot of games to be played, but a huge turnaround for two of them is required. The women’s ice hockey team should easily contribute to the total.


Other Sports – 2/3 medals

Medals in alpine skiing and ski jumping have made this goal much easier to attain. Our bobsled team should be able to win at least one medal, possibly even more which can help compensate the other sports. More medals in other sports will be unlikely.


Our best chance would be if the whole team figure skating fiasco gets settled prior to the end of the games (which could happen since there’s a push to get things finished before the women’s singles event) and Canada gets upgraded to a bronze. After that we could luck our way into the alpine skiing mixed team podium or if you really want to push it, the men’s pursuit in biathlon or women’s singles in figure skating (would likely need the entire ROC team to either not participate or mentally breakdown due to the add scrutiny).

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30 minutes ago, NearPup said:

Rough ride by Apphiah, this track is probably too driving-skill focused for her, but she's a real prospect for 2026.


Pretty bad start in monobob sadly.

de Bruin in 3rd after the first run.  Humphries in first...

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Jones' rink has opportunity after opportunity to take control of this game against the Swiss, and time and time again they miss easy shots to do so.  This is so uncharacteristic of Canada's curling teams we have to start to wonder what's going on.  


Edit: As I write that Jenn makes a great shot and Swiss miss for a steal for Canada.  

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