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Orienteering IOF World Championships 2018


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51 minuti fa, heywoodu ha scritto:

In that case: :cheer:


if there was some hypocracy in my post over the mixed events in the European Shooting Champs thread, here we have the perfect sublimation of fair play, instead...:whistle::pope::p

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Results 07.08


Women's middle distance:

Gold::RUSNatalia Gemperle 32:02

Silver::FINMarika Teini 33:32

Bronze::FRAIsia Basset 33:56


Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships 2018 Latvias billede.


Men's middle distance:

Gold::NOREskil Kinneberg 32:59

Silver::SUIDaniel Hubmann 33:05

Bronze::SUIFlorian Howald 33:13


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I'm glad to see Colombia participate. :cheer:An okay effort by :COLJuan Carlos Bedoya Obando. His time was 2:18:26! 1 hour and 45 minutes behind the winner, and only 1 hour behind second last placed :ARGGerardo Garcia. I'm a bit worried if he choose to run the long distance...


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Thoughts about men's and women's middle distance:

(This will be a bit shorter, than last update)


Women's middle distance:

Before I come to the podium I first have to comment on a certain swedish woman. :SWETove Alexandersson is the talk of the town after her race. She made som HUGE mistakes in the beginning of the race. These mistakes costed her the chance for a podium place, so the dream of becoming the first woman/athlete to win 5 medals at the same WCH is over. :(

Now to a more happier note, the podium. :RUSNathalia Gemperle won her first individual gold medal after an impressive run. Another first time was the woman on the second place, :FINMarika Teini. She also won her first individual medal in her career. All good things come in threes, also this podium. :FRAIsia Basset was the third woman, who could celebrate her first individual medal, which also was her first medal at a WCH. Her name will also be part of French Orienteering history by becoming the first French female runner to win a medal at a WCH. :thumbup::bowdown:


Men's middle distance.

Where there is a forest, there is always someone from Norway winning a medal. Not surprinsingly, Norway shows their strenght when the distance is middle or long. This time it was :NOREskil Kinneberg who ran a well-deserved gold medal home to the land of fjords. He won his first medal at a WCH, and why not start with a gold. :cool: :SUIDaniel Hubmann continues his reign as King of Swiss orieentering by winning a new medal, this time silver. The bronze went to fellow Swiss competitor, Florian Howald, who continued the trend of the day by winning his first individual medal a WCH.


The theme or trend of the day is first-time medallists. We have more races today. The relays are on the program. The women's relay is already over, and the men's are still going at the moment, so we will know the result in about half an hour. 


I will post the results from today's races when the men's relay is over, and I will come with an update, hopefully, before the long distance for men and women on saturday. 



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Results 09.08 


Women's relay:

Gold::SUISwitzerland (Elena Roos, Julia Jakob, Judith Wyder) 1:45:03

Silver::SWESweden (Helena Bergman, Karolin Ohlsson, Tove Alexandersson) 1:45:18

Bronze::RUSRussia (Anastasia Rudnaya, Tatyana Riabkina, Natalia Gemperle) 1:47:20


Men's relay:

Gold::NORNorway (Hallan Steiwer Gaute, Eskil Kinneberg, Magne Daehli) 1:47:26

Silver::SUISwitzerland (Florian Howald, Daniel Hubmann, Matthias Kyburz) 1:47:30

Bronze::FRAFrance (Nicolas Rio, Lucas Basset, Frederic Tranchand) 1:47:36

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Results 11.08


Women's long distance:

Gold::SWETove Alexandersson 1:14:04

Silver::DENMaja Alm 1:15:31

Bronze::SUISabine Hauswirth 1:16:30

Full result list: - Women.pdf


Men's distance:

Gold::NOROlav Lundanes 1:37:43

Silver::UKRRuslan Glibov 1:40:20

Bronze::SUIFabian Hertner 1:40:47

Full result list: - Men.pdf

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