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Men's Handball IHF World Championship 2023 Road to Paris 2024


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this match reminds us of typical Egypt we used to see before 2019 , a team that has no wings , no pivot , no decent goalkeeping and no defence , u can't always depend on quality of backs , Denmark knew how to stop our backs especially Ali Zein and Mohsen Ramadan who proved much that he's no way close to Yahya khaled , i knew that we're going to lose to Denmark but not in this hamulating way , i'm sure we'll be better against Sweden , but i don't think we'll have any chances especially if we make the same very slow start and make Palicka enter the match fast 

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28 minutes ago, Vektor said:

So the WCh continues to be very predictable. We got the QF pairings that everyone should have expected before the tournament. Hungary being there instead of Iceland is the only tiny surprise, but that was always the least predictable spot in the Top8.


Let's see if we get any surprises or the Final Four will be...


:FRA v :SWE 

:ESP v :DEN 

for me norway beat spain

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