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Women's Football Qualification to Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Road to Paris 2024


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1 hour ago, NearPup said:

Pretty big update on substitutions: unlike tournaments prior to Tokyo, substitute athletes are allowed to be substituted in and out of the roster on a match per match basis. Which means that even if there is a minor injury or illness a player from the main roster can be substituted for one match then returned.


Any player that is on the roster for any match is eligible for a medal.


Previously if a player was replaced by a substitute they could not come back for the entire tournament.


...honestly at this point they might as well count the traveling alternates as part of the roster, like they started doing for ice hockey.

Will the same be applicable for men too?

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17 minutes ago, NearPup said:

I assume so, we know about the change because the women’s US coach discussed it (and the French coach confirmed it).


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