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Women's Basketball Qualification to Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Road to Paris 2024


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Qualification system:


  • France does not get a spot as hosts, unlike the men's team.
  • United States gets a spot as the 2022 World Cup champion.
  • The other 11 spots will be awarded through two rounds of qualifiers.


The FIBA Women’s Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments ("FWOPQTs", come on!) will feature 22 teams, that's 8 from the Americas and Asia-Pacific, and 6 from Africa, selected according to the continental cups.


The top 4 Americas and Asia-Pacific teams and the top 2 African teams will advance to the next round.


The FIBA Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournaments ("FWOQTs") will feature 16 teams, that's the 10 teams from the Pre-Qualifiers and six teams from Europe (France and the top 5 from the Eurobasket).


The teams will be split in four groups of four teams, where the top 3 from each group will qualify to the Olympics.



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26 minutes ago, NaBUru38 said:

France does not get a spot as hosts, unlike the men's team.

Usually FIBA makes a decision on whether or not to award the host quota at a later date. :FRA is one of the strongest teams in the world so it would be quite shocking if they weren't given a spot, though in the odd event they aren't they should qualify regardless.

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5 minutes ago, owenp_23 said:

Won't come as much of a surprise, but Brittney Griner was left off the 15-member :USA February Training Roster.

well, I hope she can recover mentally more than physically from Russian experience...


I'd give her some might have been quite scary for her in the last few months...

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9 minutes ago, JoshMartini007 said:

:NZL defeated :KOR in the group stage at the Women's Asia Cup. This could cause one of :JPN / :KOR to miss out in the final Olympic qualification tournament

I am guessing this is good news for the "lesser" European teams ( :HUN and :GER ) in the OQT.


Is :NZL stronger than usual or is this just a huge mistake from :KOR

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17 minutes ago, JoshMartini007 said:


Given they were easily defeated by China today, I'm thinking mistake from South Korea.

Either way, looking at the world ranking, this will probably help :NGR the most, who now will likely be seeded in Pot 3 and will likely be forced to drawn into the same OQT with the other African team to ensure that the continent gets one Olympic spot. 


We still have to beat one of :PUR / :JPN / :BRA to qualify. 

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