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Poll 100/100 | The Endgame | At what position will your nation finish in the Tokyo Olympic medal tally?


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* Medal tally gives priority to gold then silver then bronze. 


* You can predict one exact position ideally with a range of 3.

 Ex: Japan will finish 3rd  (2-4)

(2-4 is the range) 


* Side Poll 

If you wish to you can predict your nation's medallist for one last time before the games. 

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With the 100th poll we come to the end of a very successful Countdown to Tokyo : The Polls. 


Thanks for all your views, opinions and predictions. 


Special mention to @phelps for sharing his views on almost every poll. It has been decided by the organizing committee to award@phelps with the Pierre de Coubertin Medal. 





images (78).jpeg

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