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2 minutes ago, hckošice said:

How that ??? What exactly is not sufficient ? In the video the stadium looks more than fine to me :yikes:, even in Slovakia I swear half of our top league clubs have much worse venues ... 

I'd guess capacity, quality of pitch or maybe some details that aren't so visible to spectators like changing rooms, access security, VIP areas and such.

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Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2030
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33 minutes ago, hckošice said:

and by the way, why exactly Paraguay ?


I keep thinking about it and I can nott find a single reason why. It is like someone threw a blind dart at the map and hit somewhere next to Asuncion

Because Conmebol HQ is in Paraguay and its president is almost always a paraguayan. They have a lot of political power. It's pretty telling that Chile doesn't get any game despite they were in the south american bid too.

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This is:  


1. Stupid.

2. Humilliating (we're being given "scraps" by the europeans).  

3. Logistically a nightmare for our teams cuz it will worsen our chances to perform in the competition.

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Football 2023 Discussion Thread
27 minutes ago, OlympicsFan said:

Good god ... :mirror:


To describe your "analysis" (didn't know that you were a close follower of german football, where did you get your expertise?) with "absurd" would be underselling it. You said that the main reason was the lack of quality and i brought up Morroco + Argentina (current world champion) + Croatia (finished 3rd at the world cup) to prove that you can easily contend for the title or at least make the semifinal with less quality than Germany has. When you say something like "Germany usually had its star players ..." i have to assume that you are either trying to troll or just have zero understanding of german football and still somehow feel qualified to give your opinion. Germany pretty much never had the most amount of talent, they always relied on "german mentality" and great teamwork. When they reached the final in 2002 or 3rd place in 2006 they had a bunch of nobodies that outperformed teams with tons of stars (France, Brazil, England, Portugal).


The players that started the last world cup final for Argentina played for the following clubs:

2 x Benfica

2 x Atletico



Aston Villa



City (Alvarez was mostly a bench player for City if i remember correctly)



Only 2 of their starting players played for top 10 clubs and one of them (Alvarez) wasn't even a starter (if i remember correctly).


The players that started the 3rd place match for Croatia at the last world cup played for the following clubs:

3 x Zagreb

Bayern (Stanisic was lightyears away from being a regular for Bayern)









Only Gvardiol, Modric and Kovacic would have (maybe, not sure if Kovacic would have started over guys like Kimmich/Goretzka/Gündogan) started for Germany.



Alvarez is a substitute sometimes only because Haaland is in the same team, he starts for almost every other club in the world.  


I do wonder which are those "top 10 clubs" you mention though.  

I'm guessing Bayern, Madrid, Barcelona, City, United, Liverpool, Arsenal, I guess you're including Chelsea and PSG and? 



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Football 2023 Discussion Thread

The lack of quality in defense is appalling.  


Even the only good defender (Rudiger) looked like a scarecrow in the 3rd goal.   


But maybe they were trying to get the coach fired, who knows.

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I wouldn't write off anyone this time. Paraguay, Peru and Chile are very weak. Venezuela will 100% have a better campaign than the last time (for a variety of reasons). 


The top 5 are clear. There's a big distance in my view. 



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40 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Yes, the fact that this chance even exists is weird. Group games should not be possible to be repeated until the final.

It's done so to make almost impossible for one of the two hosts to have to play in the other country. 


The situation you mention happened in (men's WC) Korea-Japan 2002 when Brazil and Turkey played a semifinal after meeting each other in group stage.

Curiously that time Korea could have played in Japan had they advanced to the final. 

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57 minutes ago, OlympicsFan said:

Argentina is world champion on the men's side and irrelevant on the women's side. Belgium is also nowhere to be seen (and of course eastern european and most african countries as well).

We're making progress, league went pro 4 years ago and since last year all clubs must have youth teams all the way to U14 (before they had nothing).

These girls playing for the senior team now basically had no club academy instruction and their technical deficiencies are evident.


I'm hopeful because a lot of girls play football here and they are more and more every year. And obviously there's no shortage of coaches and facilities. It was just a matter of actually caring. The results will be seen in 10 years. 

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2 hours ago, thepharoah said:



Africa 2026 WC qualifiers draw , 1st team of each group qualifies to WC 

Quick analysis: 


:ALG:TUN:SEN Will make it with little to no trouble.  


:MAR has a tough group but they are step above in quality of almost everyone so they'll make it too.  


:NGR is superior to :RSA or :BEN bit you can never be 100% sure with them.  


Group A is :EGY vs :BUR with 60/40 chances respectively I'd say.   

Group I is :MLI vs :GHA with 45/55 chances respectively. Mali was very unlucky.


:CMR is favorite but they should watch out for both :CPV and :LBA in my opinion. I think this group could see an upset. 


:CIV favorite but VERY tricky opponents like :GAM, :GAB and :KEN are there. 





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54 minutes ago, Josh said:

Don't know why the IOC chose for Africa to get two teams at Paris 2024, considering they're one of the weakest continents in women's football. Would much rather see another team from Europe qualify. 

I'm pretty sure it's FIFA who decide how the quotas are distributed. 


And it's no surprise they want it this way, they intentionally sabotage this competition to strengthen their world cup. I predict by 2036 it'll be U23 restricted just like the men. They are waiting for women's football to become truly profitable and then they will cut the cord.

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Reminder: If France and England win their QF there will be 5th place match for an olympic quota. In such case, the ranking order of teams that could be in that match is: 1. :ESP, 2. :GEO 3. :UKR, 4. :POR 


No other team can possibly play the 5th place game, which means :ISR and :SUI can only qualify to Paris by winning their QF match. 


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13 minutes ago, Griff88 said:

Some of you might know that :INA will play against   :ARG in a friendly on Monday.

The hype was so high here but after it was clear that Messi will not be playing, the situation became Messy :p 


Quite a lot of people are reselling their tickets because basically the match now has not much left to offer. My friend after he got his hand on the tickets he directly sell it to a scalper waiting at the exit lane of the ticket booth…


Our staff got scared because of the people harassing the team in China and didn't want the same there.  


I'm surprised the organization didn't put a "Messi clause" in the match contract (less money if he doesn't play). That would have been the effective way to secure his presence.

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