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5 hours ago, OlympicsFan said:

Sure, they absolutely planned to be the inferior team to Germany in front of their home crowd because ...

No remotely knowledgeable fan who watched that game can come to the conclusion that the Netherlands are far superior to all other teams. They had home advantage at the European championships and still were the worse team in the final.

I didn't watch that game in particular but stats suggest it was a completely even game:


Regardless of that:

1. It was just one game, of a tournament that gave "olympic preparation" vibes more than anything.

2. They have lost only 2 official games in this cycle, none of them to Germany.

3. Thread is about safest medal, not safest gold. They will 99.99% win a medal. 

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1 hour ago, phelps said:

:RUS :FRA :ITA :TUR maybe :KAZ


all the other Nation have at least 1 black hole...


by the way, ITA and FRA only have 1 real shot in, it will be difficult also for them...RUS and TUR are the only safe picks...

Russia has only one athlete in karate, doesn't seem too safe (btw karate is 3 or 4 medals?). 


Why not Azerbaijan as well? Or am I missing something? They have Beigi in TKD and a legion in all others.



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About the polls..


1) pretty sure yes.

2) I think there's a good chance, in 48 and 52kg women.

3) who knows.

4) From the top of my mind Milak and maybe Kolesnikov?. The indians in pistol are a good shot as well.

5) Who knows.

6) Who knows.

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1 hour ago, Fly_like_a_don said:

Extra Poll

 Who is the most underrated and overrated Olympic Medallist in your country? 

All the footballers from 2008 team is the answer... to both.

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Poll 51/100 | Your personal Top 3

1) Volleyball (both), Basketball (just men's), Swimming (all individual events).


2) Cheering for any country that can get their first medal. San Marino, Burkina, Bosnia maybe.


3) ARG: Ginobili, Delpo, Milinkovic. Sounds lame to pick nationals but I don't think I feel strong enough emotional connection to pick foreign athletes or people from before I started watching OG. 

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41 minutes ago, phelps said:

Kate Walsh and Helen Richardson are officially married (they even use the double surname now) and won together the women's field hockey gold medal for GB in Rio...:evil:

I know more from that sport, both gay and straight (seems like a small sport huh?). 


Also in volleyball. From past Brazilian teams to be precise.

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7 minutes ago, dcro said:

Water polo by a country mile...


World Championships + World League with top priority, just to remove the possibility of the reigning title holders missing out. Then continental spots. And then the final tournament, where the most spots are awarded at once, and which is organized logically compared to the unrelated groups / home-away match nonsense from handball, field hockey and volleyball...


And in the end, each team has four (!) pathways of qualification, so any failure is really and only up to them...

Priority qualification of world league champion USA in women's created many problems which culminated with both Greece and Italy missing out. That was a glaring mistake. IMO a world champion should be good enough to qualify with any system, if they aren't a fluke.



I picked hockey system over water polo because it made sure the 11 best teams (+south africa) will be at the games. Not the case with Water polo.

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I believe Covid will, sadly, favor the performance of wealthy countries' athletes who are more or less living a normal life already with training and competition. So, I expect less countries winning medals.

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