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Winter Olympic Games 2018 Daily Reviews

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ChandlerMne    77

1. Alpine skiing - shock. Utter shock. I actually turned TV off just after Miradoli. And when i saw the news today... Likely one of the biggest surprises at the olympics ever. Great run,i saw the race later. Pitty for Soffia and Lara. Downhill will be very exciting.

2. Biathlon - my favorite Kaisa will finish career without olympic medal. :( With all due respect to the winners,i was following mainly Kaisa during race. As always,shooting ruined her chances. Kuzmina and Domracheva were consistent,Eckoff was also great.

3. Cross country - expected gold. So glad for Marit. She still can beat sprinters like Stina. Grear race for her. I also saw how good was Lampic. Pitty that 5 km isnt olympic discipline since she was great. In her,Slovenia got promissing skier for Beijing,in 10 km she will be medal contender.

4. Short track - havoc as always. Pitty for Ariana. Girard was very lucky but he was good in every race so deserved medal. And Hamelin...:(

5. Skeleton - i watched rerun,Flock was so unlucky. Deas with medal,way to go.

6. Figure skating - great show and deserved medals. Hanyu was league on his own.

7. Ski jumping - so glad for Robert. Wellinger was terrific,i hoped for gold. And congrats to Kamil,undoubtedly one of the best jumpers of all time. First 4 hills then this. 2018 started great for him

8. Freestyle - quality wasnt as in men competiton but Sarah was really great.

9. Ice hockey - strange tournament. Really. So many wiered scores. So far i enjoyed tournament but its evidently lacking in many things. Must mention Slovenia. They are fantastic. I remember how good were they in Sochi but this iz new level. They have beaten 2 of best teams in the world. Cant say that i would be surprised to see them in the semis. Also,to repeat myself,USA deserves to be last here because what NHL did to this tournament.

Good day it was overall.

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heywoodu    2,671

22 February


Alpine skiing

Mixed feelings about favourites crashing out, but then again, that's part of being good when it counts and they didn't deliver. Myhrer did, and the veteran winning Olympic gold (right when the Swedish king was sitting there!) was awesome. So was Zenhäusern on the podium.

Not much feels about the women's combined. Nice that Gisin won, nothing against Shiffrin and Holdener neither, but it wasn't very dramatic or anything, just another race.



This women's relay was one of the highlights of the Games without a doubt. Most favourites in trouble, a billion underdogs fighting for the medals and one going home with the gold. It'd have been perfect if Poland and Slovakia made it to the podium, but looking back at this race, my thoughts are mostly this:




Freestyle skiing

Cool final in the halfpipe, never watched it before but this is a lot of fun and some of the runs were just awesome. Second NZL medal of the day made it perfect.


Ice hockey

Just, insane. That final, those million shots on goal, constant attacking, twenty minutes of crazy overtime, beautiful shootouts...loved it. Another highlight of the Games.


Nordic combined

Most boring competition of the entire Olympics so far. Even the women's snowboard slopestyle had more excitement, albeit because of the conditions.


Short track

Incredible world record for Wu Dajing, Schulting stunning everyone and letting the Koreans be too busy with themselves, Hungary winning their first ever Winter Olympics gold....





Big air in general, in my opinion, is rather mediocre, to say the least. But Gasser showed some fun stuff, so that's good, and of course we as Olympic fans surely all loved to be there live for New Zealand's first Winter Olympic medal in 26 years....by a girl who was born ten years after the last one! 


All in all, this has been my favourite day of the entire Olympics so far, and the only way to summarize it is this:




The only thing bringing me down of today: Franziska Preuss' performance and her interview right after that on German TV, that just broke my heart. Poor girl. 

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dcro    2,242

It was one of the best days for me.


Cross-country skiing's 50km classic was most definitely the highlight for me. Not just of today, but probably of the whole Games too. I'm sooo happy for Niskanen. :bounce: Have been a supporter of the Finnish team for a long time, and it gets hard when they often underperform at the Olympics. This was a perfect redemption in an absolutely thrilling race (didn't expect to ever say that for 50km mass start, however this one really looked like an interval start race for the most part!). It was a nail biter that kept me at the edge of the seat for 2 hours, which flew by very quickly. :d


Alpine skiing team event went above my expectations. There were some thrilling races and I grew to like the winning team. Speed skating mass starts provided the first medal for Belgium in ages, however I hoped to see more interesting finishes (and more new nations on the podium). Some good performances for the smaller teams were heart warming, even though those 4th-5th places may have been far away from the medals. Men's curling gold medal match turned out to be pretty entertaining with the underdog taking the title. 3rd period of ice hockey bronze medal match was equally exciting.


Didn't catch too much of bobsleigh today. Still I'm pleased with improved performance from our team, which has been struggling with injuries though.


Snowboarding competitions were the disappointments of the day. Big air had few too many falls, while PGS had an unfair course. Also women's curling bronze medal match was rather dull with barely any offence or interesting shots being played.

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