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[OFF TOPIC] E-Sports Thread

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Finnator123    32
1 minute ago, Agger said:

I've been close to a couple of finals in the danish and scandinavian championships and once made it through to the second round in the Worlds :)

Very nice :thumbup:

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juddy96    76

The main game I keep up with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Not as big as other eSports but more people are getting involved in it. #1 player in Smash Wii U is from Chile, #1 player in Smash Melee is from Sweden

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Agger    196
8 hours ago, hukbrazil said:

Really nice, I'm very bad in manager games because I do not have much patience to analyze all that is necessary :wacko:

PCM really doesn't need much patience (the managing part is very basic) :p
The championships aren't about managing, but the races (on road and track) :)


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