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Wrestling 2018 Discussion Thread

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intoronto    308

Greco Roman quotas for 2019 Pan Am Games in Lima (after first qualification event, the Pan Am Championships, where the top 3 qualified)


:CUB 6

:USA 2

:VEN 2

:BRA 1

:CHI 1

:COL 1

:DOM 1

:ECU 1

:GUA 1

:HON 1


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phelps    339
Posted (edited)

Tonight's the night!


in a few hours, the main events of the "Beat The Streets" Wrestling Fest in New York will be on stage...


among those, an always interesting USA vs CUB freestyle team match (with a juicy Kyle Snyder vs Reineris Salas Perez in the -97kg class) and, above all, the big challenge: Jordan Burroughs vs Frank Chamizo Marquez (freestyle wrestling, -74kg class)...


here are some notes:



and here's tonight's full program:



unfortunately, I only found this Flowrestling website's paid streaming to watch this event (and I'm not gonna give them 12+ dollars for a single exhibition show like this)...:cry::facepalm::wall:

I hope tomorrow some free video will be uploaded here and there...:whistle:


p.s. I did notice that there is also some space for the currently suspended (for doping) Togrul Asgarov, which is a shame for such an amazing event...:redcard::thumbdown:

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phelps    339
Posted (edited)

and finally the big bout has happened...


and Jordan Burroughs won it by the minimum margin (6-5) thanks to a late comeback...


Chamizo started on fire and quickly went 4-0 up (the 3rd and 4th point came thanks to one of his wonderful trademark counters after Burroughs grabbed Frank's leg and looked to be in control of the action)...


then, when the American seemed to be in a lot of troubles, a stop to clean the mat was required...and after this couple of minutes break, JB started to find his rhythm and scored his first 2 points...


at the beginning of the second round, Chamizo started once again better than Burroughs and got his 5th point, but then he clearly gassed out and let the American too many leg grabs, 2 of which led him to score and take the lead with less than a minute to go...


Chamizo unfortunately didn't have much left in the tank and actually it was Burroughs to get closer to another couple of points than Frank getting a chance to score again...


final notice...the bout was heavily influenced by a very slippery mat...both guys weren't able keep their feet steady enough and this was a pity (and honestly I think it was more a problem for Chamizo and his attempts to counter Burroughs leg grabs)...



here you can see the full match for free (even if I don't know how long this video -clearly illegally recorded and shared- is going to stay on YT):


Edited by phelps

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bestmen    704

the medalists of the world military champs russia 2018



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hckosice    1,434

A guy named Akhsarbek Gulaev just won silver for Slovakia at the European U23 Championships in the -74kg class losing the final against Russian Zaurbek Sidakov. He apparently won all his previous games of the tournament by superiority... Interesting, our wrestling federation attended some Black Friday shopping in Russia :lol:


since our team for the U23 Europeans was already composed of 5 naturalized guys...If we count that the almost entire senior team of last tournaments composed only of Russian born athletes, the future of SVK wrestling is a bit worrying :mumble:


I don´t see how a Slovak youngs can be even motivated to start doing this sport, when they´ll rarely reach the national team



U23 Team for Europeans



-57 kg: Martin Gatiaľ
-61 kg: Ivan Molnár
-65 kg: Elbrus Chertkoev
-70 kg: Taimuraz Salkazanov
-74 kg: Akhsarbek Gulaev
-125 kg: Georgi Nogaev

FS - Women´s:

-62 kg: Mária Juhászová



-75 kg: Leoš Drmola

-77 kg: Denis Horváth
-82 kg: Norbert Sipka
-130 kg: Georgi Nogaev


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