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Speed Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

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MHSN    225
1 hour ago, JoshMartini007 said:

Technically you can catch the golden snitch and still lose if your team is behind by more than 150 points. Mass start does not have that. You might as well make the race into a 2-4 lap race because that's all that matters.


so you are telling me that Quidditch rules make more sense than ISU Mass start rules ? :lol::lol: yeah but was supposed to be a rare thing. scoring 15 goals more than your opponent.


You know I had this discussion with my friend (who introduced me to those books and was a die hard fan) million years ago when I was at high school. the whole thing was fiction but the only thing I was questioning was those Quidditch rules. :d  even when I was reading a fiction book I was still a sport fan.

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Nate River    151

The mass start would be greatly improved if they got rid of the points and make it a couple laps longer.


It was still an entertaining event though, and goven it ads no athletes... meh, I say keep it.

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dcro    2,269
8 hours ago, MHSN said:

here they give max 5 pts for each sprint, we have 3 sprints, means max 15. yet they award 60-40-20 for top 3 finishers !!! what's the point of those sprints , they don't change the podium at all. they affect only from the 4th place


It's almost as if ISU wants to artificially bring more nations into top 10, to make speed skating look better. Top athletes are always going to ignore those intermediate sprints, leaving everything to those who don't think they could win a medal in the final sprint, but would like to achieve a top finish nevertheless...

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