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Brazil National Thread | Rumo a Tóquio 2020

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hoversaBR    26
9 horas atrás, vinipereira disse:

Acho que a melhor forma de traduzir "Road to Tokyo" para português é "Rumo a Tóquio" né? :p

Partiu Tóquio :lol:

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vinipereira    349

Today we had the Prêmio Brasil Olímpico for the best brazilian athletes of 2017. The nominees were:


Best Female Athlete

Ana Marcela Cunha (Marathon Swimming)

Ana Sátila (Slalom Canoeing)

Mayra Aguiar (Judo)


Best Male Athlete

André Stein/Evandro Gonçalves (Beach Volleyball)

Caio Bonfim (Athletics)

Marcelo Melo (Tennis)


The winners were Mayra Aguiar and Marcelo Melo (the first award for the sport since Guga Kuerten in 2000). Caio Bonfim won "Atleta da Torcida" (popular vote).


Here is a complete list of the best brazilian athletes from each Olympic sport in 2017.



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heywoodu    2,023
4 hours ago, vinipereira said:

Caio Bonfim won "Atleta da Torcida" (popular vote).


+1 for any country where a race walker wins an award by popular vote :bowdown:

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