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Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018

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bestmen    468

PEP4.pngMediterranean Games 2018PEP4.png

:ESP Tarragona-Spain 22 june to 1July 2018 :ESP




Official site





The 15 venues of Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018






Participating countries Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018





:PORSpecial Welcome to Portugal the new member of the ICMG:POR









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21 minutes ago, AlFHg said:

I was always wondering why Portugal was not invited xD 


They technically don't border the Mediterranean, but neither do Andorra nor San Marino. Macedonia and Serbia don't either, but they get a pass because they were all part of Yugoslavia when they joined. By adding Portugal you could make an argument for nations like Bulgaria or Jordan to join.


I imagine Israel and Palestine don't compete for political reasons. I guess the UK could technically compete because of Gibraltar, but I doubt Spain would want that (even if it was just a Gibraltar team)

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AlFHg    14

I read on Wikipedia that Israel and Palestine would like to join but they will only do it together. As far as concerns Portugal, technically it is not over Mediterranean, this is true, but its history is totally bind to it: this also is a factor that I considered in saying that. 


As regards Gibraltar, that would be nice to have a team from there: I suppose Spain would support them rather than oppose to it; honestly, however, I don't think Gibraltar is interested in it

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De_Gambassi    145

Ah, Portugal was not a member yet. You do learn something new every day ^^


I allways assumed they were, and allways assumed that it was perfect normal for them not to score any medal too :d

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