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Volleyball Continental Leagues 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

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VolleyRuller96    166

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania cev champions league


after LEG 1 out of 6

 Best 2 teams in each group and the best 2 3-rd placed teams will qualify to the play-offs round

mw = matches won

ml = matches lost

pts = points

sets = sets won:lost





Team Name MW (3:2) ML (2:3) PTS Sets
1 :BEL Knack Roeslare 1 (0) 0 (0) 3 3:1
2 :ITA Sir Safety Perugia 1 (1) 0 (0) 2 3:2
3 :ITA Cucine Lube Civitanova 0 (0) 1 (1) 1 2:3
4 :TUR Fenerbahce Istanbul 0 (0) 1 (0) 0




Standing Team Name MW (3:2) ML (2:3) PTS Sets
1 :GER VFB Friedrichshafen  1 (0)  0(0) 3 3:1
2 :FIN Ford Store Levoranta Sastamala 1 (1) 0 (0) 2 3:2
3 :GRE PAOK Thesalloniki 0 (0) 1 (1) 1 2:3
4 :TUR Halkbank Ankara 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 1:3



Standing Team Name MW (3:2) ML (2:3) PTS Sets
1 :RUS Lokomotiv Novosibirsk 1 (0) 0 (0) 3 3:0
2 :FRA Chaumont VB 52 Haute Marne 1 (0) 0 (0) 3 3:1
3 :POL PGE Skra Belchatow 0 (0) 1 (0) 0 1:3
4 :RUS Dinamo Moscow 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 0:3





Standing Team Name MW (3:2) ML (2:3) PTS Sets
1 :POL Jastrzebski Wegiel 1 (0) 0 (0) 3 3:0
2 :RUS Zenit Kazan 1 (0) 0 (0) 3 3:1
3 :FRA Spacers Toulouse 0 (0) 1 (0) 0 1:3
4 :GER Berlin Recycling Volleys 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 0:3




Standing Team Name MW (3:2) ML (2:3) PTS Sets
1 :POL Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle 1 (0) 0 (0) 3 3:0
2 :ITA Diatec Trentino 1 (0) 0 (0) 3 3:1
3 :BEL Noliko Maaseik 0 (0) 1 (0) 0 1:3
4 :TUR Arkas Izmir 0 (0) 1 (0) 0 0:3


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VolleyRuller96    166

Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK storm to comprehensive victory in Russian derby


Luxembourg, December 7, 2017. The gold medal winners from the 2013 edition, Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK started their journey with a comprehensive 3-0 victory over Dinamo MOSCOW in an eagerly anticipated Russian derby. The first Lokomotiv’s victory over the Muscovites in three years.  The Belgian reigning national champions of Knack ROESELARE caught a flying start to their campaign in Pool A as they stormed to a 3-1 away victory over Fenerbahce SK ISTANBUL in Turkey.  Later VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN hosted Turkey’s national champions Halkbank ANKARA and the home team strode to a 3-1 win (99 points to 88).


Fenerbahce SK ISTANBUL (TUR) vs. Knack ROESELARE (BEL) 1-3 (20-25, 19-25, 25-21, 16-25)

•    Despite an early lead for Fenerbahce (8-6), Knack ROESELARE edged ahead at the second technical break (16-13) and won the opening set 25-20.
•    Knack ROESELARE set the pace of the game from start to finish in the second set (8-4, 16-11, 25-19).
•    Despite enjoying a small lead at both technical timeouts, Knack ROESELARE could not hold on to it and Fenerbahce won the third set 25-21.
•    Knack ROESELARE were the dominant force in the fourth set where their supremacy was never in danger (8-3, 16-7, 25-16).




Veljko Basic, head coach of Fenerbahce SK ISTANBUL: “This is not a good start to our Champions League campaign but Knack ROESELARE played very well, especially with their serve, and we had some real problems with that. I think the second match will be a completely different story, since we know what we have to do and how to prepare for this match. They surprised us with their aggressiveness and serve. They won because they were the better team this evening.”

Emile Rousseaux, head coach of Knack ROESELARE: “I think everybody knows that we play differently than any other team and this makes us stand out in many ways. We do use float serves without too much spin, and often resort to jump float serves. This is rather unusual and one of our main assets, also when playing at home in Belgium. We do not have particularly good players from a physical standpoint; actually, we have rather normal qualities but certainly not outstanding and as a result we have to play with speed too. I think that today we showed that we have a good team and that we have developed a good system of play. I want to congratulate my players. I think that tonight you could see some big difference between these two teams.”

VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (GER) vs. Halkbank ANKARA (TUR) 3-1 (25-14, 25-23, 21-25, 28-26)

•    VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN won their first opening match in the group phase of the CEV Volleyball Champions League since 2013 when they won in five sets against Hypo Tirol INNSBRUCK.  While the last time they had the lead in their group after the opening match was back in 2010.
•    Challenge-challenge in the second set. Vital Heynen kept FRIEDRICHSHAFEN’s lead of 21-19 instead of 20-20 alive by a successful challenge, a key moment in the match.
•    It was a statistically amazing first set for FRIEDRICHSHAFEN with 83% kills after positive reception, five blocks and three service winners.
•    Cheers. Vital Heynen delivered on his promise “beer-bet” again providing all attending fans with some beer.





Vital Heynen, head coach of VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN said: “ANKARA is no bad playing team, but we are in a good shape at the moment. Last year we needed one more point to make it to the next round. I think we are on a good way."

Slobodan Kovac, head coach of Halkbank ANKARA commented: “Congratulations to FRIEDRICHSHAFEN. They were the more consequent team tonight. We made too many mistakes and this is not enough against a strong team like this.”

Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK (RUS) vs. Dinamo MOSCOW (RUS) 3-0 (25-23, 25-17, 25-22)

•    Roman Martynyuk, the starting libero of Lokomotiv, suffered an injury before the match – as a result, Valentin Golubev replaced him.
•    This was the first CEV Volleyball Champions League match this season for Dinamo MOSCOW, whereas Lokomotiv had previously played ACH Volley LJUBLJANA twice in the 3rd Round.  
•    Last weekend Dinamo MOSCOW did not participate in the final stage of the Russian national cup and therefore had a little more time to focus on the match with Lokomotiv.
•    Lokomotiv claimed their first victory over Dinamo in three years.
•    György Grozer immediately set the tone of the game for the hosts before Dinamo responded with a series of points scored by Alexey Ostapenko. However, Lokomotiv were able to claim the first set by virtue of their strong defence game.
•    Dinamo did not pose any real threat to Lokomotiv in the second set – with Sergey Savin being especially effective and NOVOSIBIRSK claiming a landslide 25-17 win.
•    Grozer paved the way towards a massive 10-4 lead for the home side in the third set but Ostapenko helped Dinamo almost level the score. However, Lokomotiv’s block and defence made the difference, thus resulting in a 3-0 victory for the hosts.
•    Grozer top scored in the match with 21 points.




Plamen Konstantinov, head coach of Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK: “I am pleased with today’s performance and the result, and the quality of our game of course, which is the most important thing. It was important to start with a victory in the group stage, especially at home. The second game will also take place in front of our spectators, and we hope to achieve further success. A 3-0 victory over Dinamo is a great success, and this result can only please us. However, we must think about the next matches and quickly refocus, because in two days we will play again in the Russian national league. It is very important not to lose the spirit.”

Boris Kolchin, head coach of Dinamo MOSCOW: “Lokomotiv looked more solid and deserved this victory. They played some tough matches in the final stages of the national cup and this was some kind of an advantage for them. Yes, they did not make it to the final, but it is clear that compared to the beginning of the season, they have developed enormously. We did not manage at the beginning of each set to cope with their spikes, and this somehow affected us. Although we prepared for this match very carefully, we did not execute our plan. In all the decisive moments, Grozer made the difference for Lokomotiv. This is a player, whom I have been lucky to work with in Belgorod. I know all of his strengths and he truly is a great player. We still lack the right attitude and quality but tonight we did everything we could.”


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VolleyRuller96    166

Awful, disgusting  incident took place yesterday during the Challenge cup game between Olympiacos Piraeus and Tours VB :sick:. Whenever the Cameroonian  player of the French Club, Nathan Wounembaina made contact with the ball, especially when he was serving, some Greek fans were insulting him and making monkey noises :(

What's worse when the player wanted to talk with a CEV official after the game, he was ignored :(


More details http://www.volleywood.net/leagues/greece-leagues/greek-fans-versus-cameroons-nathan-wounembaina/

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VolleyRuller96    166


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania cev champions league





:FIN Ford Store Levoranta Sastamala - :GER VFB Friedrichshafen


:POL Jastrzebski Wegiel - :FRA Spacers Touolouse




ROUND 1/16, 2nd Leg

Belogorie Belgorord - :BUL CSKA Sofia

:SLO ACH Volley Ljubljana - :SRB OK Novi Pazar

:POL Asseco Resovia Rzeszow - :FIN Perungan Pojat Rovaniemi

:BUL Neftochimik 2010 Burgas - :CZE Dukla Liberec


ROUND 1/16, 2nd Leg


:FRA Tours VB - :GRE Olympiacos Piraeus
:AUT UVC Holding Graz - :POR Benfica Lisboa

Watch games at: https://www.laola1.tv/en-int/channel/volleyball

Edited by VolleyRuller96

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VolleyRuller96    166


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania cev champions league





:FIN Ford Store Levoranta Sastamala 0:3 :GERVFB Friedrichshafen


:POLJastrzebski Wegiel 3:0 :FRA Spacers Touolouse




ROUND 1/16, 2nd Leg

Belogorie Belgorord 3:0 :BUL CSKA Sofia

:SLOACH Volley Ljubljana 3:0  :SRB OK Novi Pazar

:POLAsseco Resovia Rzeszow 3:0  :FIN Perungan Pojat Rovaniemi

:BULNeftochimik 2010 Burgas 3:0  :CZE Dukla Liberec


Qualified to next Round:
:RUS Belogorie Belgorod

:SLO Ach Volley Ljubljana
:POL Asseco Resovia Rzeszow
:BUL Neftochimik 2010 Burgas


ROUND 1/16, 2nd Leg


:FRA Tours VB 3:0 :GREOlympiacos Piraeus ( GOLDEN SET 11-15 )
:AUT UVC Holding Graz 0:3 :PORBenfica Lisboa


Qualofied to next Round:
:GRE Olympiacos Piraeus
:POR Benfica Lisboa

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VolleyRuller96    166

JASTRZEBSKI Wegiel and VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN continue their fine form in CLVolleyM


Luxembourg, December 19, 2017. As we commenced another week of Champions League action, it was two teams who got off to a positive start in the 1st Leg who continued their winning ways, each securing a straight sets win.  JASTRZEBSKI Wegiel from Poland dominated around the court and swept aside Spacer's TOULOUSE VB in Pool D, while over in Pool B it was the German side of VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN who walked off winners against Ford Store Levoranta SASTAMALA.  Action continues on Wednesday with five more matches as we near the New Year break. 


JASTRZEBSKI Wegiel (POL) vs. Spacer's TOULOUSE VB (FRA) 3-0 (25-10, 25-21, 25-20)

  • In the first set, the outside hitter of JASTRZĘBSKI Węgiel Salvador Hidalgo Oliva finished all four attacks that he made. Finally, he scored 20 points across the three sets.
  • After two sets the opposite of JASTRZĘBSKI Węgiel Maciej Muzaj had 80 per cent efficiency in attack (finished 8 out of 10 of his offensive actions). In the whole match he scored an efficiency level of 76%.
  • After two legs of the 4th Round, JASTRZĘBSKI Węgiel are the leader of Pool D having not yet dropped a set.
  • Bruno Temponi Araujo was the best scorer for Spacer’s TOULOUSE VB (11 points)


Jakub Popiwczak, libero of JASTRZEBSKI Węgiel, said: Today the French team didn’t cause any real problems for us or maybe we from the very beginning showed them who would rule in this match. Our results show that generally we play better at home than away from home.”

Stéphane Sapinart, coach of Spacer’s TOULOUSE VB, said: Today JASTRZĘBSKI Węgiel played very well, especially in service. We had big problems with reception. With such quality of reception like we had, it’s difficult to play against such team as JASTRZĘBSKI Węgiel.”

Ford Store Levoranta SASTAMALA (FIN) vs. VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (GER) 0-3 (22-25, 15-25, 15-25)

  • VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN gave no chance to Ford Store Levoranta, with the host team making a lot more mistakes than the German team. The visitors got 20 points across the three sets from home team errors.
  • The Germans were much better in service/reception play and their attacks were very efficient across the width of the net.
  • Only 183 cm tall outside hitter Athanasios Protopsaltis was a key figure in the match scoring 15 points, more than anyone else on the court.
  • Opposite Urpo Sivula was the best scorer of the Finnish team with 14 points.
  • There was again a nice crowd of spectators (2,450) for the second home match of Ford Store Levoranta played in Energia Areena, Vantaa
  • Simon Tischer of VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN said: We are of course satisfied. We took three points and we played the kind of Volleyball that we wanted to play. A nice evening for us. The opponent has very good players, but we kept our patience and tried to limit our mistakes.

Coach of VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Vital Heynen: We had problems in the first set, but after that our game became better. Three points is a good result for us. Ford Store Levoranta is a very good team, which had a bad day today but they will be better next time we play early next year.

Mikko Esko of Ford Store Levoranta SASTAMALA commented: The start of the match was okay, but in the two other sets we did not play well. We could never break their reception. I am quite unhappy after this kind of match.

Coach Sami Kurttila of Ford Store Levoranta SASTAMALA said: Our serve and reception play was not good today. We knew that their service and attacks are very powerful and so they proved to be. I am very disappointed of course of our play. We must now take a little rest and start to concentrate on the next matches.


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VolleyRuller96    166

Straight-setters propel Belogorie, Dukla, ACH Volley and Asseco Resovia to next round of CEV Cup


Luxembourg, December 19, 2017.  The first four eighthfinalists of the 2018 CEV Volleyball Cup - Men emerged on Tuesday, all of them mastering straight-set victories over their opponents in the second-leg matches of the 16th Finals. Russia’s Belogorie BELGOROD, Czech Republic’s Dukla LIBEREC, Slovenia’s ACH Volley LJUBLJANA and Poland’s Asseco Resovia RZESZOW are all through to the next round.

Here are the full #CEVCupM results from Tuesday, 19th December 2017:



Reports received:

Belogorie win clash of the 40-and-above

Just like two weeks ago in Sofia, the match was over in straight sets with powerful domination of the Russian squad – 3-0 (25-15, 25-23, 25-10).

This match could be called an ordinary one, but some features made it look unlike the others. First, on both sides of the court Volleyball fans could see the oldest players of their respective national leagues – 44-year-old Ivaylo Stefanov in CSKA SOFIA and 42-year-old Sergey Tetyukhin in Belogorie BELGOROD. Both of them scored six points each for their teams, and both showed the way to play Volleyball to their young partners.

The second and the most impressive feature of the match was Russian giant Dmitriy Muserskiy playing the whole match in position 4, and it was not bad at all. Muserskiy made 14 receptions without any errors and showed an impressive 62% success rate in attack – 13 of his 21 spikes touched the floor on the Bulgarian side.

After the match CSKA’s head coach Alexander Popov said he was not surprised to see Muserskiy in position 4, as two weeks ago he made the same trick with Hristo Tsvetanov in Sofia. “It’s fashionable now,” the Bulgarian mentor joked. “We were very, very happy to play against such a great team. This is a great experience for us,” Popov summarised their performance in this duel.

Belogorie’s assistant coach Alexandr Bogomolov said he was satisfied with the result and with the chance to try out all the players on the court. “We could try different combinations of the players on court which can help us in future.”

Now Belogorie BELGOROD are waiting for the final result in the clash between Jihostroj CESKE BUDEJOVICE and Hapoel MATE-ASHER AKKO to know their next opponent in the 8th Finals.


ACH Volley do not allow another drama against OK NOVI PAZAR

The home team started determined from the beginning and very quickly took the lead. The Serbian side did not take their opportunities, so ACH Volley extended the gap wide open before Jan Pokeršnik closed the deal at 25-13. In the second set it was not that easy for the Slovenian champions. OK NOVI PAZAR managed to play on a higher level and for the first time in the game they were leading by two points at 10-8. The two teams continued taking turns in the lead. When, after what went on in the first match, another drama seemed to be in the making, Jan Pokeršnik was once again the man who finished the set, this time at a much tighter 25-23. In the third set the home team started better than the opponents and quickly gained the advantage. ACH Volley stayed focused throughout the set, but towards the end let the lead slip away as NOVI PAZAR tied it at 24-24. However, in the next two rallies the Orange Dragons showed a better performance and won the set (26-24) and the match (3-0).

Zoran Kedačič, coach of ACH Volley LJUBLJANA: “I am happy that we started the match at our home venue very well. The visiting team was a little sleepy at the beginning and we managed to take advantage of that. We knew the other sets would be much tighter than the first one was. We were playing very focused today and I would like to congratulate my team for that.”

Andrija Vilimanović, player of OK NOVI PAZAR: '“Today we didn't show our best performance. We had troubles in our team because our best players got injured and couldn't play. This obviously had an impact on us and our game. Even though we lost the first set very quickly, we thought we would come back, but we just didn't stand the chance.”


Schöps and Śliwka drive Resovia to straight-set win

Poland’s Asseco Resovia RZESZOW defeated Finland’s  Perungan Pojat ROVANIEMI in three sets, 3-0 (25-22, 25-20, 25-19), in the second-leg match between them.

Perungan Pojat started better, opening an 8-3 lead in the first set. The home team finally managed to catch up at 16-16. In the decisive moments, bocks by Jochen Schöps and Marcin Mozdzonek gave Resovia a two-point lead (23-21), and the last point fell after the effective action of Thibault Rossard for 25-22. Effective in spiking and serving, Asseco Resovia’s players gained a 9-3 advantage in the second set. A well-performing Schöps was well supported by his teammates, as Aleksander Śliwka attacked successfully for 13-5. The opponents “chipped in” with some simple mistakes towards the eventual 25-20. The two sides fought point for point until 6-6 in the third set. With Mozdzonek contributing from the serving line and Dawid Dryja in blocking, Resovia stepped forward to an 11-9 lead, which they eventually stretched to 25-19 for a victorious outcome of the match.

Aleksander Śliwka, player of Asseco Resovia RZESZOW: “We are very pleased with the result. We slept a little bit at the beginning of the first set, but we managed to get back to our game rhythm. Our goal for this match was to win without losing a set and carrying out our tactical assumptions. We have completed the plan at 100%.”

Dawid Dryja, player of Asseco Resovia RZESZOW: “We are pleased with the victory over Perungan Pojat ROVANIEMI. This win gave us promotion to the next round of the CEV Cup. The Finns were a demanding rival today and we are happy that we took another step towards this trophy.”

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VolleyRuller96    166

Olympiacos win golden set to snatch qualification


Luxembourg, December 19, 2017.  Greece’s Olympiacos PIRAEUS and Portugal’s Benfica LISBOA celebrated on Tuesday with their tickets to the 8th Finals of the 2018 CEV Volleyball Challenge Cup - Men.

Here are the full #CEVCupM results from Tuesday, 19th December 2017:


The drama unfolded after France’s TOURS VB managed to please their fans with a 3-0 (25-22, 25-21, 25-20) shutout of Olympiacos, which tied the overall score between the two teams. The Greeks had also delivered a straight-set win at home in the first-leg match, so it was all to be decided in a Golden Set. Olympiacos persevered for a 15-11 win to emerge victorious with a spot in the next round.


It was far less dramatic in Austria. Benfica had won in straight sets at home in the first leg against UVC Holding GRAZ, so all the Portuguese squad had to do is replicate their performance in the away game. They did so in a convincing fashion – a 3-0 (25-13, 25-16, 25-18) victory hammered out in just 68 minutes, with Milija Mrdak contributing 16 points to top the scorers’ charts of the match.

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VolleyRuller96    166


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania cev champions league

 Leg 2



:TURFenerbahce Istanbul - :ITA Sir Safety Perugia




:FRAChaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne - :RUS Dinamo Moscow

:RUS Lokomotiv Novosibirsk - :POL PGE Skra Belchatow



:POL Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle - :ITA Diatec Trentino

:BEL Noliko Maaseik - :TUR Arkas Izmir





ROUND 1/16, 2nd Leg


:CZE  Jihostroi Ceske Budeiovice - :ISR Hapoel Mate-Aher Akko

:ROU Arcada Galati - :CZE Kladno Volejbal

:FRA GFC Ajaccio - :SLO Calcit Kamnik

:CYP Omonia Nicosia - :SUI Volley Amriswil

:SRB Vojvodina NS-Seme Novi Sad - :UKR Barkom-Kazhany Lviv

:TUR Ziraat Bankasi Ankara - :ROU SCM U Craiova

:AUT Posojilnica AICH\DOB - :MNE Jedinstvo Bjelo Polje

:BEL Lindeman Aalst - :NED Drasma Dynamo Apeldoorn

:BLR Shakhtior Soligorsk - :FIN Hurikani Loimaa

:ITA Calzedonia Verona - :SRB Ribnica Kraljevo


ROUND 1/16, 2nd Leg

:RUS Gazprom-Urga Surgut - :HUN Penzyugor Budapest

:NED Orion Doetinchem - :BUL Levski Sofia

:CZE CEZ Karlovarsko - :CRO Mladost Zagreb

:SUI Biogas Nafaels - :AUT Union Reifeissen Waldviertel

:BEL PAR-KY Menen - :SUI Volley Schoenenwerd

:EST Parnu VK - :CYP Pafiakos Pafos

:POR Fonte Bastardo Azores - :AZE Lokomotiv Baku

:TUR Maliye Piyango SK Ankara - :SVK VKP Bystrina SPU Nitra

:BLR Stroitel Minsk - :SUI Lausanne UC

:CYP Foinikas Syros - :NOR Viking Bergen

:ROU CSU Steaua Bucaresti - :SVK KDS Sport Kosice

:UKR Lokomotiv Kharkiv - :CZE Volejbal Brno


Watch games at: https://www.laola1.tv/en-int/channel/volleyball




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VolleyRuller96    166


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania cev champions league

 Leg 2



:TURFenerbahce Istanbul 0:3 :ITASir Safety Perugia




:FRAChaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne 3:2 :RUS Dinamo Moscow

:RUSLokomotiv Novosibirsk 3:0  :POL PGE Skra Belchatow



:POLZaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle 3:2 :ITA Diatec Trentino

:BELNoliko Maaseik 3:2 :TUR Arkas Izmir





ROUND 1/16, 2nd Leg


:CZE  Jihostroi Ceske Budeiovice 1:3 :ISRHapoel Mate-Aher Akko

:ROUArcada Galati 3:0  :CZE Kladno Volejbal

:FRA GFC Ajaccio 3:0  :SLO Calcit Kamnik

:CYP Omonia Nicosia 3:2 :SUIVolley Amriswil

:SRBVojvodina NS-Seme Novi Sad 3:1  :UKR Barkom-Kazhany Lviv

:TURZiraat Bankasi Ankara 3:2 :ROU SCM U Craiova

:AUTPosojilnica AICH\DOB 3:0 :MNE Jedinstvo Bjelo Polje

:BELLindeman Aalst 3:0 :NED Drasma Dynamo Apeldoorn

:BLRShakhtior Soligorsk 3:1  :FIN Hurikani Loimaa

:ITACalzedonia Verona 3:0  :SRB Ribnica Kraljevo


:ISR Hapoel Mate-Asher Akko
:ROU Arcada Galati

:FRA GFC Ajaccio
:SUI Volley Amriswil
:SRB Vojvodina NS-Seme Novi Sad
:TUR Ziraat Bankasi Ankara

:AUT Posojilnica AICH/DOB

:BEL Lindemas Aalst
:BLR Shakhtior Soligorsk
:ITA Calzedonia Verona 


ROUND 1/16, 2nd Leg

:RUSGazprom-Urga Surgut 3:0 :HUN Penzyugor Budapest

:NEDOrion Doetinchem 3:0 :BUL Levski Sofia (GOLDEN SET: 15-13)

:CZECEZ Karlovarsko 3:0 :CRO Mladost Zagreb

:SUI Biogas Nafaels 3:1 :AUT Union Reifeissen Waldviertel

:BEL PAR-KY Menen 3:1 :SUI Volley Schoenenwerd

:ESTParnu VK 3:0 :CYP Pafiakos Pafos

:POR Fonte Bastardo Azores 3:0 :AZELokomotiv Baku (GOLDEN SET: 23-25)

:TURMaliye Piyango SK Ankara 3:0 :SVK VKP Bystrina SPU Nitra

:BLRStroitel Minsk 3:0 :SUI Lausanne UC

:CYPFoinikas Syros 3:2 :NOR Viking Bergen

:ROUCSU Steaua Bucaresti 3:0 :SVK KDS Sport Kosice

:UKRLokomotiv Kharkiv 3:1 :CZEVolejbal Brno


:RUS Gazprom-Urga Surgut

:NED Orion Doetinchem
:CZE CEZ Karlovarsko
:SUI Biogas Nafaels
:EST Parnu VK

:AZE Lokomotiv Baku
:TUR Maliye Piyango SK Ankara
:BLR Stroitel Minsk
:CYP Foinikas Syros
:ROU CSU Steaua Bucaresti
Volejbal Brno

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Drama-filled night ends in three tiebreak wins for home teams

Luxembourg, December 20, 2017. Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK opened Wednesday’s programme in the group stage of the 2018 CEV Volleyball Champions League – Men with a resounding 3-0 victory over Poland’s PGE Skra BELCHATOW. The gold medal winners from the 2013 edition have not lost a set yet in the competition whilst Skra suffered their second setback in as many matches. The rest of the night was filled with drama with three tiebreaks and the three hosting teams – CHAUMONT VB 52 Haute Marne, Noliko MAASEIK and Zaksa KEDZIERZYN-KOZLE – all coming from behind to claim 3-2 wins much to the delight of their raucous home crowds. 

Fenerbahce SK ISTANBUL (TUR) vs. Sir Colussi Sicoma PERUGIA (ITA) (20-25, 21-25, 23-25)

•    The visitors from Italy claimed an early lead (8-6) in the opening set and were able to hold on to it (16-14) until the very end (25-20).
•    The second set followed the same plot with PERUGIA edging ahead at the first technical (8-6) and keeping their advantage (16-14); Fenerbahce fought back but the visitors eventually won the second set as well (25-21).
•    Fenerbahce used to their advantage the mistakes made by PERUGIA in the early stages of the third set (8-3); however, PERUGIA came back strong, even though they still trailed by one point at the second technical break. The Italians finally levelled the count at 23-all and with two points in a row finished the match in three sets (25-23).



Lorenzo Bernardi, head coach of Sir Colussi Sicoma PERUGIA: “It was very important for us to win 3-0 because I think that this will count towards the final standing in the pool, which is a very strong one. We played pretty well in some areas but not as solid as we would like in some others. We know that we have to work especially when it comes to break points. I have some plans in order to achieve this and we will work hard to improve on that.”

CHAUMONT VB 52 Haute Marne (FRA) vs. Dinamo MOSCOW (RUS) 3-2 (22-25, 19-25, 25-22, 25-22, 15-11)
•    CL rookies CHAUMONT VB 52 Haute Marne continue to impress – after their historic 3-1 away victory over PGE Skra BELCHATOW in their Champions League debut two weeks ago, they came back from two sets down to edge Dinamo MOSCOW at the tiebreak.
•    Dinamo MOSCOW have lost two matches in a row in the pool – since in the previous round they had to accept a 0-3 setback in the Russian derby with Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK, their first loss in three years to the Siberian team.
•    Pavel Kruglov of Dinamo MOSCOW had a match-high 25 points but home star Stéphen Boyer did shine as well recording 22 points for CHAUMONT VB 52 Haute Marne.
•    Interestingly enough, the hosts out-blocked Dinamo 15 to 10 – a feat that only a few teams accomplish when playing a Russian opponent of this caliber



Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK (RUS) vs. PGE Skra BELCHATOW (POL) 3-0 (25-18, 25-18, 25-19)

•    The team captain of Skra, Mariusz Wlazly could not join the game as he suffered an injury on Tuesday night during practice. On the other hand, the libero of Lokomotiv, Roman Martynyuk, recovered from injury in time for the match with Skra.
•    Lokomotiv were clearly the dominant force from start to end of the first set – with György Grozer being especially effective in attack and Skra not finding a way to cope with that.
•    The game was a much closer affair in the second set, where however Lokomotiv edged ahead towards the end to double their lead in the match.
•    Grozer propelled the home side to an 11-9 lead in the third set and the hosts increased their advantage with the help of Sergey Savin (14-10). Lokomotiv suffered a little drop of concentration towards the end, with Skra scoring three times in a row. However, after a time-out asked by their coach Plamen Konstantinov, Lokomotiv comfortably ended the match in three sets.
•    György Grozer top scored for the home side with 14 points; Artem Smolyar registered 13, with 10 out of 11 attacks, plus an ace and two blocks.
•    Lokomotiv recorded their second straight victory in the pool where they have not lost a set yet, whilst Skra have lost two matches in a row.
•    Lokomotiv will play their next match on January 16 against France’s CHAUMONT VB 52 Haute Marne.


Plamen Konstantinov, head coach of Lokomotiv: “My fears were related to the fact that we could lose the game rhythm since we did not play any matches for 10 days, while the opponent had a tough tournament last week. However, both teams, in the end, had their pluses and minuses in the game. The Polish team was tired, also because of the long journey. Therefore, the most important thing was to start the game well, with the right mood and putting pressure on the opponent. For them, it was a great loss that Wlazly suffered that injury. He trained yesterday, everything was fine, and today we were surprised, because Mariusz’s name did not appear on those listed for the game. Skra with Wlazly and without him is like two different teams.”

Roberto Piazza, head coach of PGE Skra BELCHATOW: “It was not our best game. On top of this, we did feel the injury suffered yesterday by our captain Wlazly. This played a big role in determining the outcome of this match. Of course, this is not an excuse, because in the Polish national league, we played some games without him, and they turned out more successful for us. However, against such team as Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK, our efforts today were not enough.”

Zaksa KEDZIERZYN-KOZLE (POL) vs. TRENTINO Diatec (ITA) 3-2 (18-25, 24-26, 25-23, 25-16, 15-12)

•    Zaksa made some kind of early Christmas present to their supporters as they came back from two sets down to pull out a 3-2 victory in the ‘Match of the Week’ with TRENTINO.
•    TRENTINO set the pace for most of the opening set before Sam Deroo closed in within one point at 11-12 with a terrific ace. However, the trio consisting of Aidan Zingel, Eder Carbonera and Filippo Lanza helped the visitors cruise to a relatively comfortable 25-18 win.
•    The course of the game did not change in the second set with TRENTINO leading by four points at 10-6. Two blocks on Uros Kovacevic helped Zaksa reduce the gap (13-14) and the hosts eventually edged ahead at 17-16. However, after leading 20-18, Zaksa found themselves trailing 20-22; the score remained close through to 23-all before Renee Teppan came in for TRENTINO and with two consecutive aces sealed a 26-24 win for the visiting team.
•    The score was close up to 12-all in the third set before Deroo and Mateusz Bieniek powered Zaksa to a 16-14 lead. Luca Vettori scored some terrific spikes to contribute to a 20-17 Italian lead but the course of the game changed again with the help of Polish youngster Rafal Szymura. His serves surprised the Italian defence and Zaksa got back on track, with Rafal Buszek closing the set at 25-23 for the home side.
•    Zaksa were the dominant force in the fourth set (6-4, 9-6, 11-6, 16-11) and it was again Szymura who played a leading role in propelling the hosts to a landslide 25-16 win.
•    Szymura and eventual top scorer Maurice Torres joined forces to keep the score tight in the early stages of the tiebreak; Zaksa scored five straight points to claim an edge (9-4) and eventually emerged victorious from such a dramatic game (15-12).


Angelo Lorenzetti, head coach of TRENTINO Diatec: “I would like to congratulate Andrea [Gardini] and his team, because they showed that it is worth fighting until the very last second of a match. We made too many mistakes and we ran out of energy towards the end of the match.”

‘Man of the Match’ Rafal Szymura: “We did not look at the result when we were losing; it is so much fun to win with such a team and I am glad that I played an important role after coming in as a substitute, especially since I knew that I had a difficult task ahead.”

Noliko MAASEIK (BEL) vs. Arkas IZMIR (TUR) 3-2 (25-23, 22-25, 23-25, 25-21, 15-10)

•    Visitors Gökhan Gökgöz and Michael Sanchez Bozhulev turned their advantage in cm (on average 6 cm per player) into a 14-11 lead, before Timo Tammemaa and Nicolas Bruno levelled the score at 15-15 with an ace apiece. Bruno and Christian Fromm excelled in a neck-and-neck race, but Sebastian Gevert finished it with a massive kill block for Noliko (25-23).
•    Thanks to Mustafa Koç’s ace, Arkas IZMIR claimed another five-point lead (14-9) in the second set. Setter Jay Blankenau helped Noliko close in at 18-19, but Fromm blocked away Gevert’s spike for the equaliser. Mert Matic sealed the first set win for the visitors in this Champions League with a lucky ace (25-22).  
•    Full of confidence Glenn Hoag’s team once again stormed away to 15-10 in the third set. With a superb series of serves, Tammemaa closed the gap at once at 15-all. Another thrilling race unfolded, this time a local reception error handed IZMIR another win with the smallest margin (25-23).
•    The suspense even mounted in set 4: neither side could take a two-point advantage, until Blankenau forced a 16-14 edge with a tricky serve. Sanchez Bozhulev levelled again at 20, but substitutes Jolan Cox and Kamil Rychlicki pulled their team into a tiebreaker (25-21).
•    With 21-year old Luxembourg spiker Rychlicki on fire, MAASEIK took the lead in the decisive set at 8-4, pulling this bonus through to 15-10 to secure a first victory in this Champions League campaign.
•    Nicolas Bruno scored the match point and crowned himself best scorer of the locals with 21 points, two less than Sanchez Bozhulev who topped the charts for IZMIR.  
•    The audience at the Steengoed Arena witnessed a unique double challenge at 9-13 in the second set. At first, the video turned Bruno’s spike into an attack out of bounds. However, local coach Joel Banks called for a block touch, and the video challenge confirmed there actually was such touch, eventually giving the point to Noliko.


Christian Fromm, player of Arkas IZMIR: “We are very disappointed with this result, especially when we got 2 sets to 1 up, we should have taken the three points. However, after MAASEIK changed their line-up, we started to commit many technical errors and we lost our focus, so this is a bad experience.”

Sebastian Gevert, player of Noliko MAASEIK: “Of course, my block point, which gave us the first set, was a very important one. However, in this game, every point was extremely important. You just have to take a look at the score line to realise this!”

Nicolas Bruno, player of Noliko: “We won this match by fighting for each point. There was this one big rally in the fourth set that gave us a 19-17 lead. That point gave us the confidence for the tiebreak. This victory is very important, because in our second game, we really had to take some points.”

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Ten more teams advance to CEV Cup 8th Finals


Luxembourg, December 20, 2017.  As many as ten more eighthfinalists in the 2018 CEV Volleyball Cup - Men emerged on this big European Cups Wednesday. Shakhtior SOLIGORSK, C.S. Arcada GALATI, Ziraat Bankasi ANKARA, Hapoel MATE-ASHER AKKO, Vojvodina NS Seme NOVI SAD, Volley AMRISWIL, Posojilnica AICH/DOB, GFC AJACCIO VB, Lindemans AALST and Calzedonia VERONA did what it takes to line up among the best 16 teams in the competition.

Here are the full #CEVCupM results from Wednesday, 20th December 2017:





Reports received:

Shakhtior find way to victory in tough and interesting rematch with Hurrikaani

Shakhtior SOLIGORSK managed a 3-1 (25-23, 28-30, 25-23, 25-18) win against Hurrikaani LOIMAA in the second leg of the 16th Finals of the CEV Cup and qualified for the next round of the tournament.

After a straight 3-0 victory in Loimaa, the Belarusian team had a good chance to repeat their success on the home court. In the first set, Shakhtior had a 14-7 lead, but a few mistakes in reception did not allow a speedy close. Thanks to some good serving at the end of the set, the Belarusian team still stamped a 25-23 win. Hurrikaani had problems with the attack at the start of the second set, but afterwards Thomas Douglas-Powell and Max Staples were able to make some important points. The Finnish team made fewer mistakes and got their hopes back in the match. They took the lead in the third set as well. This cast some doubt on the prospects for Shakhtior. However, the home side made several substitutions and was able to regain the initiative. Middle-blocker Viachaslau Shmat brought important points in the end. Two successful sets allowed Shakhtior to achieve a 3-1 victory and advance in the competition.

Viktar Beksha, coach of Shakhtior SOLIGORSK: “The match in Mogilev was completely different from the first one in Finland. The players of Hurrikaani managed to play well in attack and service. We had problems in certain elements of the game, but we survived and achieved success.”


Posojilnica keep on rolling with straight-set victory over Jedinstvo Bemax

The Austrian vice champions were too much to stand for the Montenegrin visitors from Jedinstvo Bemax BIJELO POLJE in the second of two matches of the 16th Finals in the CEV Cup. The locals claimed a comprehensive 3-0 (25-19, 25-19, 25-20) victory in a one-sided match and cemented their way to the 8th Finals.  

The match started out strong, the scoreboard showing 5-5, but the hosts took control of the game and went in front with a safe 12-9 difference forcing head coach Darko Prebiracevic to call for a time-out. Playing high-class Volleyball this evening, Posojilnica enlarged their margin to 18-11 by putting a lot of pressure on the opponents from the serving line. Jedinstvo tried to get back on track (20-16), but the home team exploited every single error pocketing the opening set with the score of 25-19.

Jedinstvo came back strong in the second set leading the way by 8-6, and this trend continued later on in that set – 12-10. Posojilnica tried to keep the score in balance (14-14) and after the second technical time-out they clawed back to set the pace of the game once more (19-17). Although both teams made mistakes at the end of the set, the home side could win all fundamental situations and finally wrapped it up at 25-19.

The all important third set was a close affair only until 8-8. After that the local heroes claimed a three point 16-13 lead with their fantastic attacks. The visitors tried to find their rhythm again, but the Austrian heavyweight showed eager determination to wrap it up at 25-20, thus cruising to a well-deserved straight-set victory.

Martin Micheu, manager of Posojilnica AICH/DOB: “Jedinstvo Bemax showed a good team spirit and were able to keep the score tight at times, but we managed to control most of the game and won all fundamentals.”

Jovan Delic, player of Jedinstvo Bemax BIJELO POLJE: “We could partly live up to the expectations in sets 2 and 3 as we served powerfully and spiked with high intensity, but serious difficulties in defence prevented a victory over the Austrian opponent.”



Calzedonia VERONA move forward despite losing a set

Calzedonia VERONA worked very well in serving and blocking. Ribnica KRALJEVO toiled to pass and the score came out in favour of Calzedonia - 9-5 to start with. Emanuele Birarelli made two killer aces in a row for 11-5. Calzedonia kept on widening the gap and Aleks Grozdanov aced to close the first set at 25-16.

The second set was more balanced. The teams went forward close to each other in the score, but then Ribnica made some mistakes and Calzedonia’s good blocking led to a 21-17 advantage. Ribnica nibbled away at the home team to narrow it down to two points, but Federico Marretta and Emanuele Birarelli decided the set at 25-21.

In the third set, Calzedonia made a break at the beginning: a block by Birarelli, an ace of Mohammadjavad Manavinezhad and a spike by Marretta meant an 11-7 advantage for the home team. Some mistakes gave the Serbs a 14-12 lead before the score was balanced again. At the end, Ribnica won the set at 25-23 with a spike by Strahinja Milovanovic for the last point.

The beginning of the fourth set brought in the name of Thomas Jaeschke. His kills gave Calzedonia a 5-1 advantage. Everything worked well in the half-court of the Italian squad and the opponents surrendered at 25-12.



Hapoel recover from home defeat to knock Jihostroj out

Jihostroj CESKE BUDEJOVICE had won the first match in Israel in five sets, but wasted a big chance to complete the important step to the next round. Hapoel MATE-ASHER AKKO mastered a 3-1 away win to progress in the competition.

The first set was balanced, but the players of Hapoel were more successful at the end and won it by a narrow 25-23. The home team improved their spiking in the second set to take the lead, but from 16-16 the Israelis kept one or two points ahead, winning by 25-23 in a dramatic ending. With the support of some 1,500 fantastic fans, Jihostroj opened a 16-9 lead in the third set and stayed in control to win it by 25-17. The next set was terribly important for both teams. Jihostroj started off well, but let the slight advantage slip away, as Hapoel played better in the money time and closed the match with a 25-20 win in the fourth set.

Martin Krystof, player of Jihostroj CESKE BUDEJOVICE: "I think we had this must-win duty in our heads and we did not play relaxed."



Lindemans celebrate speedy win against Dutch neighbours

Belgium’s Lindemans AALST, leading from start to finish, claimed and celebrated an easy second victory in the 16th Finals of the CEV Cup. Even without middle blockers Ivan Milhalj and Martijn Colson, suffering from injuries, it hardly seemed a problem to achieve a 3-0 (25-20, 25-16, 25-16) victory over Draisma Dynamo APELDOORN from the Netherlands.

Lindemans had already taken a 3-0 away victory and continued their domination at home, in front of their own crowd, towards a 25-20 win in the first set. Draisma Dynamo tried to raise the level with more pressure from Nico Manenschijn and Michiel Van Dorsten until 9-8 in the second set. But young Laszlo De Paepe (10 points), opposite Gert Van Walle (12) and Finland’s Antti Mäkinen (13 points) contested a very strong game, leading their team to a 25-16 close in each of the next two sets.

Frank Depestele, player of Lindemans AALST: “My team deserved advancement to the next round. We served well, with enough adrenaline in attack and without any lack of concentration, for quite a positive result.”

Johan Devoghel, coach of Lindemans AALST: “I have seen a very good performance, even better than in Apeldoorn. It was again a one-sided game. We did not force too much with an aggressive control. The whole team showed character. After two sets we could already breathe easily to celebrate the ticket for the next round.”


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