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Winter Olympics Games 2018 Opening Ceremony Flag Bearers

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hckosice    1,179
  • :ALB Albania - Suela Mehilli (Alpine Skiing)
  • :AND Andorra - Irineu Esteve Altmiras (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :ARG Argentina - Sebastiano Gastaldi (Alpine Skiing)
  • :ARM Armenia - Mikayel Mikayelyan (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :AUS Australia - Scotty James (Snowboarding)
  • :AUT Austria - Anna Veith (Alpine Skiing)
  • :AZE Azerbaijan - Patrick Brachner (Alpine Skiing)
  • :BLR Belarus - Alla Tsuper (Freestyle Skiing)
  • :BEL Belgium - Seppe Smits (Snowboarding)
  • :BER Bermuda - Tucker Murphy (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :BOL Bolivia - Simon Breitfuss Kammerlander (Alpine Skiing)
  • :BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina - Elvedina Muzaferija (Alpine Skiing)
  • :BRA Brazil - Edson Bindilatti (Bobsleigh)
  • :BUL Bulgaria - Radoslav Yankov (Snowboarding)
  • :CAN Canada - Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir (Figure Skating)
  • :CHI Chile - Henrik von Appen (Alpine Skiing)
  • :CHN China - Zhou Yang (Short Track Speed Skating)
  • :TPE Chinese Taipei - Lien Te-An (Luge)
  • :COL Colombia - Pedro Causil (Speed Skating)
  • :CRO Croatia - Natko Zrncic-Dim (Alpine Skiing)
  • :CYP Cyprus - Dinos Lefkaritis (Alpine Skiing)
  • :CZE Czech Republic - Eva Samkova (Snowboarding)
  • :DEN Denmark - Elena Møller Rigas (Speedskating)
  • :ECU Ecuador - Klaus Jungbluth Rodriguez (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :ERI Eritrea - Shannon-Ogbani Abeda (Alpine Skiing)
  • :EST Estonia - Saskia Alusalu (Speed Skating)
  • :FIN Finland - Janne Ahonen (Ski Jumping)
  • :FRA France - Martin Fourcade (Biathlon)
  • :GEO Georgia - Moris Kvitelashvili (Figure Skating)
  • :GER Germany - Eric Frenzel (Nordic Combined)
  • :GHA Ghana - Akwasi Frimpong (Skeleton)
  • :GBR Great Britain - Lizzy Yarnold (Skeleton)
  • :GRE Greece - Sophia Ralli (Alpine Skiing)
  • :HKG Hong Kong - Arabella Ng (Alpine Skiing)
  • :HUN Hungary - Konrad Nagy (Speed Skating)
  • :ISL Iceland - Freydis Halla Einarsdottir (Alpine Skiing)
  • :IND India - Shiva Keshavan (Luge)
  • :IRI Iran - Samaneh Beyrami Baher (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :IRL Ireland - Seamus O'Connor (Snowboarding)
  • :ISR Israel - Alexei Bychenko (Figure Skating)
  • :ITA Italy - Arianna Fontana (Short Track Speed Skating)
  • :JAM Jamaica - Audra Segree (Bobsleigh)
  • :JPN Japan - Noriaki Kasai (Ski Jumping)
  • :KAZ Kazakhstan - Abzal Azhgaliyev (Short Track Speed Skating)
  • :KEN Kenya - Sabrina Simader (Alpine Skiing)
  • :KOS Kosovo - Albin Tahiri (Alpine Skiing)
  • :KGZ Kyrgyzstan - Tariel Zharkymbaev (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :LAT Latvia - Daumants Dreiškens (Bobsleigh)
  • :LBN Lebanon - Samer Tawk (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :LIE Liechtenstein - Marco Pfiffner (Alpine Skiing)
  • :LTU Lithuania - Tomas Kaukenas (Biathlon)
  • :LUX Luxembourg - Matthieu Osch (Alpine Skiing)
  • :MKD Macedonia  - Stavre Jada (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :MAD Madagascar - Mialitiana Clerc (Alpine Skiing)
  • :MAS Malaysia - Julian Zhi Jie Yee (Figure Skating)
  • :MLT Malta - Elise Pellegrin (Alpine Skiing)
  • :MEX Mexico - German Madrazo (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :MDA Moldova - Nicolae Gaiduc (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :MON Monaco - Rudy Rinaldi (Bobsleigh)
  • :MGL Mongolia - Achbadrakh Batmunkh (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :MNE Montenegro - Jelena Vujicic (Alpine Skiing)
  • :MAR Morocco - Samir Azzimani (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :NED Netherlands - Jan Smeekens (Speed Skating)
  • :NZL New Zealand - Beau-James Wells (Freestyle Skiing)
  • :NGR Nigeria - Ngozi Onwumere (Bobsleigh)
  • :PRK North Korea - Hwang Chung-Gum (Ice Hockey)
  • :NOR Norway - Emil Hegle Svendsen (Biathlon)
  • :WHT Olympic Athletes from Russia - Volunteer
  • :PAK Pakistan - Muhammad Karim (Alpine Skiing)
  • :PHI Philippines - Asa Miller (Alpine Skiing)
  • :POL Poland - Zbigniew Brodka (Speed Skating)
  • :POR Portugal - Kequyen Lam (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :PUR Puerto Rico - Charles Flaherty (Alpine Skiing)
  • :ROU Romania - Marius Ungureanu (Biathlon)
  • :SMR San Marino - Alessandro Mariotti (Alpine Skiing)
  • :SRB Serbia - Nevena Ignjatovic (Alpine Skiing)
  • :SGP Singapore - Cheyenne Goh (Short Track Speed Skating)
  • :SVK Slovakia - Veronika Velez-Zuzulová (Alpine Skiing)
  • :SLO Slovenia - Vesna Fabjan (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :RSA South Africa - Connor Wilson (Alpine Skiing)
  • :KOR South Korea - Won Yun-Jong (Bobsleigh)
  • :ESP Spain - Lucas Eguibar (Snowboarding)
  • :SWE Sweden - Niklas Edin (Curling)
  • :SUI Switzerland - Dario Cologna (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :THA Thailand - Mark Chanloung (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :TLS Timor-Leste - Yohan Goutt Goncalves (Alpine Skiing)
  • :TOG Togo - Mathilde-Amivi Petitjean (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :TGA Tonga - Pita Taufatofua (Cross-Country Skiing)
  • :TUR Turkey - Fatih Arda Ipcioglu (Ski Jumping)
  • :UKR Ukraine - Olena Pidhrushna (Biathlon)
  • :USA United States - Erin Hamlin (Luge)
  • :UZB Uzbekistan - Komiljon Tokhtaev (Alpine Skiing)


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hckosice    1,179

Time to open the flag bearers thread, Guys feel free to post the flag bearers but please don´t forget to add also a source, like @Benolympique did it today about Martin Fourcade for :FRA , Thanks for the link buddy  https://www.lequipe.fr/Tous-sports/Actualites/Martin-fourcade-porte-drapeau-a-pyeongchang/837522


Also feel free to announce every info about a new qualified nation here, in order to add them also to the opening post.

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hckosice    1,179
16 minutes ago, intoronto said:

:CAN will have two flagbearers, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. 


This is absolutely awesome ! My favorite non-hockey Canadian athletes :wub:

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Bohemia    211

Wow, we still don't know a lot of the flagbearers :O And the Games are less than 4 weeks away.

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