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Badminton BWF World Championships 2017

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heywoodu    2,027

Muskens/Piek had to withdraw during the match, which means a sad end to Muskens' career as she had already announced to retire after these championships due to ongoing injury trouble :( 


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Agger    249

Pretty decent Worlds for us so far.

A rather disappointing loss for Astrup and Skaarup, but the rest of our seeded entries have done what's needed. And some of our secondary singles have done much better than expected with Emil Holst taking a set against Lin Dan and even more Mia Blichfeldt winning against 10th seed Sayaka Sato.
But now it gets tougher. 6 entries are seeded to win today, but some of those are still very challenging.
Meanwhile it will be interesting to see how young guy, Anders Antonsen, will do against Srikanth!

Sadly the TV matches are mainly Chinese again.

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Griff88    151
18 hours ago, bestmen said:

strange , i don't see @Griff88 nowhere :lol:

Too busy about SEA Games :lol:


It is broadcasted 11 PM in Indonesia, and because of SEA Games I'm already tired as hell :p

Maybe I'll watch SF and Finals

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Dolby    144

We continue our streak of medal in WS. :thumbup:

2012 Olympics, 2013 & 2014 WC Bronze

2015 WC & 2016 Olympics Silver


2017 WC 2 Semifinalists. 


Hoping for all-Indian final and that elusive Gold. :fingers:

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