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Which are the 3 Best and Worst Olympic Moments of your Nation?

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intoronto    306

I am only going to comment on moments from 2002 onward (ie the Olympics I have seen live).



1) Vancouver Men's gold medal hockey match - you cannot write a better moment

2) Penny Olekisak's 4 medals, breaking the record for most medals by a Canadian at a Summer Olympics.

3) Women's soccer team wins bronze in London.



1) Perdita Felicien falls in the 2004 Olympic final (women's 100m hurdles). This one was so crushing, as she was the defending world champion. :(

2) Norwegian referee robbing Canada's women's soccer team from advancing to gold medal game in London.

3) Jeremy Wotherspoon falls at the 2002 Olympics (speed skating)

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LDOG    431

Best (none of them a "gold medal moment" curiously, just the ones that made the most impact on me)


1) Argentina - Serbia CG Basketball 2004 (I always post the same whenever these threads come up :d )



2) Argentina - Brazil Volleyball 2000



3) Del Potro - Djokovic Rio 2016






1) Medal-less in 1976 & 1984


2) football gold lost in the last minute with a dumb off-side trap (Atlanta 1996)



3) The football disaster of Rio


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Mkbw50    111



Our heroic comeback victory in table tennis vs France in Rio if it's for minor things that had an effect on me

And of course, beating PRC in Rio 2016


1 gold in Atlanta 1996

The terrorist attack one day after getting London in 2005 must be referenced I feel

Of course, the closing ceremony of London 2012 made me feel very sad :(

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Vojthas    51

1. Win against Soviets in final of men's volleyball in Montreal 1976.
2. Kozakiewicz in Moscow 1980 (+Ślusarski with silver)
3. Gold of Kowalczyk in Vancouver after wonderful finish against Bjoergen.
1. Szewińska losing baton in Mexico 1968.

2. Fall of Seroczyńska on last turn at 1000 m in Squaw Valley as she was heading for gold and WR.
3. No gold for Małysz.

Edited by Vojthas

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De_Gambassi    214





1. Llodra-Tsonga reaching the final in London, winning 18-16 in the last set. I've never been so much into a sporting event. Ever.


Michaël Llodra et Jo-Wilfried Tsonga le 3 août 2012



2. Lemaitre bronze medal in Rio


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lemaitre bronze"



3. 4x100 m freestyle win in 2012


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "4x100 m london swimming"





1. London beeing awarded the 2012 Games


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "paris 2012 2005"


2. Alexis Vastine beeing screwed over by referees... twice.




3. Aurélie Muller beeing DSQ after winning Silver in Rio's 10 km swimming


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "aurélie muller rio"

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Pavlo    53


1. Gold woman`s 100m relay 1964

2. Gold men`s volleyball team 1976

3. 2 golds by Robert Korzeniowski in 20+50 km walk in Sydney



1. Lost handball semi-final with Denmark in Rio

2. Paweł Fajdek`s two missed qualifications in hammer-throw

3. Andrzej Rżany`s loss in boxing in Athens

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hckosice    1,414

that´s super Easy :d




Absolute Number 1- Ice Hockey win against Sweden in Vancouver 2010 quarterfinal, something around 6 AM our time :thumbup: can´t even explain how such thing can made your day :d

and the unforgettable commentary :lol:



2- Matej Tóth winning Gold in Rio 50km, our very very first ever Athletics olympic medal and the very very first non canoeing slalom Olympic gold since the independence


3- The Škantár cousins winning in Canoe Slalom C2 Rio 2016 Day 6 our first olympic gold since Beijing 2008 Day 6 and the Hochschorner Bros gold in Canoe Slalom C2 ! (it was about time :lol:)



1- Disastrous 3rd period of the Bronze Medal Match in Vancouver 2010, from 3-1 after 2nd frame we lost the historic bronze in last few minutes...again around 6 AM our time...can´t even explain how such thing can destroy your day :p



2- Michal Martikán lost the gold in Athens 2004 few minutes before the medal ceremony after French accepted protest accusing him to had a touch in one gate, The touch wasn´t visible from any video.


3- London 2012 (First ever summer Olympics without a single gold medal for team Slovakia since first appearance as a independent country in Atlanta 1996)





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vlad    53

Top 3 best:


1. Nadia Comaneci won gold with a perfect ten in 1976 at Montreal. First ten of Olympic Games history.

2. Constantina Dita Tomescu and Alin Moldoveanu won gold medals in Marathon at Beijing 2008 and shooting at London 2012, respectively. Two unexpected medals for Romania.

3. Camelia Potec won gold medal in 200m Freestyle at Athens 2004, finishing ahead of Federica Pellegrini (ITA), Solenne Figues (FRA) și Franziska van Almsick (GER) who were favourites.


Top 3 worst:


1. The artistic-gymnastics scandal when USA won a medal and Romania lost bronze. Everybody knows that moment I guess.

2. Dissapointment in fencing, women's team epee in London 2012. 

3. Rio 2016 Olympics, worst olympics for Romania ever.


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hoversaBR    38

Top 3 Best:

1 - Our historic medal at the Modern Pentathlon in London 2012

2 - Cesar Cielo won the gold in swimming in Beijing 2008

3 - Brazil 3-0 Netherlands - 1992 Men's volleyball final. First great title of our most successful sport.

Top 3 Worst:

1 - No Medals in Athletics at the 2012 Games.

2 - No Gold in Sydney 2000.

3 - Of course, Brazil vs Russia in Athens 2004 and the famous 24-19 in women's volleyball. :lol:


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thiago_simoes    136

1 - Zanetti winning the gold medal on Rings in 2012. Everybody knows I love artistic gymnastics, and this made me cry with joy the whole day.

2 - The men's volleyball team winning gold in 1992. I was 8 at the time and this is the first Olympic memory I have in my life. 

3 - Yane Marques' bronze medal in modern pentathlon at the 2012 Olympics. She is such a humble person and she comes from one of the poorest parts of the country, and she was in a sport that virtually no one knew about. Even the Brazilian Olympic Committee had already held a press conference about the performance of the Brazilian athletes at the 2012 Olympics before Marques even got to compete, so not even the national committee believed she could win a medal. A magical moment.


1 - Rodrigo Pessoa's horse refusing to jump at the 2000 Olympics, and then we all knew he had lost the chance to win a gold medal. This meant that we got no gold medal at all in Sydney and I was really sad for the rest of the year.

2 - Flávia Saraiva losing balance on the Balance Beam final in 2016. Prior to her performance, everything was going her way: Biles touched the beam (losing 0.5), Ponor performed badly, no Russians qualified for the final, so Flávia had a real shot at earning bronze. She performed around 10 times on beam in different competitions the whole year and her lowest score was 14.833. But when she lost balance her score went down by 0.5, and in the end she scored 14.533. Biles earned the bronze medal with 14.733. I am still heartbroken.

3 - Daiane dos Santos stepping out of bounds on the Floor Exercise in 2004. She was the reigning world champion, but we all knew she was a headcase and she usually got extremely nervous when competing. She cracked under pressure, but at least she is still known as the only female artistic gymnast from Brazil to date to be a world champion.



Edited by thiago_simoes
Fixed a typo.

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IoNuTzZ    12

top 3 BEST :


1 - Nadia Comaneci won gold with a perfect 10 at Montreal

2 - Sanda Izbasa won the vault final in 2012 at London

3 - Constantia Dita-Tomescu won gold medal in Marathon at Beijing. At 38 years of age she became the oldest Olympic marathon champion in history. Previously the oldest woman to win an Olympic marathon was aged 30.



top 3 WORST


1 - Andreea Raducan Sydney 2000

2 - Romania - Angola 19-23 Rio 2016

3 - 2012 women's team epee

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