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2024 and 2028 Olympic Games Host Cities Election

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phelps    91
1 hour ago, De_Gambassi said:


The IOC would have to change its rules to allow Milan (or any other italian city) to bid. 


What's the distance between Milan and the ski resorts (and ST Moritz) ?


why they should change the rules? now they have already stated that a candidate city can use some infrastructure located in another Country (they did it just to allow Stockholm and/or Helsinki to bid...the Fins didn't even try, but Stockholm was stopped only by a local poll...they already had an agreement with the IOC for 2026)...

in any case, it's too early to say what's gonna happen with Milan (there's not a real project yet...it's just me thinking about St. Moritz as the less expensive idea for the sliding events...maybe they could even decide to build a new track inside our Borders)...it was just an interview with our Mayor that yesterday said that this would be an opportunity that deserves to be evaluated very carefully, because the Winter Games could be sustainable (meanwhile the Summer Games are too big to be hoseted in a relatively small town as Milan -even if the whole Metropolitan area is not that small)...


by the way, the distance between Milan and Bormio (Valtellina's main resort) is 200km, meanwhile St. Moritz is 330km far away from here...


the problem, however, at the moment are different...there are no large streets to go there from Milan...traffic is always a nightmare...if you're lucky, it takes at least 3/3and a half hours to cover the distance (not to mention St. Moritz, which is almost a half day trip to reach from Milan)...

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De_Gambassi    87
il y a 16 minutes, phelps a déclaré:


why they should change the rules?


The country hosting the IOC cession can't bid for hosting the olympics chosen during this same cession.


edit: well, Milan doesn't seem as a vey appealing winter games host city anyway.


edit2: I see that we don't even have a dedicated thread for the 2026 race. Anyone up for that ?

Edited by De_Gambassi

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