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Lithuania National Thread

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Bearas    14

As of 5 March 2016 Lithuania already had these athletes qualified for the Rio 2016:



TBA1 Women's Single Sculls
TBA2 Women's Double Sculls
TBA3 Women's Double Sculls
TBA4 Men's Single Sculls
TBA5 Men's Double Sculls
TBA6 Men's Double Sculls
TBA7 Men's Quadruple Sculls
TBA8 Men's Quadruple Sculls
TBA9 Men's Quadruple Sculls
TBA10 Men's Quadruple Sculls


TBA1 Men's C1-200m
TBA2 Men's K1-200m
TBA3 Men's K2-1000m
TBA4 Men's K2-1000m


TBA1 Women's Laser Radial
Juozas Bernotas Men's RS:X Sailboard


TBA1 Men's Road Race
TBA2 Men's Road Race
Simona Krupeckaitė Women's Track - Keirin


TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team
TBA Men's Team

Modern Pentathlon

Laura Asadauskaitė-Zadneprovskienė Women's Individual Race


Rūta Meilutytė Women's 100m Breastostroke
Danas Rapšys Men's 200m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke, 200m Backstroke, 4x100m Medley
Giedrius Titenis Men's 100m Breaststorke, 200m Breaststroke

Men's 4x100m Medley

TBA2 Men's 4x100m Medley


Eglė Balčiūnaitė Women's 800m
Eglė Staišiūnaitė Women's 400m Hurdles
Airinė Palšytė Women's High Jump
Dovilė Dzindzaletaitė Women's Triple Jump
Zinaida Sendriūtė Women's Discus Throw
Diana Lobačevskė Women's Marathon
Rasa Drazdauskaitė Women's Marathon
TBA1 Women's Marathon
Brigita Virbalytė-Dimšienė Women's 20km Racewalking
Neringa Aidietytė Women's 20km Racewalking
Kristina Saltanovič Women's 20km Racewalking
Andrius Gudžius Men's Discus Throw
Remigijus Kančys Men's Marathon
Valdas Dopolskas Men's Marathon
Marius Žiūkas Men's 20km Racewalking
Marius Šavelskis Men's 20km Racewalking
Tadas Šuškevičius Men's 50km Racewalking

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Bearas    14




WITHDRAW: Women's Triple Jump - Dovilė Dzindzaletaitė (pregnancy)

NEW STANDARD: Artur Miastianica in Men's 50km Race Walk



NEW QUOTA: Simona Krupeckaitė in Women's Keirin and Sprint (2 Events)


Modern Pentathlon

Justinas Kinderis scored 38 Olympic ranking points and Ieva Serapinaitė scored 40 Olympic ranking points in 2nd Wolrd Cup. Both pentathletes are eligible to qualify for the Olympics right now.



Ronaldas Račinskas (Men's Skeet) finished season with 12.17 national points against his rival Karolis Girulis (Men's Rifle) with 7.60 national points. According to the rules - national shooting federation will be applying for the quota under R.Račinskas name (for unused quotas from ISSF) although it still need to be confirmed in federation's meeting.



Rūta Meilutytė recovered after broken arm and won her first championships since September with impressive world's season best (excluded Yefimova's result due doping use). R.Meilutytė confirmed that she will be entering only in 100m breaststroke event in Olympics and won't start in freestyle sprint and individual medley events.

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Bearas    14

Complete funding for the sports federations in 2016 from all sources were announced. 72 sports was funded this year (some of the sports like squash do not get funding to low doping control standards).


1 Basketball
2 Cycling
3 Aquatics (Swimming, Synchronized and Diving)
4 Athletics
5 Rowing
6 Canoeing
7 Modern Pentathlon
8 Wrestling
9 Sailing
10 Boxing
11 Weightlifting
12 Judo
13 Handball
14 Biathlon
15 Volleyball
16 Football
17 Gymnastics
18 Air Sports
19 Shooting sports
20 Cross-country skiing
21 Dance Sports
22 Field Hockey
23 Ice Hockey
24 Rugby
25 Table Tennis
26 Short Track Speed Skating
27 Tennis
28 Figure Skating
29 Equestrian
30 Badminton
31 Orienteering
32 Kyokushin Karate
33 Sambo
34 Water Polo
35 Automotive Sports
36 Baseball
37 Powerboating
38 Golf
39 Curling
40 Chess
41 Triathlon
42 Fencing
43 Archery
44 (Paralympic) Blind sports 
45 Gliding sports
46 Taekwondo
47 Draughts
48 Bodybuilding and FItness
49 Motorbike sports
50 Universal fight
51 Kickboxing
52 Angling
53 Kurash
54 Bobsleigh and Skeleton
55 Powerlifting
56 Corespondential Chess
57 Muay-Thai
58 Underwater sports
59 Tug of War
60 Billiard
61 Arm wrestling
62 Compositor Chess
63 Alpinism
64 Grapling
65 Paralympic sports
66 Water Skiing
67 Pool
68 Floorball
69 Ritinis
70 Kendo
71 Climbing
- -



Olympic sport

Paralympic sports


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Bearas    14

Incomplete funding for the sports federations in 2017 only from KKSD sources were announced. 65 sports was funded this year, but number might increase after Olympic committee, Olympic centre and main KKSD fund announced their funding numbers this year.


Ranking so far (1/4): 


1 Basketball
2 Aquatics (Swimming, Synchronized and Diving)
3 Rowing
4 Air Sports
5 Athletics
6 Modern Pentathlon
7 Canoeing
8 Cycling
9 Handball
10 Gymnastics
11 Dance Sports
12 Wrestling
13 Weightlifting
14 Sailing
15 Boxing
16 Orienteering
17 Kyokushin Karate
18 Volleyball
19 Automotive Sports
20 Table Tennis
21 Powerboating
22 Shooting sports
23 Football
24 Ice Hockey
25 Biathlon
26 Rugby
27 Field Hockey
28 Judo
29 Baseball
30 Tennis
31 Draughts
32 Skiing sports
33 Chess
34 Bodybuilding and FItness
35 Motorbike sports
36 Universal fight
37 Sambo
38 Kickboxing
39 Badminton
40 Belt wrestling and pancration
41 Figure Skating
42 Angling
43 Curling
44 Fencing
45 Water Polo
46 Archery
47 Taekwondo
48 Short Track Speed Skating
49 Powerliftinig
50 Muay-Thai
51 Equestrian
52 Compositor Chess
53 Corespondential Chess
54 Arm wrestling
55 Triathlon
56 Wushu
57 Kurash
58 Pool
59 Water Skiing
60 Softball
61 Kendo
62 Bushido
63 Squash
64 Kudo
65 Golf
NF Climbing
NF Tug of War
NF Floorball
NF Grapling


Underwater sports
NF Billiard
NF -Bobsleigh and Skeleton



NF- No funding by high level achievement programme

Olympic sport

Paralympic sports

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Bearas    14

World Lithuanian Games


Teams has been confirmed for multi-sport event that will be held this year in June in Kaunas, Lithuania. 3499 athletes from 29 countries set to compete.


Participating countries:

  • :AUS Australia
  • :BLR Belarus
  • :CAN Canada
  • :CYP Cyprus
  • :CZE Czech Republic
  • :DEN Denmark
  • :ECU Ecuador
  • :EST Estonia
  • :FIN Finland
  • :FRA France
  • :GEO Georgia
  • :GER Germany
  • :IRL Ireland
  • :ISR Israel
  • :ITA Italy
  • :LAT Latvia
  • :LTU Lithuania
  • :NED Netherlands
  • :NOR Norway
  • :POL Poland
  • :RUS Russia
  • :ESP Spain
  • :SWE Sweden
  • :SUI Switzerland
  • :TUR Turkey
  • :UKR Ukraine
  • :GBR United Kingdom
  • :USA United States
  • :URU Uruguay



  • Alpine skiing (Indoor slope in Druskininkai)
  • Angling
  • Archery
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Chess
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey (demonstration)
  • Orienteering
  • Power-lifting
  • Shooting
  • Swimming
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis
  • Tourism sport
  • Volleyball
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