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Women's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

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dareza    438
2 minutes ago, CCB said:

Poule A - Japan, Netherlands, Dominican Rep, Germany, Cameroon, Cuba

Poule B - China, Italy, Korea, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico

Poule C - USA, Russia, Argentina, Thailand, Kazachstan, Kenya

Poule D - Serbia, Brazil, Turkey, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Trinidad


According to the Russian Volleyball Federation.

Poule A, B and C quite similar, poule D group of death!


I don't think it is group of dead. Serbia and Brazil are too strong for Azerbaijan, Turkey and Bulgaria.  Maybe it is group of dead for Trinidad :d

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dareza    438

Imo group A is very interesting. Dominican Republic will be really good next year. They have great players. Germany was bad this year, but no way that they will be bad like this next year. Cuba has very talented team. We will see next year.


C is weakest. Argentina with nice chance for next round :)

Edited by dareza

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Dunadan    65

The draw is tomorrow. Same system used for the men, so we have:


POOL A: Japan, Netherlands

POOL B: China, Italy

POOL C: USA, Russia

POOL D: Serbia, Brazil


POT 3: Dominican Republic, Korea, Argentina, Turkey

POT 4: Germany, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Bulgaria

POT 5: Cameroon, Canada, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan

POT 6: Cuba, Mexico, Kenya, Trinidad & Tobago



The 24 teams have been divided into four pools of six teams playing in a Round Robin system with the top four teams in each pool advancing to the second round. The 16 teams will be split into two pools of eight (Pool A and D four best teams in one group, and  Pool C and B four best teams in the other one).

The top three teams in each of the two second round pools will advance to the third round. The four winners will be placed in the two pools with the second and third-placed teams drawn. The round will consist of a Round Robin system with the top two teams in each pool advancing to the semifinals. A 5thrank match will take place on the same day as semifinals. The 103rd and last match of the tournament will be the final.

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dareza    438
1 hour ago, VolleyRuller96 said:

Well, Group C is definitely the weakest. The rest are pretty balanced.



I think that A is weakest :d

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