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Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2017

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uk12points    345
3 hours ago, dezbee2008 said:

Woo-hoo, here we go again. :USA will definitely make our way across the pond for the contest. Can't miss this for the world. :cheer:

Glad to have our friends from over the Atlantic with us and the 3rd continent!!

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uk12points    345
16 minutes ago, stefanbg said:

Bulgaria will participate!


15 minutes ago, africaboy said:

:ROU Romania is IN again ! Get ready for a wonderful song :):ROU

Welcome to the contest! :yes

@africaboy I've got high hopes now, maybe this could be Romania's year!

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Griff88    133

:INA is going to participate in its 2nd contest


(must look for Indonesian songs that I barely listened again... :p )

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