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Judo 2017 Discussion Thread

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dareza    463

Im still confused with new rules :dI'm watching GS in Paris now and it is a little strange :d but one rule that I like very much is that you can't win with one or two shido (only with 3) after regular time :)

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Gianlu33    596

Italian team for the Judo European Championship, I try to mark whit a * the possible medal chanches. See that Basile, gold medal in Rio2016, doesn't compete.


-60 kg DI LORETO Carmine Maria
-66 kg MEDVES Matteo
-73 kg CASAGLIA Leonardo
-73 kg GISMONDO Andrea
-81 kg MARCONCINI Matteo
-81 kg ESPOSITO Antonio
-90 kg MUNGAI Nicholas
-100 kg D’ARCO Vincenzo
-100 kg LOPORCHIO Giuliano


-48 kg MILANI Francesca
-52 kg GIUFFRIDA Odette *
-63 kg GWEND Edwige *
-70 kg PAISSONI Carola
-78 kg GALEONE Assunta
-78 kg FERRARI Valeria

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bestmen    571

what a miracle !!  Nadjib :ALG defeated    Jaballah :TUN if you remember this one was in the top 3 in the world ranking   :cool:





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