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Women's Ice Hockey Tournament at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

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hckosice    1,889

First Olympic participants

IIHF names refs, linesmen for PyeongChang 2018


The IIHF Council has confirmed the referees and linesmen who will officiate at the men’s and women’s ice hockey tournaments of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.


In total 47 on-ice officials from 13 different countries got the call for the 2018 Olympics.


The 12-team men’s tournament will be handled by 14 referees and 14 linesmen. The eight-team women’s tournament will be officiated by 10 referees and nine linesmen.


In numbers the list is led by the United States with seven on-ice officials followed by Finland and Sweden with six each. Canada, the Czech Republic and Switzerland will send five each to the Olympics.


Several of the on-ice officials have experience from Sochi 2014. Among the referees Antonin Jerabek and Konstantin Olenin have been part of the crew on Sochi 2014 while Nicole Hertrich and Aina Hove even bring in the experience of two Olympics and eight Women’s World Championships as they were also in Vancouver 2010. Also on the ice in Vancouver 2010 was Nikoleta Celarova, however, not as a referee but as a player for the Slovak women’s team.


For most of the referees and linesmen it will be the first Olympic Winter Games after several men’s and women’s World Championships under the belt. In total the officials combine for 134 World Championship participations. But everybody who performs well had the chance to make it as the example of French linesman Charlotte Girard shows, who hasn’t officiated at the Olympic or senior top-level Women’s World Championship before.


2018 Olympic women's ice hockey tournament
Referees     Linesmen  
Ariano-Lortie, Gabrielle  :CAN   Todd, Justine  :CAN
Hertrich, Nicole  :GER   Svobodova, Zuzana  :CZE
Hove, Aina  :NOR   Heikkinen, Jenni  :FIN
Fialova, Drahomira  :SUI   Tauriainen, Johanna  :FIN
Celarova, Nikoleta  :SVK   Girard, Charlotte  :FRA
Gran, Gabriella  :SWE   Linnek, Lisa  :GER
Timglas, Katarina  :SWE   Pagon, Natasa  :SLO
Allen, Dina  :USA   Johansson, Veronica  :SWE
Guay, Katie  :USA   Leclerc, Jessica  :USA
Szkola, Melissa  :USA      


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hckosice    1,889



December 2017 International Break




Russians impress in Finland

Host comes second in Olympic warm-up



Russia’s women tuned up for their Olympic campaign with victory in a five-nation Pre-Olympic tournament in Finland over the weekend.



Alexei Chistyakov’s team won three out of four games in Rauma, only losing out in a dead rubber against the host nation on the final day.

The Red Machine made short work of Sweden in its opening game, easing to a 4-1 victory after Valeria Pavlova scored twice in the first six minutes. Pavlova went on to finish with three goals in the tournament, second only to Sweden’s Hanna Olsson in the scoring charts.

Next, Chistyakov’s team recorded a 3-1 success over Germany before a tight battle against Japan was decided by Nina Pirogova’s second-period goal. The Finns, defeated by Sweden earlier in the competition, needed a regulation-time win over Germany to keep the tournament alive going into the final day’s play, but tied 2-2 before claiming a shootout success.


That didn’t stop the host picking itself up and blanking Russia in the final game of the tournament. A shutout from Noora Raty and a lively performance from the Finnish offence secured a 3-0 victory with goals from Michelle Karvinen, Linda Valimaki and Noora Tulus. That gave Finland second place overall, with Sweden one point further back in third. Germany’s shootout win over Japan helped to condemn the Japanese to last place in the group.


Olsson topped the scoring with 6 (4+2) points, ahead of Pavlova. Finland’s Jenni Hiirikoski also picked up four points, while Karvinen got three from just two games.


Olympic preparations will continue in December for Russia and Japan: the two nations are set to play a pair of exhibition matches in the Far East on 24 and 25 December.



Switzerland, inspired by goalie Florence Schelling, enjoyed an impressive victory in a Four Nations tournament in the Czech Republic.


The Swiss gave up just one goal in three games, with Schelling repelling 96.43% of the shots she faced as her team showed its strength ahead of February’s action in Korea.


Switzerland began with a 2-0 win over Norway thanks to goals from Alina Muller and Evelina Raselli. Three first period goals set up a 4-0 victory against France in the second game, and it wasn’t until early in the second period of game three that Schelling was finally beaten. Klara Hymlarova scored for the Czechs, but could not prevent a 3-1 loss. Muller finished the event with three goals from three games, Laura Benz had 1+2 and Phoebe Staenz contributed a trio of assists.


The other three nations, none of which will be involved in Korea, proved evenly matched and finished the tournament tied on three points. Norway enjoyed the biggest win, shooting down the Czechs 5-2 with Andrea Dalen contributing 1+2. But it also suffered a 3-1 loss against France, with Emmanuelle Passard scoring twice as the French recovered from losing an early goal.


The home team enjoyed its only victory of the event on the opening day, edging France 2-1. Alena Polenska snapped a 1-1 tie midway through the third period; Hymlarova had an assist on the winning goal.


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hckosice    1,889





  • Ann-Renée Desbiens (La Malbaie, Que./University of Wisconsin, WCHA),
  • Geneviève Lacasse (Kingston, Ont./Calgary, CWHL),
  • Shannon Szabados (Edmonton, Alberta)


  • Renata Fast (Burlington, Ont./Toronto, CWHL),
  • Laura Fortino (Hamilton, Ont./Markham, CWHL),
  • Brigette Lacquette (Mallard, Man./Calgary, CWHL),
  • Jocelyne Larocque (Ste. Anne, Man./Markham, CWHL),
  • Meaghan Mikkelson (St. Albert, Alta./Calgary, CWHL),
  • Lauriane Rougeau (Beaconsfield, Que./Montreal, CWHL)


  • Meghan Agosta (Ruthven, Ont.),
  • Bailey Bram (Ste. Anne, Man./Calgary, CWHL),
  • Emily Clark (Saskatoon, Sask./University of Wisconsin, WCHA),
  • Mélodie Daoust (Valleyfield, Que./Montreal, CWHL),
  • Haley Irwin (Thunder Bay, Ont./Calgary, CWHL),
  • Brianne Jenner (Oakville, Ont./Calgary, CWHL),
  • Rebecca Johnston (Sudbury, Ont./Calgary, CWHL)
  • Sarah Nurse (Hamilton, Ont./University of Wisconsin, WCHA),
  • Marie-Philip Poulin (Beauceville, Que./Montreal, CWHL),
  • Jillian Saulnier (Halifax/Calgary, CWHL),
  • Natalie Spooner (Scarborough, Ont./Toronto, CWHL),
  • Laura Stacey (Kleinburg, Ont./Markham, CWHL),
  • Blayre Turnbull (Stellarton, N.S./Calgary, CWHL),
  • Jennifer Wakefield (Pickering, Ont./Linköping HC, :SWE )

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hckosice    1,889





  • Nicole Hensley (Lindenwood University, CHA)
  • Alex Rigsby (Minnesota Whitecaps)
  • Maddie Rooney (University of Minnesota Duluth)


  • Lee Stecklein (University of MInnesota, WCHA)
  • Cayla Barnes (Boston College, HEA)
  • Megan Keller (Boston College, HEA)
  • Kali Flanagan (Boston Vollege, HEA)
  • Emily Pfalzer (Buffalo Beauts, NWHL)
  • Kacey Bellamy (Boston Pride, NWHL)
  • Sidney Morin (MODO Hockey, :SWE )


  • Monique Lamoureux-Morando (Minnesota Whitecaps)
  • Meghan Duggan (Boston Pride, NWHL)
  • Haley Skarupa (Boston Pride, NWHL)
  • Kelly Panek (University of Minnesota)
  • Brianna Decker (Boston Pride, NWHL)
  • Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson (Minnesota Whitecaps)
  • Gigi Marvin (Boston Pride, NWHL)
  • Hannah Brandt (Minnesota Whitecaps)
  • Hilary Knight (Boston Pride, NWHL)
  • Dani Cameranesi (University of Minnesota, WCHA)
  • Kendall Coyne (Minnesota Whitecaps)
  • Amanda Kessel (New York Riveters, NWHL)
  • Amanda Pelkey (Boston Pride, NWHL)

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Agger    397





  • Sara Grahn (Brynäs)
  • Sarah Berglind (Modo)
  • Minatsu Murase (AIK)


  • Emilia Ramboldt (Linköping)
  • Annie Svedin (Modo)
  • Johanna Olofsson (Modo)
  • Johanna Fällman (Luleå)
  • Maja Nylén Persson (Leksand)
  • Elin Lundberg (Leksand)
  • Emmy Alasalmi (AIK)


  • Anna Borgqvist (Brynäs)
  • Erica Udén Johansson (Brynäs)
  • Pernilla Winberg (Linköping)
  • Emma Nordin (Luleå)
  • Rebecca Stenberg (Luleå)
  • Erika Grahm (Modo)
  • Olivia Carlsson (Modo)
  • Hanna Olsson (Djurgården)
  • Maria Lindh (Djurgården)
  • Lisa Johansson (AIK)
  • Sara Hjalmarsson (AIK)
  • Sabina Küller (AIK)
  • Fanny Rask (HV 71)
Edited by Agger
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hckosice    1,889





  • Nana Fujimoto (Vortex Sapporo)
  • Mai Kondo (Mikage Gretz)
  • Akane Konishi (Seibu Princess Rabbits)


  • Mika Hori (Toyota Cygnus)
  • Akane Hosoyamada (DK Peregrine)
  • Shiori Koike (DK Peregrine)
  • Aoi Shiga (Obihiro Ladies)
  • Sena Suzuki (Seibu Princess Rabbits)
  • Aina Takeuchi (Daishin)
  • Ayaka Toko (Seibu Princess Rabbits)


  • Yurie Adachi (Seibu Princess Rabbits)
  • Moeko Fujimoto (Toyota Cygnus)
  • Tomomi Iwahara (Seibu Princess Rabbits)
  • Hanae Kubo (Seibu Princess Rabbits)
  • Ami Nakamura (Seibu Princess Rabbits)
  • Shoko Ono (Mikage Gretz)
  • Chiho Osawa (DK Peregrine)
  • Miho Shishiuchi (Toyota Cygnus)
  • Suzuka Taka (DK Peregrine)
  • Naho Terashima (Daishin)
  • Haruka Toko (Seibu Princess Rabbits)
  • Rui Ukita (Daishin)
  • Haruna Yoneyama (DK Peregrine)

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hckosice    1,889

Together on the ice

Unified Korea Olympic team set to play in PyeongChang



For the first time in Olympic history, a combined ice hockey team of South and North Korean players will compete together in the Olympic Winter Games.


The unified Korea team was confirmed on Saturday following a meeting between the IOC and a delegation of North and South Korean officials in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“This would have seemed impossible only a few weeks ago,” said IOC President Thomas Bach. “Today is a great moment for the Olympic Movement, because the Olympic spirit has brought us all together.”

“These great results could only be achieved with the enthusiastic cooperation of the Olympic Winter Sports Federations, in particular the International Ski Federation, the International Ice Hockey Federation, and the International Skating Union.”

For ice hockey, the IOC decided to allow the two National Olympic Committees, for the first time in their Olympic history, to form a unified team in a sport. This unified women’s ice hockey team will be created by adding 12 players and one official from the NOC of the DPRK to the existing ROK Olympic squad of 23 players. With respect to fair play and the other competing teams, only 22 players will be entitled to play in each game, as is the rule for all participating teams.

“For the first time in their Olympic history, the two Korean teams will unite to compete as one team in a sport," said Bach. "The unified women’s ice hockey team will be represented by the Korean Unification Flag and will compete as Korea, with the anthem being the song “Arirang” (a Korean folk song). This team will be a great symbol of the unifying power of Olympic sport.”

The head coach, responsible for the selection of the players, will be the ROK coach Sarah Murray. The head coach will at each match select at least three players from the NOC of the DPRK for the team.

The decision was welcomed by the International Ice Hockey Federation, which played a vital role to answer the sport-relevant questions regarding integration of the unified team into the women’s Olympic ice hockey tournament.

“The inclusion of North Korea players to the South Korean women’s ice hockey team marks a significant achievement for the Olympic ideal of peace through sport. It is an honour to have women’s ice hockey, one of the fastest-growing team sports in the world, as the platform for this unprecedented initiative between these two countries,” said IIHF President René Fasel.

At the request of the IOC, the IIHF evaluated the best method for the integration of North Korean players into the South Korean teams and made recommendations to the IOC and the delegations.

The NOC of DPRK will officially submit to the IIHF a list of players to be added to the Olympic squad at a later date. The two participating NOCs will also select the new uniform to represent the historic COR team.

“This initiative by North and South Korea offers a tremendous opportunity to use ice hockey, one of the core team sports of the Olympic Winter Games, as a tool to foster create new connections and develop closer bonds across the Korea Peninsula. The IIHF will work with all the participating teams to make sure this endeavor for peace through sport is a success.”


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Nate River    182

What a joke. How can you possibly integrate unknown players lesd than a month before the Olympics?

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hckosice    1,889





  • Janine Alder (St. Cloud State University, NCAA, :USA )
  • Andrea Brandli (EHC Schaffhausen)
  • Florence Schelling (Linkoping HC, :SWE )


  • Livia Altmann (Colgate University, NCAA, :USA )
  • Laura Benz (ZSC Lions Zurich)
  • Nicole Bullo (HC Lugano)
  • Nicole Gass (ZSC Lions Zurich)
  • Christine Meier (ZSC Lions Zurich)
  • Shannon Sigrist (ZSC Lions Zurich)
  • Stefanie Wetli (EHC Winterthur)
  • Sabrina Zollinger (HV71 Jonkoping, :SWE


  • Tess Allemann (Bomo Thun)
  • Sara Benz (ZSC Lions Zurich)
  • Sarah Forster (Bomo Thun)
  • Alina Muller (ZSC Lions Zurich)
  • Evelina Raselli (HC Lugano)
  • Lisa Ruedi (GCK Lions Zurich)
  • Dominique Ruegg (ZSC Lions Zurich)
  • Phoebe Staenz (SDE HF, :SWE )
  • Lara Stalder (Linkoping HC, :SWE )
  • Isabel Waidacher (ZSC Lions Zurich)
  • Monika Waidacher (ZSC Lions Zurich)
  • Nina Waidacher (ZSC Lions Zurich)


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hckosice    1,889





  • Meeri Raisanen (HPK Hameenlinna)
  • Noora Raty, (Kunlun Red Star Shenzhen, CWHL, :CHN )
  • Eveliina Suonpaa (Lukko Rauma)


  • Jenni Hiirikoski (Lulea HF, :SWE )
  • Mira Jalosuo (Karpat Oulu)
  • Rosa Lindstedt (HV71 Jonkoping, :SWE )
  • Isa Rahunen (Karpat Oulu)
  • Ronja Savolainen (Lulea HF, :SWE )
  • Minnamari Tuominen K-Espoo Blues)
  • Ella Viitasuo (K-Espoo Blues)


  • Sanni Hakala (HV71 Jonkoping, :SWE )
  • Venla Hovi (University of Manitoba, :CAN )
  • Michelle Karvinen (Lulea HF, :SWE )
  • Petra Nieminen (Team Kuortane)
  • Tanja Niskanen (KalPa Kuopio)
  • Emma Nuutinen (Mercyhurst University, :USA )
  • Annina Rajahuhta (Kunlun Red Star Shenzhen, CWHL, :CHN )
  • Saila Saari (Karpat Oulu)
  • Sara Sakkinen (Team Kuortane)
  • Susanna Tapani (Lukko Rauma)
  • Noora Tulus (Lulea HF, :SWE )
  • Riikka Valila (HV71 Jonkoping, :SWE )
  • Linda Valimaki (Ilves Tampere )

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hckosice    1,889

Crossing 38°N

North Korean players arrive to form unified team


Normally closed and heavily guarded, the intra-Korean border opened today for the 12 North Korean players who joined their South Korean colleagues to form a unified women's ice hockey team for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics.


The 2018 Olympic Winter Games will be joined by athletes from the northern part of the peninsula following the breakthrough discussions between the involved parties on Saturday. The athletes will march together at the opening and closing ceremonies with the unification flag and some individual athletes will compete and travel to PyeongChang 2018 later.


The most remarkable move, however, is to have a unified team in a team sport with athletes from the two Koreas that have been separated for over 60 years after the Korean War.


In women’s ice hockey the two teams are not far apart from each other also on the ice. The 23 players from the Republic of Korea (“South Korea”, 22nd in the 2017 IIHF Women’s World Ranking) will stay together but will be joined by 12 players from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (“North Korea”, 25th in the ranking) and be granted an exception to have 35 players on the tournament roster of the unified team.


However, the game-day roster will remain at 22 like for all teams in the tournament and according to the agreement at least three North Korean players will play in each game.


The joint team was first proposed at high-level inter-Korean talks between the administrations of the two countries on 9th January before reaching an agreement and working on the details that were approved and announced on Saturday in Lausanne, Switzerland, where the International Olympic Committee is headquartered following discussions on how to integrate the new players with the IOC and the IIHF.

In order to prepare for the historic team effort, the 12 players came to South Korea on Thursday and earlier than the other athletes. The delegation crossed the demilitarized zone around the 38th parallel north that divides the Korean peninsula near the cities of Kaesong and Paju. They were brought to Jincheon, about 90 kilometres south of Seoul where the South Korean players have been practising.

The 12 players crossed the border in apparel with the DPR Korea flag but will soon be equipped with new apparel for the unified Korean women’s team. The team will compete under the unification flag picturing the Korean peninsula and will have a different abbreviation (COR instead of KOR) in the Olympic women’s ice hockey tournament.


The delegation coming from the north were welcomed with flowers by their new Korean colleagues from the south, head coach Sarah Murray and Mongwon Chung, the President of the Korea Ice Hockey Association governing the sport in the south.


According to South Korean news agency Yonhap it was agreed that the players from the north and south will run separate practices before they will officially be joined together to practise as a unified team as of next week.


On 4th February the team will play an exhibition game against Sweden before starting the 2018 Olympic women’s ice hockey tournament on 10th February against Switzerland.


The full 35-player roster will be published at a later date.

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JoshMartini007    172

I can't find the article, but I remember reading that the coach was planning to use the North Korean players as fourth liners. I don't think that's fair, the North Korean women aren't that much worse than South Korea.

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