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Snowboarding 2016 - 2017 Discussion Thread

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hckosice    1,877
20 minutes ago, Gianlu33 said:

Congrats :p


See that the 15 years old Sadowski is in 9th place :woot: 


Well, this is "only" the qualifications, but still 96.0 points is huge ! and it´s not that there were some unknown names competing, there in fact all the best in the world actually competing, so wow. i know she is good, but 96.0 wow. respect Klaudia, very well done. thumbs up :cheer:



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hckosice    1,877

Brockhoff and Kearney secure win in nerve-racking Montafon snowboard cross opener

The Montafon SBX course provided some thriling heats - as always


Belle Brockhoff (AUS) and Hagen Kearney (USA) have triumphed in a thrilling and exciting snowboard cross World Cup opener staged at Montafon (AUT) today which delivered tons of moments which make boarder cross what it is – a stunning and unpredictable show.


Brockhoff, who had secured her first ever podium as third in the Silvretta Alps four years ago on the same slope, came out victorious of a tight battle in the women's final which featured several changes of the lead.


After a few back and forth manoeuvres the 23-year-old crossed the line first in a photo finish edging off Chloe Trespeuch (FRA) and Lindsey Jacobellis (USA) to the respective second and third rank. Last year's winner Nelly Moenne Loccoz had to settle for fourth.

However, the racer from down under had to play it smart to bring home her career's second:


I have seen how it was going over the last roller section, and I was just trying to stay on my board and wait for the right moment to make the move. I saw my opportunity over the jump and kind of went for it on the right side. That was a bit more flat so I had a bit more speed”, she said before adding:


The course has been challenging with the turns, that's were I had problems in the past. I had to stay patient as the most times I would just have gunned it which would make you lose speed. It's always learning. It was a fun day of racing.”


While Brockhoff had the right end of an exciting duel Chloe Trespeuch missed her second triumph by a blink of the eye. However, the reigning French champion was still OK with the result:

“I'm really happy with the race. We had a lot of action with the other girls. It's been a good day. It might have been bitter sweet being edged off so close but that's the game.”


Historic re-run brings career's first for Kearney


While the women got the podium decision done straight in their final, over in the men's event, it took Race Organisers two attempts to finally determine the winner.


After Omar Visintin had already started to celebrate a perfect start to the new season, riders and spectators at site got informed that the final heat had to be re-run due to a gate malfunction for Alex Pullin (AUS).


In the end, it was Hagen Kearney, who had never podiumed before, who had the best nerves and kept the momentum of his strong start performances also winning the hole shot in the re-run final – just like he did in all of his heats before – to finally bring home a small lead over Visintin and Pullin with 2016 X Games Gold medallist Jarryd Hughes (AUS) missing out the podium as fourth.


I know nobody really wanted to go back up there and race again, so I figured I had to have the edge on everybody. I wanted to do this again.


Every time is different. But today, I was full on and ready to go as much as I needed to. I knew it would be a top course to pass so I gave everything I had in the start,” said Kearney who had been pumped for his runner-up finish before the first time in history a snowboard cross big final had to be re-run.


In the second run of the finals, I knew they were going for the inside turns again, so I went even closer than in the first final where I got caught. I felt the heat, and that was it. I can't believe it. I just won, it's insane.”


While Kearney capitalised on the technical problems at the start which led to the re-start of the final heat, it was Omar Visintin coming off the wrong end losing the win he already had had in his hand.


When I came down the first final, I was so stoked and relieved. And then at the start of the re-run, I was the one who could only lose. That was hard. But I tried the best and I got second. That's OK. Hagen [Kearney] rode well, and he deserved a good result,” he said before adding:


If the gate opens later, it opens later. A re-run is just fair though. Now I'm second which is a good start to the season anyway. Back in 2014, when I won my World Cup title, I started the season with a runner-up finish, too. Maybe it's a good sign.”


At least a good sign, that riders were happy with the jury decision which was forced by the Australian team.


I got held in the gate but it was weird. I couldn't really tell if I was fully held, so I kept going in the run but I had the feeling that my start wasn't really good. When I came to the bottom I asked to see the start again but they already informed me that the coaches had asked for a re-run already as the gate didn't drop,” recalled Pullin the historical situation.


The second final was also tough as I went side by side with Hagen [Kearney] from the start. I let him take the low line and chased him into turn two and had a lot more speed. But then he closed the gap and then things got super close.


It was a course where you cannot think about what happens but you just have to go for it. I made the podium which is good, and I'm happy for Hagen [Kearney] and his first win. I'm happy to start the season with a podium,” the two-time world champion said.


With the ski cross specialists taking over the course on the Seebliga/Hochjoch tomorrow the snowboard cross athletes return to the scene for this season's first team event on Sunday December 18 at 12 PM CET with the finals starting at 1:25 PM CET.


The next stop of the snowboard cross World Cup tour is slated to take place in Solitude (USA), host of the 2019 sbx world championships races, where an individual race and a team event are on the agenda from January 19 to 22, 2017.



Full Results Women and Men



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hckosice    1,877

Kim and Burgener dominate high-class Copper Mountain halfpipe event

Patrick Burgener (SUI) celebrates his first win alongside 3rd ranked Chase Josey (USA) and 2nd rankd teammate Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI)


Chloe Kim (USA) and Patrick Burgener (SUI) have claimed victory in the 2016-17 season's first halfpipe World Cup event staged at the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix tour stop in Copper Mountain, CO.


Facing strong snow fall which made it hard for the boys to land five big hits in the Main Vein superpipe, Kim nailed her third podium and second win in her third World Cup appearance while Burgener earned his career's first in a super tight battle with his teammate Iouri Podladtchikov.


The 2014 Olympic Gold medallist from Switzerland had led the top-10 qualifiers after run 2 of the three-run, best one count final with a score of 96.00 before Burgener edged him off the top spot scoring a 96.25 as second to last to drop in stomping a run which included a frontside 1080, to cab 1080 double cork, frontside 900, backside 360 and the first ever switch backside double to finish things off.


“I never thought I could pull of the switch backside double 1080 here in this conditions. But I wanted to win, that was my wish. Being in the finals with four teammates gave me the power to win. It's crazy,” Burgener said.


The 22-year-old therefore ruined Podladtchikov's chance for a victory lap.

The 2013 world champion and last to drop in went all in but couldn't quite make it with a 95.75 finally finishing the event in the runner-up position – despite a 96.00 for his back-to-back 900's, back-to-back double corks and a final alley oop backside rodeo.


I mean I feel great. I can't believe Pat [Burgener] put that one down. It brought me in a weird position as I was getting ready to have a victory lap, and then I was 'oh'! But that was amazing. He sent it, he deserved it,” the man known as iPod lauded his friend.


Chase Josey rounded out the podium as third with a 93.75 and therefore as best of four US riders who had made the qualifier cut.


Kim with an incredible podium streak of three out of three


Podium Women HP WC Copper Mt with 3rd Xuetong Cai (CHN), 1st Chloe Kim (USA) and 2nd Jiayu Liu (CHN)


In the women's competition, Kim prevented a Chinese 1-2 punch with a strong performance in run 2 which consisted of a method to frontside 900, mctwist and back-to-back 720's and was awarded with a 95.50.


“I'm super stoked. I'm glad that I was able to put some runs down in these kind of snowy conditions. I had to make some adjustments to my run, and it's hard to mentally ignore the snow or the fact that your snowboard is going slower than it usually does,” Kim commented.


The 2016 Youth Olympic Winter Games double gold medallist relegated Jiayu Liu (91.00) and reigning world champion Xuetong Cai (89.25) to the respective second and third rank.


The snowboard freestyle World Cup tour continues with the finals of this season's fourth big air event which will take place in Copper Mountain tomorrow at 12:30 PM LOC (8:30 PM CET).



Full Results Women and Men



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hckosice    1,877

Podiuuum :champion::bounce:


after 3 slalom podiums of Petra Vlhová and Veronika Velez-Zuzulová SVK got 4th this season winter sports podium. Klaudia Medlová 3rd in snowboarding Big Air in Copper Mountains :clap:

Congrats Klaudia :cheer:

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hckosice    1,877

Ledecka and Sobolev triumph in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Andrey Sobolev (RUS, right) beats Roland Fischnaller (ITA) in a heartbeat final in the night parallel slalom Cortina d'Ampezzo


Ester Ledecka (CZE) and Andrey Sobolev (RUS) have claimed victory in the 2016-17 alpine snowboard World Cup tour's first parallel slalom which was staged in a single run format and under the lights in the famous ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo (ITA).


The Czech and the Russian racer, both dedicated with 2015 world championships titles, stepped up their game after losing the World Cup openers big finals two days ago therefore taking over the lead in the alpine snowboard overall World Cup ranking.


Ledecka, the only athlete to compete on both, the snowboard and alpine World Cup tour, held the upper hand in the women's final over Austrian racer Daniela Ulbing bringing home her career's seventh win.


“It was a great race, I really liked the course and the setting. This evening was magic. I'm happy that I was here, and winning was a great bonus,” she said with a smile.


Defeated Daniela Ulbing was also more than happy despite missing her first ever win due to a riding mistake. In the end, 18-year-old up-and-coming talent secured her career's best World Cup result with her first podium in her tenth appearance.


I'm very pleased with the race. Today, everything finally worked out - just like I wished. I'm super happy about my first podium. Maybe that's why I can't really say anything else,” the second-best qualifier stated.


Local favourite Nadya Ochner (ITA) did once again well on the Tondi slope adding a third rank to her last year's second place finish.


Sobolev with redemption


Over in the men's event, Sobolev edged off Italy's national hero and last year's second placed rider Roland Fischnaller to the runner-up position with the tiny mere of 0.08 seconds therefor celebrating the best possible redemption for his last year's performance when he had missed finals clearly as 29th:


“Today, I feel absolutely great. I really wanted to get redemption from last year. I did the best and won. I'm feeling great.”


And also Fischnaller – although beaten super close – had all reasons to feel great in front of a stellar home crowd as it was the 36-year-old veteran's 30th career podium finish:


“I'm very pleased with the result especially as it is my career's 30th. I did a small mistake in the transition to the flat, that's why I came in just a little bit too late to snatch the win. But that's OK, I'm pleased finishing on the podium.”


Carezza winner Benjamin Karl (AUT) rounded out the podium as third.


The alpine snowboard World Cup tour will now take a break over the festive season returning in Bad Gastein (AUT) on January 10 and 11, 2017, where the second parallel slalom and first parallel slalom team event are slated to take place.



Full results Women and Men




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dcro    2,857

You'd think it's hard to be the snowboarding champion and competitive alpine racer at the same time, but that's not hard for Ledecka apparently!

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hckosice    1,877
9 minutes ago, dcro said:

You'd think it's hard to be the snowboarding champion and competitive alpine racer at the same time, but that's not hard for Ledecka apparently!


oh it´s definitely not easy at all :d it´s just Ester is a crazy sports talent, I´m pretty sure she would be great in any sport she would hvae chosen, she is a pure natural talent :)

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hckosice    1,877

Anderson and Parrot claim season's first win in Copper Mtn big air


Jamie Anderson (USA) and Max Parrot (CAN) have topped the big air field at today's Toyota U.S. Grand Prix which hosted this season's fourth big air World Cup stop. It was the first time in more than eight years that a big air World Cup took place on slope and not on a scaffolding jump.


But with the riders in full kicker swing in this early season already, the Copper Mountain event became one to remember as riders were once again working hard to push the level of their sport.


Especially in the women's competition which not only had a front double 10 by Klaudia Medlova (SVK) but also the other girls dedicated to progression – including Jamie Anderson although the 2014 Olympic slopestyle Gold medallist went 'old-school' in the women's finals which took place ahead of the men's event and saw only four of the best six girls competing after Katie Ormerod (GBR) and Kjersti Buaas (NOR) had pulled out of the event.


Anderson landed a switch backside 540 and cab 720 to earn a 151.25 in the three-run, best two count format of the finals and walked away with her career's seventh World Cup win while still feeling a bit sad about losing the chance to really show what she can:


“It was a fun day today. I really wanted to do a front 10 today but I wasn't really flowin' with frontside so I went for cab 720 and switch back 5. I'm happy, and I'm grateful. The girls were absolutely killing it. You can tell that everyone is charging.”


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing


Enni Rukajarvi (FIN, 147.00) and best qualifier Klaudia Medlova (SVK, 146.50) rounded out the podium as second and third, respectively, with Julia Marino (USA) having to settle for fourth (136.75).


Parrot has it - again

Over in the men's event, it were riders from Canada who lived up to the expectations being the favourites for the win with Max Parrot standing out of a high-level competition bringing home his career's fourth.


The 22-year-old from Bromont, QC., impressed the judges with a high and well executed backside and frontside triple 1440 scoring a 188.75. Parrot therefore led a 1-2 punch for the Maple Leaves with Sebastien Toutant (176.00) taking second


Reigning slopestyle world champion Ryan Stassel came in third with a 167.50 preventing a Canadian podium sweep with Max Eberhardt (CAN, 159.50) in fourth position.


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling


However, over the last couple of days, it didn't look like Parrot would have his two tricks in store which finally earned him the win.


“I did the back triple 14 in my first run, a pretty easy trick for myself. But then I did the front triple 14, which is a trick which I had trouble with this week.


But actually yesterday I stomped it a couple of times, but I was always putting my hand down. So I'm really happy to put it down in the second run, without a hand down and pretty big.”


And given the fact that his teammate Seb Toots did stomp a cab 1620, a trick which Toutant proclaimed the “probably hardest trick today”, a slight hand drag could have cost Parrot his first rank prize money.


 As a result of this high-class battle, riders are already thinking of some new tricks while going into the festive season.


While Ryan Stassel put the switch backside 1620 on his agenda as he “wasn't feeling it today with all the flat light” and Klaudia Medlova still needs “to work on the front double 10 and some other tricks as the level of the girl's riding is improving fast”, Max Parrot is thinking, too – but not talking about it:


“There is always something in my mind but we still have to keep it under radar.”


The snowboard freestyle World Cup tour will come back after the turn of the year with this season's fifth big air World Cup slated to take place in Moscow (RUS) on January 7, 2017.



Full Results Women and Men


Klaudia Medlová 3rd Place




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hckosice    1,877

French and Spanish teams victorious at Team SBX Montafon

Podium women Team SBX Montafon WC


France's top women pair Nelly Moenne Loccoz and Chloe Trespeuch as well as Spanish racers Laro Herrero and Lucas Eguibar have clinched the win at this season's first team snowboard cross event staged at Montafon, Austria.


Facing superb weather conditions on a once again perfectly prepared boarder cross course, last year's winners of FRA1, who had both appeared in the single race final two days ago going home with a respective fourth and second rank, dominated the women's final in style and bringing home back-to-back wins in Montafon after Moenne Loccoz had successfully gunned for the hole shot and her teammate Trespeuch kept full control of the chasing pack.


It was the perfect redemption for Moenne Loccoz who had just missed out the women's podium last Friday as unlucky fourth:


“I'm really happy to win the team event. I was really disappointed after I finished fourth here two days ago. It's good to be back on the podium. We won here last year, and now we did it again. I guess nobody can catch us when racing together [smiles],” she said before adding:


“Seriously, I like the team event. You are more relaxed, and he pressure is on two not on you all alone.”

In a tight duel for second, Raffaella Brutto and Michaela Moioli prevented a French 1-2 punch as the two members of ITA1 just crossed the finish line ahead of FRA2 consisting of up-and-coming talents Manon Petit and Charlotte Bankes.


Spanish riders with historic triumph

In the men's competition, Spanish athletes of ESP1 Laro Herrero and Lucas Eguibar secured the first team sbx win for their home country in a nail-biting final with plenty of passing and changes of the lead.


Eguibar made the decisive move on Emanuel Perathoner (ITA) and Markus Schairer (AUT) who were battling for the first spot in a super close heat - which was the best proof why this thrilling format will be part of the 2017 wold championships in Spain for the first time next March - taking the inside line between turn three and four.


“I'm super happy. We have been working a lot during summer. On Friday, I was very unlucky crashing out in the eight finals. So today was the day for me,” described Eguibar who made his teammate Herrero very happy:


“It's amazing. It's my first World Cup win. Have this first place is just incredible.


We knew we would be fast as we saw this in the qualification for the individual competition. I'm good at the start, and Lucas is really good when he is chasing the others. So it's a perfect match.”


In the end, Perathoner and his ITA1 teammate Omar Visintin, yesterday's runner-up, secured the second rank ahead of USA2 with Alex Deibold and Nick Baumgartner who capitalised on a crash of Schairer (team AUT1) on the last metres of the home stretch.


The snowboard cross World Cup tour will now take a break over the festive season returning for its second stop in Solitude (USA), the host of the 2019 sbx world championships races, where one single and one team event will be staged from January 19 till 22, 2017.


Podium men Team SBX Montafon WC




Full Results Women and Men



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hckosice    1,877

again 3rd, what apitty for this last jump, if she landed it better she would have won..but ok, still huge result for her and us. her second this seasons podium :clap: Congrats babe :cheer:  and what a win for :GBR congrats :d

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