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Biathlon 2016 - 2017 Discussion Thread

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3 minutes ago, rybak said:

I know that he will be coach of our team already since two weeks, I don't know why IBU wrote about this just now :lol: I hope that he will do something and our girls will be good again or at least better than in finished season :)

Well he definitely deserved a move to a big team instead of an IBU Cup team, he has been doing a really great job.


It's just sad to see someone who is both a really nice guy and a really good coach leave all of a sudden, now we'll just have to wait and see who the Brazilians will be coached by. My guess is his assistent will take over, Mattias something (Nilsson?), but we'll see I guess. 


At least the Brazilians aren't focused on biathlon for the Olympic qualification.. 

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