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[OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2017

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bestmen    568



lol much 12 for Georgia  but Russia will win









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NikolaB    155

It was interesting night, hosts was very good. Acording to postcards Georgia is really beautiful country. 


It was a couple of good songs and my personal faves were Russia, Belarus, Italy and Georgia. And little girl from Albania was so cute. Satisfied with our result, tenth place is very good. 

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dezbee2008    152

Stream was blocked here in the US (I told them I would drop them if they went the same way Eurovision went with the streaming), but thankfully found another one.


  • Russia: Surprised Polina won. I knew she would do well, but not THAT well.
  • Georgia: Grigol could've scared all of us to a 4th win, but online voters say otherwise
  • Australia: I'm glad Isabella did well, "Speak Up" was a good song.
  • Netherlands: Surprised Fource got 4th place (get it, Fource, 4th) They were also my number 1
  • Belarus: I'm happy with Helena in 5th, I knew she would get top 5.
  • Armenia: Thank god Misha didn't as well as I had hoped, especially since I predicted him in my mind to win
  • Ukraine: Aww, I wanted Anastasiya to finish in the top 5, but this will do.
  • Poland: Deserved placing for Alicja, tho she sings beautifully
  • Malta: This pisses me off, Gianluca should've finished in the top 5.
  • Serbia: How Irina and Jana placed in the top 10 amazes me.
  • Italy: The only one to match my unwritten prediction. Congrats, Maria Iside
  • Macedonia: Why you gotta do my girl Mina like that?
  • Albania: Ana deserved better. Let's be real here.
  • Portugal: I know Mariana had some good intentions, but I felt like her song is meh tbh
  • Ireland: Muireann deserved a little better than 15th, people. Come on!
  • Cyprus: How is Nicole last? I mean her song isn't that great, but you can't shaft her like that.


Overall, it was alright, the hosting was good, it got great when Lizi Pop was celebrating with Grigol everytime he got a 12. Georgia is a beautiful country, definitely on my list of places to travel

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