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[OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2017

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Manulete    1

eurovision <3 


I hope this year will have a better level than last year (last year was a nice bunch a songs though) :d 

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Gianlu33    891

We have the 24 artist that will compete for represent Albania. The singers most famous are Smaja and Halimi (from Kosovo)


:ALB Albania :ALB

  • Albuna Jashari – “Fjalët ia lë zemrës”
  • Classic Boys -Dashuria për jetën”
  •  Dilan Reka- “Mos harro”
  • Edea Demaliaj- “Besoj në ëndrra”
  • Edona Vatoci- “Mirëmëngjës”
  •  Elson Braha-“Edhe një herë”
  •  Erlind Zeraliu- “Dhimbja e gëzimit
  •  Fabiola Agalliu &  Agnesa Çavolli -“Shkon e vjen”
  • Festina Mejzini- “Atje lart”
  •  Flaka Krelani- “S’dua t’flas”
  •  Franc Koruni – “Macka”
  •  Genc Salihu -“Këtu”
  •  Linda Halimi- “World”
  •  Linda Rukaj- “Vija e lumit”
  • Lorela- “Me ty”
  • LYNX- “Sot”
  • Luka & Serxhio Hajdini – “Koha plaket”
  •  Neki Emra -“Dashuri dhe urrejtje”
  •  Orges Toçe – “Shi diamantësh”
  •  Rezarta Smaja -“Pse prite gjatë”
  • Tiri -“Më zgjo”
  •  Yll Limani -“Shiu”
  •  XUXI- “Metropol”
  • Xhesika Polo- “Eva jam unë”

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rybak    452

Jana Burčeska will represent Macedonia in next year contest.

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rybak    452

:ESP Spanish candidates to represent their country in Kiev:

  • Romy Low - “In love”
  • Carmel - “Waiting for a better end”
  • Nito Solsona - “Luna”
  • Ivet Vidal - “Do you want me”
  • Detergente Líquido - “131 bpm”
  • E-Twins - “Chica del vestido rojo”
  • Wildback - “Noches de verano”
  • Iranzo Iranzinix - “Bye te digo”
  • Paradise Phantoms - “Madrifornia”
  • Ander y Rossi - “Ahora soy yo”
  • Alicia Nurho Band - “Under the light”
  • Ektor Pan - “Perfect storm”
  • Gio - “Vuelve a mí”
  • Íñigo - “Hoy es por mí”
  • Rebeca Moss - “Volveré por ti”
  • Nieves Hidalgo - “Esclava”
  • Milena - “Momento”
  • Stvrkid feat.Silence of the Wolves - “Sparkling lights”
  • Brequette - “No enemy”
  • Javián - “No somos héroes”
  • Javi Soleil - “Alas mojadas”
  • Padre Damián - “Thousand suns”
  • Shannel - “Bailando”
  • Pedro Elipe - “Del dolor”
  • Fruela - “Live it up”
  • Nicky Triphook - “Daddy’s little girl”
  • Jon Josdi - “Donde estabas tú”
  • Leklein - “Ouch!!”
  • Dani J - “Sin ti”
  • Lem Baquero - “Hard to love you”

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rybak    452

And here are :SWE Swedish candidates (Will be four semifinals of Melodifestivalen)


Adrijana - Amare (Martin Tjärnberg, Adrijana Krasniqi)
Boris René - Her Kiss (Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren)
Nano - Hold On (Nano Omar, Gino Yonan, Ayak, Carl Rydén, Christoffer Belaieff, Rikard de Bruin, David Francis Jackson)
Charlotte Perrelli - Mitt liv (Charlotte Perrelli, Lars Hägglund)
Dinah Nah - One More Night (Thomas G:son, Jimmy Jansson, Dinah Nah, Dr Alban)
De Vet Du - Road Trip (Johan Gunterberg, Christopher Martland)
Ace Wilder - Wild Child (Peter Boström, Thomas G:son, Ace Wilder)


Mariette - A Million Years (Thomas G:son, Johanna Jansson, Peter Boström, Mariette Hansson, Jenny Hansson)
Benjamin Ingrosso - Good Loovin' (Benjamin Ingrosso, Louis Schoorl, Matt Pardon, MAG)
Dismissed - Hearts Align (Ola Salo, Peter Kvint)
Roger Pontare - Himmel och hav (Thomas G:son, Alexzandra Wickman)
Lisa Ajax - I Don’t Give A (Ola Svensson, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, Anton Hård af Segerstad)
Etzia - Up (Johnny Sanchez, Hanif Sabzevari, Simon Gribbe, Erica Haylett
Allyawan - Vart haru varit (Masse Salazar, Samuel Nazari)


Owe Thörnqvist - Boogieman Blues (Owe Thörnqvist)
Bella & Filippa - Crucified (Peter Hägerås, Mats Frisell, Jakob Stadell, Filippa Frisell, Isabella Snihs)
The Fooo Conspiracy - Gotta Thing (Robert ”Mutt” Lange, Tony Nilsson)
Jasmine Kara - Gravity (Anderz Wrethov, Jasmine Kara)
Robin Bengtsson - I Can’t Go On (David Kreuger, Hamed ”K-One” Pirouzpanah, Robin Stjernberg)
Anton Hagman - Kiss You Goodbye (Christian Fast, Tim Schou, Henrik Nordenback)

Krista Siegfrids - Snurra min jord (Krista Siegfrids, Gustaf Svenungsson, Magnus Wallin, Gabriel Alares)

Wiktoria - As I Lay Me Down (Justin Forrest, Jonas Wallin, Lauren Dyson)
Les Gordons - Bound To Fall (Jonatan Renström, Albert Björliden, Andreas Persson, Carl Ragnemyr, David Runebjörk, Jimmy Jansson)
Sara Varga & Juha Mulari - Du får inte ändra på mig (Sara Varga, Lars Hägglund)
Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia - En värld full av strider (Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Sara Biglert, Christian Schneider, Andreas Hedlund)
Axel Schylström - När ingen ser (Behshad Ashnai, Axel Schylström, David Strääf)
Alice - Running with Lions (Anderz Wrethov, Andreas ”Stone” Johansson, Denniz Jamm, Alice Svensson)
Loreen - Statements (Anton Hård af Segerstad, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Loreen)

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rybak    452

Esma Redžepova who represented Macedonia in Eurovision 2013 with the song “Pred da se razdeni” has died at age 73 in the Macedonian capital, Skopje. She was known as a legendary romani queen in the Balkan region. She was taken to the hospital after suffering a lung infection in November but later sent to home treatment. Finally it’s revealed that the infection caused a fatal disease.

Esma had a worldwide reputation with 50 year-experience. She performed in 30 countries more than 12.000 times. She recorded about 1.000 songs that she wrote herself.



RIP :(

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OlympicIRL    981
10 hours ago, rybak said:

Brendan Murray will be representing Ireland.


Much better choice than many previous years. But it won't matter unless they give him a good song. 

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rybak    452

And we have first song of upcoming contest! From :ALB Albania


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