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Rugby Discussion Thread

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De_Gambassi    214
Il y a 10 heures , OlympicIRL a déclaré:


Oh come on, a Welsh man is definitely not going to be biased towards the English, if anything it would be quite the opposite :p.



Welsh, Irish, Scottish, English from our perspective they are only cosmetic differences when it comes to rugby (and specially refeering). I wouldn't surprise if more than half of the rugby followers here believe than Nigel Owens is actually english :lol:

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De_Gambassi    214
Il y a 1 heure , heywoodu a déclaré:

It's rather unfortunate that a referee from country X gets a match in which his country will go to the World Cup with a certain result and right in that match he has a bad day and right in that bad day, that results in the specific result needed for his own country to qualify. Rugby Europe's president being Romanian as well is just another unfortunate situation in all of this. 


Imagine the group phase of the FIFA World Cup:


Team A

Team B

Team C

Team D


In the last set of matches, team C plays against team D and the result of that has a direct influence on team B qualifying for the knock-out phase (as in, team C winning means team B qualifies). Not even FIFA would appoint a referee from the nation of team B for that match, that would have corruption smell out of every side and rightly so. 


No, this was awful. A huge scandal. 


Unfortunate is the word (whithout irony) . Rugby Europe is a rather amateur organization which have done quite a poor job at developping its owns competitions for years (they don't run SIx Nations nor the european clubs cups). It's more likely than they have made a piss poor decision one more time than antyting else.


It's even more likely considering that

- The - promising - career of the romanian referee is probably over now

- Romania would still have stood a decent chance to make the RWC with the repechage tournaments

- RE appointed a french ref for the Spain-Romania game when 2/3 of the spanish squad is actually french born.


Occam's razor always.

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vlad    56

For the first time in the history Romania will miss World Cup. International federation excluded Romania from WC because we used a player which played in 2013 for Tonga. Sione Faka'osilea played for Tonga in Rugby Sevens World Series 2013. Same situation for Spain and Belgium. Now Russia is qualified directly to Tokyo and Germany will play play-off. I don't understand why we've been excluded because Rugby Sevens and Rugby are two different sports basically. 

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heywoodu    2,373
Posted (edited)

Sounds rather lucky for World Rugby (or whoever was in charge) that this ineligible player situation came up, now they don't really need to deal with the situation around the Romanian referee in charge of a match which had direct influence on Romania's chances to qualify.. 


Edit: Apparently they did make a statement about this, which really leaves nothing to the imagination about the referee.



'World Rugby pointed to the analysis of the referee’s performance carried out after the game (such an analysis is carried out with all international referees) which suggested that the referee’s performance had been poor, not up to usual standards, and had focussed on refereeing one team and ignoring the other.'


Edited by heywoodu

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NaBUru38    18

In the Pro14 final, Leinster defeated Scarlets.

In the English Premiership final, Saracens defeated Exeter Chiefs.

In the French Top 14 semifinals, Castres defeated Racing 92, and Montpellier defeated Lyon Olympique Universitaire.

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NaBUru38    18

Last weekend, Wales defeated South Africa by 2 points.


Next weekend:

New Zealand vs France (at Auckland)
Australia vs Ireland (at Brisbane)
South Africa vs England (at Johannesburg)
Argentina vs Wales (at San Juan)
Japan vs Italy (at Oita)
Canada vs Scotland (at Edmonton)
United States vs Russia (at Denver)
Fiji vs Samoa (at Suva)
Tonga vs Georgia (at Suva, Fiji)

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Dragon    207

World men's Rugby Rankings 18 June 2016

1 :NZL


3 :WAL

4 :AUS

5 :RSA

6 :ENG

7 :SCO

8 :FRA

9 :FIJ

10 :ARG


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