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United States National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

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Rdbc    25
Posted (edited)

:USA Road to Tokyo 2020 United States :USA

July 1st, 2018  




Basketball (Men) -  2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualification (Americas)

:USA USA 93 - 62 Cuba :CUB

La Habana (CUB) - Group C

For more information on this game and how it ties to qualification look below. 




How does this help us qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics?

In order to qualify we must be one of the top 2 Americas teams at the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup

2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup

In order to qualify we must be one of the top 7 teams at 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualification (Americas)


2019 FIBA World Cup Qualification (Americas)

:USA USA 93 - 62 Cuba :CUB

Thank goodness we won this game and didn't get beat like we did against Mexico on Thursday. At the end of the first quarter we were down 28-24, but in the second and third quarter we score a bunch of points 26-9 in the second and 24-9 in the third. We had quite an even spread of points between our players with two players getting 16 points and six players getting 10 points. This win and game finalizes our group C games and now we head to the second round.


Group C Final Results:



Who will join us in the Second Round (Group E)?





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Rdbc    25
Posted (edited)

:USA  Week in Summer #10 - United States  :USA

June 4th - July 1st


NOTE: Happy I got this post out along with the Road to Tokyo ones this week, go check those out if you haven't yet. Still been working away on my spreadsheet, I've been reformating it to make more sense but it's a lot of work but fun! 



No Archery news last week, the 4th stage of the Archery World Cup is coming up in July and in August is the Pan American Championship!




Mongolia International Series 2018

Men's Singles 


This is the first time Christopher Kan is competing at an event in Singles, or at least thats what the BWF website says. Sadly he lost first round but still good to get some experience!


Women's Singles


Iris Wang was able to win the first round against Kherlen Darkhanbaatar (what a last name) and advanced to the second round where she beat I Kuan Ao. Sadly Iris lost to Chaasinee Korepap in the Quarter finals. But hopefully this will improve her world ranking above 585 where she is at right now.


Peru International 2018

Men's Singles

Enrico Asuncion


Enrico Asuncion lost to Kevin Cordon in the first round. In Men's Singles Enrico is currently ranked 1,309th at age 19. 


Timothy Lam


Timothy Lam was able to beat Enzo Sugiura from Brazil in the first round but lost to Osleni Guerrero of Cuba in the second round. Timothy is currently ranked 363rd in the World Rankings at age 20 moving up from 419th after this tournament.


Women's Singles

Isabelle Rusli


Sadly Isabelle lost first round against Mariana Isabel Paiz Quan. Isabelle is currently ranked 246th in the World for Women's Singles!


Disha Gupta


Disha got a first round bye and ended up beating Mariana Ugalde from Mexico in the second round. In the quarter finals she faced off against Femanda Saponara Rivva and beat her aswell. Although in the semi finals she lost to Taymara. Disha Gupta is currently ranked 113th in the World Rankings for Women's Singles!


Crystal Pan


Crystal Pan (a name I actually recognize) played in this tournament and got a first round bye! In the second round she beat Nikte which allowed her to advance to the quarter finals where she beat Maria Delia Zambrano. In the semi finals she beat Fabiana Silva from Brazil and in the finals she won against Taymara who beat Disha Gupta another USA competitor. Crystal Pan is currently ranked 119th in Women's Singles World Ranking. 


Women's Singles Podium






Road to Tokyo Post





2018 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup - Stage 2

Krakow, Poland




K1 - Heats



Tyler was not able to make it out of the Heat Stage


C1 - Final


Casey was able to make it to the finals and place in 7th place!




K1 - Heats



Both Sage and Ashley did not advance to the Semi Finals.


C1 - Heats 


We had Harriet and Sage compete in the C1 but sadly they did not advance to the Semi Finals. 





No cycling last week





2018 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League




Final Round Group Stage


We were surprisingly ranked 1st in our group beating Turkey 3-2 and Serbia 3-0! This means we would go against the 2nd ranked team in Pool A.


Final Round Final Four


In the Semifinals we beat China 3-1 and in the final beat Turkey 3-2! Which means we are the first time winner of the FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League inaugural season which is amazing!






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Rdbc    25

:USA  Week in Summer #11 - United States  :USA

July 1st - July 8th


NOTE: Still pumping away on my spreadsheet so I can include more sports in these posts and more detail. Everyday I find new information to add and such. Some of the qualification documents are a bit confusing to understand but I'm trying to get through it! See you next week!



No Archery news last week, the 4th stage of the Archery World Cup is July 16th - 22nd in Berlin, Germany!




Blibli Indonesia Open 2018


Women's Singles


Beiwen Zhang sadly got upset first round against Aya Ohori. This is Beiwen's first ever loss to Aya as the past 3 times they have met Beiwen has come out victorious. This loss only dropped her World Tour Ranking from 3rd to 9th. 


Women's Doubles


Ariel and Sydney Lee got badly beaten by Jongkolphan and Rawinda. This result is not very surprising though as the Thailand women are ranked 6th in the world for Women's Doubles





Coaches Announced for USA Basketball Men's National Team Minicamp in Las Vegas on July 25th - 27th. 





2018 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup - Stage 3

Augsburg, Germany


C1 Men - Heats



Sadly none of the US Men made it out of the Heat Stage


K1 Men - Heats






M. Smolen was the only Man to make it out of the K1 Men Heat Stage!


K1 Men - Semis


Sadly Smolen was not able to make it to the Finals


C1 Women - Heats


Rollins was not able to make it out of the Heat Stage


K1 Women - Heats



Nee was also not able to make it out of the Heat Stage





No cycling last week (will add Tour de France when it finishes and it will be at the corresponding Week in Summer)






2018 FIVB Volleyball Men's Nations League



Final Round Group Stage


We were able to get ranked 2nd after beating Poland 3-0 but loosing to Russia 0-3. 


Final Four


In the Semifinals we got matched against France where we lost a close match 2-3. In the 3rd place match we beat Brazil 3-0! This bronze medal sets us up well going into the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship later this year! 


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Olympian1010    114

For this week I would like to add that Ashima Shiraishi made it to the finals at the IFSC Climbing World Cup event in Villars, where she took 8th. Kai Lightner also made the semifinals on the men’s side. Michael Finn-Henry also made it to the 1/8 Finals in the Speed event. 

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Rdbc    25

:USA  Week in Summer #12 - United States  :USA

July 8th - July 15th


NOTE: What a week for United States Olympic Sports! I know I'm missing some stuff but this took me a very long time (mainly importing the photos). Still kicking away at my spreadsheet and trying to understand Qualification Systems etc. Woohoo for our win in Volleyball and Athletics this week! 



No archery events last week, but the Archery World Cup - Stage 4 | Berlin goes through July 16th to July 22nd. The US Recurve Men include Brady Ellison, Matthew Requa, Jack Williams, Alex Bourdage. The US Recurve Women include Mackenzie Brown, Amy Jung, Erin Mickelberry, Khatuna Lorig. According to the World Archery website Brady Ellison is not yet safe for Samsun (World Cup

Final) and will likely need a top eight finish in Berlin to make his ninth consecutive World Cup Final. 




Athletics World Cup

The inaugural Athletics World Cup was held in London this past week and USA was able to come out in 1st place with 2019 points and winning $450,000! Eight nations competed which were China, France, Germany, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Jamaica, Poland, South Africa, and United States.


100 Meters - Men


Kendal Williams was only 0.03 away from taking home the gold but nonetheless great effort by him!


100 Meters - Women


Ashley Henderson was able to beat Olympic Champion Elaine Thompson in a very close race!


200 Meters - Men


Ameer Webb was able to get 3rd place in the Men's 200 Meters


200 Meters - Women


Jenna Prandini snatched a 2nd place in the Women's 200 Meters!


400 Meters - Men


Great race for Paul Dedewo finishing in 1st place!


400 Meters - Women


Courtney Okolo finished in 5th place


800 Meters - Men


Clayton Murphy did a great job getting 1st place in the Men's 800 Meters!


800 Meters - Women


Giving us more points Raevyn Rogers was able to get 1st place!


1500 Meters - Men


Not his best race but Izaic Yorks was still able to finish in 4th place!


1500 Meters - Women


Rachel Schneider was able to get us a silver and she ran her Season Best!


110 Meter Hurdles - Men


Devon Allen gave us a bronze and got 3rd place with a time of 13.36!


100 Meter Hurdles - Women


Queen Harrison gave us another bronze with a time of 12.99


400 Meter Hurdles - Men


Kenny Selmon gave us GOLD and won the 400 Meter Hurdles!


400 Meter Hurdles - Women


Kymber Payne didn't have the best race but stayed close with 3rd and 4th place but ended up getting 5th.


High Jump - Men


Jeron Robinson won the high jump with a 2.30!


High Jump - Women


Vashti Cunningham was able to win the high jump with a gold!


Pole Vault - Men


Great win by Sam Kendricks with a score of 5.83!


Pole Vault - Women


Lot's of PB and SB for the women but Katie Nageotte was able to pick up silver!


Long Jump - Men


Zack Bazile was able to jump a 8.30 giving him the silver medal!


Long Jump - Women


Quanesha Burks was able to jump her was to 2nd with a 6.48!


Triple Jump - Men


Donald Scott triple jumped his way to silver with 16.73!


Triple Jump - Women


Keturah Orji was able to pick up 14.60 moving her to 2nd place!


Shot Put - Men


Nice job Darrell Hill getting 2nd place!


Shot Put - Women


Maggie Ewen ended up getting bronze with a score of 18.23!


Discus Throw - Men


Reggie Jager got 5th place in the Discus Throw


Discus Throw - Women



Discus Throw - Women


Valarie Allman ended up getting 3rd place!


4x100 and 4x400 - Men & Women

We ended up getting gold in both of these events for our Women and our Men!


Medal Table






Toyota Thailand Open 2018


Women's Singles


Beiwen Zhang got matched up against Ying Li Chiang in the 1st round and beat her 2-0 (21-15, 21-14). In the 2nd round she got matched up against Dinar Dyah Ayustine and beat her 2-1. In the Quarterfinals she faced Akane Yamaguchi and beat her 2-1! Sadly in the Semi Finals Beiwen lost to Nozomi Okurhara 0-2. This didn't affect her World Ranking (12th) but did affect her World Tour Ranking moving her down 1 spot to 11th place.


Women's Doubles


Ariel Lee and Sydney Lee got beat first round pretty badly, but their ranking has been on a steady incline in both the World Ranking and World Tour Ranking (50th WR) (28th WTR)


Men's Doubles


Just like Ariel and Sydney, Phillip and Ryan Chew got beat 1st round against Xuanui and Ren but they did better than Ariel and Sydney. Sadly this brough them down 1 rating in both the World Ranking

and World Tour Ranking as they are now rank 51st for both.





FINA Diving Grand Prix 2018 #3 Bolzano (ITA)


3m Synchronized - Men


Greg Duncan and Grayson Campbell were able to pull out a 3rd place bronze for us in the Grand Prix!


3m Springboard - Women


Brooke Schultz was able to get 3rd place meanwhile Alison Gibson placed 6th.


10m Platform - Men


Jacob Cornish got a silver in the Grand Prix!


10m Synchronized - Women


Nice job Olivia and Katrina on getting the bronze for us in the Grand Prix stage 3!






2018 Wimbledon Championships


Women's Singles - Serena Williams


In Section 7 Serena was able to get past A Rus, V Tomova, K Mladenovic, and E Rodina!



In the Finals bracket Serena made her way past Camila Giorgi and Julia Gorges before falling to Angelique Kerber in the Finals





2018 Women's Pan-American Volleyball Cup



We started off strong with a 3-1 win over Trinidad and Tobago. But our next match didn't go over so smoothly as we lost to Cuba 2-3 which put us in a tough spot as we needed a win over Puerto Rico to get back our 1st place. We ended up beating Puerto Rico 3-0 allowing us to get to 1st place in the group!



In the Quarterfinals we beat Colombia 3-0 which now allowed us to qualify for the Pan American Games! In the Semifinals we faced a bit of a harder match up against Canada but beat them 3-1. Finally in the Final game we beat the Dominican Republic 3-2! 

This was our 6th Pan American Cup win and we were able to defend our previous Gold in 2017! Let's hope 2019 goes smoothly aswell!




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