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[OFF TOPIC] General Chat

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Agger    136

I just read these comments about the attack in Bruxelles, and just want to make a comment.


Even though it is terrible what is happening (I do know a couple of people down in Bruxelles), we're still living in a world (at least Western Europe) where terrorism isn't and shouldn't be a part of everyday life. Just look at the 70's and 80's. These were much more dangerous times. Yes we're threatened by terrorists (mainly islamic, but also both left- and right-wing extremists) and these attacks most likely aren't the last ones to be planned, but in Western Europe we've only had 2 years with more than 100 casualties from terrorism on Western European soil since 1994 (both being because of single attacks (Madrid and Paris). This happened every single year between 1971 and 1992. I am not saying that we should take lightly on the threat, but if these very few attacks means that we drastically change both lifestyles and politics, we've taken them one step towards victory or at least our loss

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heywoodu    1,114
21 hours ago, dcro said:

Not yet, but you can see the candidates here http://portlandflag.org/2015/06/09/23-finalists-for-new-fiji-flag/


All of them are much better than the current one.

48 is just a weird adaption of the CZE flag :d 


43 and 44 are clearly inspired by Tokelau, 49 and 50 are way too "Palau-ish", 42 and the others with that brown thing are horribly boring, 35 is way too different.


My choices:





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Gianlu33    376
Just now, heywoodu said:

How's the life in Italy? :p 

Hum,  good.  Whit a lot of trash television now :lol:

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