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[OFF TOPIC] General Chat

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Finnator123    28
On 6.12.2016 at 14:37, dcro said:

Well, from what I heard, Finland might get one cool present from Norway for its 100th birthday next year. :p

It's not looking good anymore... when comes to that gift from Norway

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bestmen    447

UFO in live it's real by NASA  :yikes:


it's in live so you can see the comments of people here


Edited by bestmen

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Federer91    183

Here we go again.......


A truck ran into a Christmas market Monday evening in a major public square in Berlin, killing nine people and injuring at least 50 others, police said.


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Pavlo    39

what a nightmare, Pakistani this time...he killed Polish driver


this is this reward for open arms? for helping "refugees", really nice, thx


Luckily Poland is more cautious and quite safe (for now). Have you heard of some Pole / Swede killing some people in Arabic countries? Retoric question - they are even killing each other, all in the name of "god". The idea of "gods" is totally strange for me, world without them would be a much better place, i think so since i was a kid.


Again one-sided slaughter, i won`t mention Turkey and Jordan, sincere congrats to arabic world, really

Edited by Pavlo

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