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Summer Olympic Games 2020 Qualification Systems

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dcro    2,876
6 hours ago, Nate River said:

Isn’t there always a bunch of confusion over how qualification actually works for Canoeing? I feel like the Wikipedia page always ends up having a couple errors.


That's mainly because of ICF's poor communication though. Not only do they not give any qualification updates, but often they also don't publish results of continental regattas for months.

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Sindo    211
7 hours ago, dcro said:

I wonder if ICF plans to continue their proud tradition of not publishing qualification updates whatsoever. :rolleyes:


I remember that at least ICF was the first federation to publish the qualification system for Rio 2016 :d


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Benolympique    83

it's still odd that these trainings do not publish the qualifications, while all others have dates from mid-March.

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Edvid    5

Seeing as the IOC may give an update on AIBA's position w.r.t. Tokyo 2020 today...


There's still no news of late on the boxing QS, but page 2 of this PDF document may be of interest:



I am glad to inform you that this edition of the EUBC Women’s European Championships will be a qualifying event for the 2019 European Games in Minsk and the top ten (10) ranked boxers in 5 weight categories (51 kg, 57 kg, 60 kg, 69 kg and 75 kg) will obtain the quota places for the participation in this important Continental event.


Three of those are existing Olympic categories, so this might be a prelude to the women's side of the 2020 QS.

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