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The World Games 2017

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hckosice    998
On 28. 10. 2016 at 17:54, hckosice said:

4quotas/4available quotas in womens kickboxing for :SVK:clap:


now, let´s hope they will not be the our whole team for the games, and we´ll manage to qualify some other athlete(s)


Apparently we switched one kickboxing womens quota for mens -71kg. http://www.theworldgames.org/editions/Wroclaw-POL-2017-4/qualifications


And looks we will have athletes competing in 5 sports. (1 couple in Latin Dance, in Rock n´Roll and in Standard Dance), 2 girls in Karate (-61kg and +68kg Kumite), 4 Kickboxing (-52kg, -60kg, -65kg W and -71kg M), 2 in Indoor Rowing (Both in Open 2000m) and 1 in Waterski (Men´s Slalom)

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Agger    197

Should be some pretty good games for Denmark.

Bowling, archery, ju-jitsu, karate, speedway and orienteering should all be potential medals.

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Gianlu33    501

Like every editions Italian objective is win the general medal table, so let's hope :fingers: We win the medal table since 2009 and we are 1st in historycal medal table, c'mon Azzurri!

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hckosice    998


17 Athletes (7 M + 10 W)


Boules Sports


  • Veronika OBROČNÍKOVÁ  (Raffa Singles, Raffa Doubles)
  • Svetlana KYSEĽOVÁ  (Raffa Singles, Raffa Doubles)




  • Ingrida SUCHÁNKOVÁ  (Kumite -61kg)
  • Dominika TATÁROVÁ (Kumite +68kg)




  • Miroslav SMOLÁR  (K1 -71kg)


  • Monika CHOCHLÍKOVÁ  (K1 -52kg)
  • Lucia CMÁROVÁ (K1 -60kg)
  • Veronika CMÁROVÁ (K1 -65kg)


Dance Sports

Mixed Pairs

  • Adriána DINDOFFEROVÁ/Ľubomír MICK  (Standard)
  • Lucia KRNČANOVÁ/Jiří HEIN  (Latin)
  • Andrea HRUŠKOVÁ/Filip KOČIŠ (Rock 'n' Roll)


Water Skiing


  • Martin BARTALSKÝ  (Slalom)


Indoor Rowing


  • Anton GRASSL  (Openweight 2000m)
  • Jozef PAVLICA  (Openweight 2000m)



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