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[OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

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dcro    1,623

And here are a couple of pics from a more recent trip (September 2017) to a mountainous area nearby... :)



















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leli.    47

It looks like a very interesting and funny place @dcro!




Btw, last days from a huge fog to a nice sunset on the Alps:








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Bohemia    196

I think I had never seen that much snow here. Too bad it only stayed like on the pictures below for like 2 hours and then it started to melt a little bit (but it still covers the grass and if we're lucky there will be snow tomorrow too):












At work I had like 15 minutes available during my lunch break to go outside so I took a few pictures and enjoyed the sound of the snow under my feet (love this sound):


Great weather to eat outside obviously :d Want some ice cream?





There's this kind of cabin at work, with the snow it looked like I was in the French Alps and not in the North West of France :lol: 








Voilà! Sorry for the spam :lol: 

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leli.    47

Meanwhile, here




I haven't seen snow this year basically :(

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leli.    47


(it actually rains today)




Btw the tallest tower is 121 meters and was built on a Church made by the architect Antonelli (the one who also made the more famous Mole Antonelliana in Turin). On its top, there's the Saviour's statue (almost 5 meters tall) but it's no more the original one (that now is inside the Church) that was realized in 1878, it is a new one and they put it up there using an helicopter in the '90s. 

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AlFHg    26



This photo is not mine, but I wanted to share it with you anyway :d it never snows where I'm living, probably the third times in 30 years, so it's strange (and wonderful) to see our Royal Palace covered with snow :d 

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