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Track Cycling UCI Junior World Championships 2018

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OlympicsFan    231
vor 18 Stunden schrieb Dunadan:

Today was the last day, for the medal summary and medal table see Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_UCI_Junior_Track_Cycling_World_Championships

Lea Sophie Friedrich won all 4 sprint events, she's the third girl in history to complete this sweep in the same year (Voinova and Shmeleva were the first two).


Aigle will also host the Junior and u23 European Championships, starting on Tuesday: http://www.uec.ch/en/event/83/2018-uec-track-juniors-under-23-european-championships



About Friedrich sweeping the sprint events: Emma Hinze would have done the same in 2015 if her teammate Pauline Grabosch wouldnt have won the 500 m time trial in a junior world record time, 0.07 seconds ahead of Hinze. I am sure that Gros would have also swept the sprints last year with a better partner in team sprint.

For me the really impressive thing wasn't the fact that she swept the sprints, but the fashion she did it in. She won both races in the sprint final by more than half a second and in the keirin final she also won by a landslide. It was just crazy to see how superior she was to all the other talents out there. Last year she already won bronze in the sprint, only losing to Gros in the semifinal. I am really excited to see which athletes will compete for Germany in the (team) sprint/keirin in Tokyo. Welte probably has a safe spot in the team sprint, but right now i hope that Grabosch and Friedrich will compete in the sprint and keirin. Emma Hinze is also in the mix, but she is the oldest one among those 3 and clearly needs a huge jump in her development if she wants to qualify for Tokyo.

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