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Canada National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

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orangeman    127
5 hours ago, JoshMartini007 said:

I'm not sure what can be done outside of forcing our four best curlers into a team and have them compete together. How would you even go on to decide that?


I think we have to realize that the rest of the world has caught up to Canada. They may not have the depth, but that doesn't matter at the Olympics since only one team competes.


The world has caught up, fine.  But the Canadian teams were just terrible most of the tournament.  Team Koe was 10 feet short of the hogline on a draw in the semi-finals, and that was about two shots after being 10 feet short on a draw to the button for a point.  Later on, Koe was way deep on a draw to score two in another end.  They made lots of unforced errors that cost them games.  We can say that other countries used to be bad enough so those mistakes didn't matter, but in my recollection Canada rarely made those mistakes.  

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Nate River    115
6 minutes ago, orangeman said:

Yay, gold in snowboarding!  But Parot had at least silver right there for him.  :cry:

At least he already has a medal.


Really happy for Seb, him bring the third best Canadian really shows the depth we had in this event.

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juddy96    138

The people who were expected to perform mostly haven't, and the people who weren't really expected to perform have

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Here's a comparison of what GraceNote predicted and what we got.


Medals Correctly Predicted

Gold - Freestyle Skiing - Men's Moguls - M. Kingsbury (Got Gold)

Silver - Ice Hockey - Women's Team (Got Silver)

Silver - Speed Skating - Men.s 5000m - T. Bloemen (Got Silver)

Bronze - Figure Skating - Pairs - Duhamel/Radford (Got Bronze)

Bronze - Short Track - Men's 5000m Relay (Got Bronze)


Most of these medals were quite likely


Medals Predicted, but Wrong Colour

Gold - Bobsleigh - Women's 2-man - K. Humphries (Got Bronze)

Gold - Ice Hockey - Men's Team (Got Bronze)

Gold - Snowboarding - Men's Slopestyle - M. McMorris (Got Bronze)

Silver - Bobsleigh - Men's 2-man - J. Kripps (Got Gold)

Silver - Curling  - Mixed Team (Got Gold)

Silver - Figure Skating - Ice Dancing - Moir/Virtue (Got Gold)

Bronze - Freestyle Skiing - Women's Halfpipe - C. Sharpe (Got Gold)

Bronze - Freestyle Skiing - Women's Moguls - J. Dufour-Lapointe (Got Silver)

Bronze - Speed Skating - Men's 10,000m - T. Bloemen (Got Gold)


Six slight overperformance and three slight underperformance wasn't too bad.


Medals Predicted, but Wrong Athlete

Gold - Snowboarding - Men's Big Air - M. Parrot (S. Toutant, Got Gold)

Silver - Short Track - Men's 1000m - C. Hamelin (S. Girard, Got Gold)

Silver - Short Track - Women's 500m - M. St-Gelais (K. Boutin, Got Bronze)

Bronze - Short Track - Women's 1000m - M. St-Gelais (K. Boutin, Got Silver)

Bronze - Short Track - Women's 1500m - M. St-Gelais (K. Boutin, Got Bronze)


Boutin really saved short track from underperforming by more than expected and it covers St-Gelais who was expected to win four medals and won zero.


Medals Predicted, but Failed to Obtain

Gold - Curling - Men's Team (Got 4th)

Gold - Curling - Women's Team (Got 6th)

Silver - Short Track - Men's 1500m - C. Hamelin (Got PEN in Final)

Silver - Speed Skating - Women's Mass Start - I. Blondin (Got 18th)

Bronze - Short Track - Men's 1500m - S. Girard (Got 4th)

Bronze - Short Track - Women's 3000m Relay (Got PEN in Final)

Bronze - Snowboarding - Men's Big Air - M. McMorris (Got 10th)

Bronze - Speed Skating - Women's 5000m - I. Blondin (Got 5th)

Bronze - Speed Skating - Men's Team Pursuit (Got 7th)


Curling was very disappointing as we all know. Short track and speed skating also underperformed, but that happens when you rely too much on a single athlete.


Medals Not Predicted, but Obtained

Figure Skating - Team Trophy (Got Gold)

Figure Skating - Women's Singles - K. Osmond (Got Bronze)

Freestyle Skiing - Men's Ski Cross - B. Leman (Got Gold)

Freestyle Skiing - Women's Ski Cross - K, Serwa (Got Gold)

Freestyle Skiing - Women's Ski Cross - B. Phelan (Got Silver)

Freestyle Skiing - Men's Slopestyle - A. Beaulieu-Marchand (Got Bronze)

Luge - Team Relay (Got Silver)

Luge - Women's Singles - A. Gough (Got Bronze)

Snowboarding - Men's Slopestyle - M. Parrot (Got Silver)

Snowboarding - Women's Slopestyle - L. Blouin (Got Silver)


It's ridiculous that they didn't predict a medal in figure skating team trophy. Everything else you could have argued that Canada may not have gotten top 3 in.

Edited by JoshMartini007

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intoronto    281

Lauriane Genest might be Canada's next big track cycling star. Considering she was an alternate and broke the Games record (albeit, for just a few minutes) speaks volumes of her potential. 

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